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What are the most popular wooden Swings Sets available from Argos UK at present? To find out more, then check out our review for the top 3 Argos Wooden Swing sets which can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free in a matter of a few working days. The range of wooden swing sets available from Argos tend to change quite regularly – last year the range of wooden swing sets was quite large but this year the range is somewhat limited from what we have seen. Nevertheless, you are always bound to get good value and they tend to stock reliable brands that always offer robust and sturdy frames to keep your children safe at all times including treated timber.

After reviewing the range, we have narrowed our list down to just our top 3 picks so it should make your own search somewhat easier if time is against you. To ensure to have all the proper dimensions and available space, a comparison table is outlined further down on this page so you can see them side by side and make a decision then on which Wooden Swing set will best suit your own space requirements. In addition, we have included a short video overview which will cover the main points and it will give you a better understanding overall of what these Wooden Swing sets from Argos are all about.

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Video Overview – Wooden Swing Sets @ Argos

Argos Wooden Swing Sets – Top 3 Recommendations

Option 1: Plum Wooden Double Swing Set

Key Features Overview:

Basic double swing frame
Heavy duty moulded seats
Robust treated timber
Soft feel ropes on hands
Cross braces for stability
Holes are predrilled
Full assembly manual included
Max user weight 50kg/seat
Age suitability 3 to 10 years
Size 2.2H x 1.62W x 2.24Dm
Warranty is 1 year long

Argos Wooden Swing Set Overview:

  • If you need to spend less than £200 for a wooden swing set, then you should take a closer look at the Plum Wooden Double Swing Set which offers 2 swing seats and a solid robust frame that your family can rely on to keep your children safe at all times. This timber is predrilled with the required holes so all you have to do is follow the instructions in the manual and slot the poles into the corresponding support braces.
  • Assembly requires 2 sets of hands and it should only take you between 1 hour to 2 hours to complete depending on the level of experience you have. All the required fittings and fixtures are supplied but you will need a power drill and a mallet to get the job done so be prepared to have some extra tools ready on hand
  • Safety and comfort are key here where you have the soft feel ropes which are kind on children’s hands, cross brace support on top for the poles with are resistant to rust and corrosion and the timber comes treated in advance. After a season though, it would be a good idea to add a wood sealant or preservative to make sure it looks as good as it can and give it that little bit of extra protection.
  • The swing seats are of good quality which are heavy duty blow moulded seats so you will get a good number of years out of them – to help them last that bit longer, you should remove them during the Winter months and store in the shed when they are not being used – again this will preserve their appearance for longer
  • Anchors are included where they will need to be set in concrete bases and the maximum weight guide per swing seat is 50kg. The dimensions are 2.22m high by 1.62m wide by 2.24m deep and it comes with a standard 1-year warranty

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £200

Option 2: TP Kite Wooden Double Swing Set with Slide

Key Features Overview:

Single swing with 2 seat glider
Includes 8 foot speed slide
Heavy duty seats blow moulded
FSC treated solid timber
Assembly holes are predrilled
Max weight 200kg combined
Age guide is 3 to 10 years
Anchor ground kit included
Must be set in concrete bases
Size 2.4H x 3.26W x 4.32D m
Warranty duration 1 year


Argos Wooden Swing Set Overview:

  • Another popular wooden swing set at Argos that we liked is the TP Kite Wooden Double Swing Set which includes a 2 seat glider and slide and normally you can gets your hands on this for less than £350 from what we have seen at the time of this review. Assembly will take a good deal longer than the first option above as you have the additional work assembling the glider and slide section which can take a further hour or so to complete.
  • Even though there is a good deal of extra work assembling this unit, the instructions in the manual are excellent and well laid out so you just need to follow all the points laid out step by step. The glider assembly is a bit trickier so you will need to take your time on this section and overall, it should take 2 adults 3 to 4 hours work depending on the level of DIY experience you have.
  • This timber comes treated and it FSC approved and predrilled with the holes and you will need a few extra tools such as a mallet, power drill and measuring tape. You get a single swing seat, the 2-seat glider and the length of the slide is 8 feet long. As a guide, the maximum weight for the swing seat is 60kg and the maximum weight of the glider is 40kg per seat – total 80kg combined.
  • In addition, you have the cross braces and wrap around collars on the top frame pole so you can change around the accessories in time if needed. You get a set of anchors included in the box which will need to be set in concrete bases and you should plan for a safety perimeter of 2m away from any other obstacles or fences in the garden
  • The dimensions of this wooden swing set are 2.4m high by 3.26m wide by 4.32m deep, the age suitability guide is 3 to 10 years and it also comes backed with a 12 month warranty.

Price Guide: Tends to be £250 to £350 range

Option 3: TP Heron Kids Wood Garden Swing Set

Key Features Overview:

Double swing with 2 seat glider
Solid blow moulded seats
Age guide is 3 to 10 years old
FSC solid predrilled timber
Assembly holes prepared
Max weight 60kg per seat
Glider max 40kg per seat
Anchor ground kit included
Requires concrete base settings
Size 2.4H x 3.75W x 2.76D m
Warranty of 12 months

Argos Wooden Swing Set Overview:

  • Our last recommendation for wooden Swing sets at Argos UK is the TP Heron Kids Wood Garden Swing Set which comes with 2 swing seats and a 2 seat glider so it can accommodate 4 children playing at the same time which is ideal for the larger family type. Assembly time will take around 2 to 3.5 hours by 2 adults and the wood is predrilled in advance which makes the entire assembly job that bit easier to do – very little DIY experience is needed as the instructions are well laid out and easy to follow. The most difficult part of the assembly tends to be the glider with all the nuts, bolts and fittings to work through
  • Pricewise, you can expect to get your hands on this wooden swing set for less than £200 which comes with free delivery as long as it is in the UK mainland. The swing seats are blow moulded and heavy duty and the fittings for the glider will need the application of an anti-rust paint after a season to keep them protected – this is usually only a 10 minute job. The timber is treated and predrilled but adding a wood stain preservative after a year helps to maintain its appearance and again give it that bit of extra protection – another 20 minute job only which is well worth it especially after the harsh winters.
  • If you want to change the accessories, this can be done using the wrap around collar on the top beam and you get the anchor set included in the box which will need to set in concrete bases to prevent it tipping over with high swinging.
  • One thing to know here is that the wood is pressure treated from FSC certified forests and you should plan a 2m safety perimeter around the frame which comes with a dimension of 2.4m high by 3.75m wide by 2.76m deep. The delivery comes in 4 separate boxes with all the parts laid out and it comes backed with a 12-month warranty to protect your family investment.

Price Guide: Less than £200 including delivery

Comparison Table – Argos Wood Swing Sets

If you need to see how the dimensions compare side by side, then check out the comparison table provided below as follows…

Swing SetPlum DoubleTP KiteTP Heron
Safe Perimeter:2m2m2m
Max weight:50kg/seat60kg/seat60kg/seat
Glider weight:N/A80kg total80kg total
Age Guide:3 to 10 years3 to 10 years3 to 10 years
Warranty:12 months12 months12 months

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After completing this review of Argos Wooden Swing sets, we hope this short list can help you out in some small way and perhaps give you some ideas to think about when planning to buy  your family wooden Swing set from Argos. We would hope that they range may be extended later in the year but at the time of this review, these were the best 3 options available from what we could see. We have included basic swing sets on there own as well as gliders and a slide option so there should be something here that can cater for your family’s needs.

Which one would we choose? After further consideration, it would have to be the TP Heron Kids Wood Garden Swing Set with the glider and further information along with todays updated price tag can be double checked below

Optional Feedback?

Have you ever bought a Swing Set from Argos in the past? Anything good or bad to report?

If possible, please share your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below – so that others in the UK can learn also…

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  1. Thanks for this review of wooden swings as I buy regularly from Argos. You have certainly went into great detail, so I know exactly what features they have and can make an informed decision about sizes and space in the back garden. I like the Plum as it appears to be strong and robust, although the addition of the slide to the TP gives more choices when the kids are out playing.  If you have more than one child, definitely go for a double swing as you can be sure if one gets on, another one will want on too, that’s my feedback anyway, nice read overall and excellent video I must say

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