Backyard Discovery Monticello Playset – Build Video


If you are looking to buy the Backyard Discovery Monticello Playset in the coming days, I recommend you taking a look at this short review and the video below which will give you a good overview on the build procedures involved in tackling this project.

Below the video, I will also outline all the important features that you need to be aware off plus give you 2 different buying options to choose from which are the best available across the marketplace so please make sure to check them out...

Backyard Discovery Monticello Playset Build Video

Main Features:

  • Made from cedar wood
  • Pre-stained and treated against wood rot / decay
  • 2 belt swings
  • 8 foot speedy slide
  • Drinks stand covered with pergola and toy box for seat 
  • Heavy duty fort
  • Standard ladder and an open rock wall ladder
  • Monkey bars 
  • Trapeze swing
  • Sand box area
  • Raised sun porch

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Please also be aware that the Backyard Discovery Monticello is also on sale in Walmart and their price is always worth checking out


Price stated here is the latest advertised.


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Backyard Discovery Monticello, Walmart
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Finally, I hope you found the build video helpful in your research for the Backyard Discovery Monticello Swing set and feel free to ask any questions by leaving a comment below.