Backyard Discovery Monticello Swing Set Review 2023


Hello once again - Are you interested in buying a Backyard Discovery Monticello Wooden Swing Set? If so, then make sure to check out our detailed review which will outline all the main points and features that you need to know plus all the pros and cons associated to this particular Cedar Swing set. We will also outline various images from different angles, some frequently asked questions that came up that will be of interest to you plus additional dimension information including the safety zone perimeter which you need to be aware of before you decide to buy. In addition, further price comparison options are also provided at the end of this page that are worth taking a closer look at also.

Please note also that only guide prices can be submitted at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checker provided below to ensure you have the most up to date accurate price information.

Backyard Discovery Monticello Swing Set Review Overview:

Brand:Backyard Discovery
Model:Backyard Discovery Monticello Wooden Swing Set
Orders online:Yes, orders accepted online
Home Delivery:Yes, home deliveries available
Queries Contact:Backyard Discovery head office at 1-800-856-4445
Warranty:5 years on wood against rot/decay and 1 year on all other parts
Price Range:$650 up to $700 (at the time of this review)
Cheap Place to Buy: Amazon - Check updated price here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the safety zone perimeter dimensions for the Monticello?
A. The safety zone perimeter for this swing set is 33' 3"L by 24' 11"W by 15' 7"H
Q. What warranty is available?
A. The warranty is 5 years on the wood against rot and decay and 1 year on all other parts
Q. What type of wood is used for this set?
A. The wood used here is 100 percent Cedar factory stained lumber
Q. Is it suitable for 3-year olds?
A. No, this swing set is suited for children aged between 5 and 12 years old only
Q. How much area do I need around the swing set as a safety zone?
A. You should take into account a six-foot perimeter around the swing set as a safety zone
Q. How long does assembly take?
A, It depends on your skill level and the amount of help you have. It can take some teams 2 days to complete while other teams can take a whole weekend to finish

Backyard Discovery Monticello Wooden Swing Set

Main Features:

  • Rock wall ladder for building upper body strength
  • 2 ladders including a flat step ladder
  • A user friendly sand box area for additional playtime
  • Overall size is 21' 3" by 12' 11" by 9' 6"
  • A set of Monkey bars for extra fun
  • The raised play fort with end gables
  • A durable and robust wooden roof
  • Also a raised sun porch to be on the lookout
  • There is an 8' Super Safe Speedy Slide
  • You get 2 belt swings and two Trapeze bars
  • An attractive Petgola covered snack stand
  • Includes is the Safe-T-Fuse Fastener System
  • A detailed assembly manual is included
  • Suitable for children 5 to 12 years old
  • Prices can vary quite a lot which tends to be in the $650 to $700 range which should be double checked below (can vary depending on discount activities)

Pros and Cons outlined for the Backyard Discovery Monticello Cedar Swing Set:

Pros Outlined:

  • Great price level for a high quality swing set
  • Includes features many more expensive sets have
  • A solid roof instead of a flimsy canopy
  • Great level of speed down the 8 foot slide
  • Can entertain the kids for hours on end
  • 2 ladders available – flat step & the rock wall
  • Monkey bars are very solid to withstand heavy use
  • Hours of outdoor physical exercise burning calories
  • Great to entertain friends and neighbors
  • More secure at home than travelling to the park
  • A total of 9 separate different activities are available
  • More suited for older children 5 to 12 years old
  • Great sandbox area and snack bench
  • Lumber is stamped to help you with assembly
  • Can be on promotion at $500 level from time to time
  • Ideal for larger families and building lasting memories
  • Decent sized upper deck and look out area 75 by 44”
  • Hard work on the assembly is well worth it in the end
  • Super range of different activities to choose from
  • An enjoyable family project to take on with friends
  • Overall great value for a swing set of this size

Cons Outlined:

  • Not affordable for all families – price can be too high
  • Manual will cause many people a lot of frustrations
  • Far too many pieces to assemble – takes a huge amount of time and effort to assemble
  • Assembly manual needs careful attention and time
  • Some of the lumber needs further drilling
  • Quality of the wood in minor cases has been poor.
  • Larger area is needed for the safety perimeter
  • Can arrive in separate boxes at different times
  • Too big for toddlers and ideal for kids 5+ only
  • Sand is not included & needs to be bought separately
  • Home delivery can only be done to the front driveway
  • A few charged drill batteries needed for assembly
  • Swings can be too close together- more space needed
  • Only 3 monkey bars which is quite limited
  • Re-staining will be needed depending on your climate
  • No toddler swings are included and wood can be soft
  • Anchors provided could be a lot better and sturdier
  • Further stronger anchors may also be needed
  • A few smaller parts can be missing from time to time
  • Cushioned knee pads may be needed for assembly also

Further Images are outlined below which can be viewed from side to side

Detailed information on the Wood, weights, dimensions and assembly are also outlined below:

Wood Features:

100% Cedar wood
Factory Stained with a nice color
Comes from sustainable forests
Safety T-Fuse locking system
Pre-stained, Pre-drilled & Pre-cut
9 different activities
Pieces are stamped for assembly

Weights / Dimensions:

Slide is 8 foot long
Size is 21' 3" by 12' 11" by  9' 6"
Safe zone 33' 3"L 24' 11"W 15'7"H
6 foot safe distance needed
Weight is 344 Ibs
Upper deck is 75" x 44"
Upper deck height is 4'


First lay out all pieces clearly
Can take a few days to complete
2 or more adults are needed
Detailed manual included
Lumber is stamped
Pre-cut and pre-drilled
Metal parts should avoid sunlight
Flat area needed for preparation

Additional Dimension Information is outlined below which includes the Safety Zone perimeter:


Tools that you will need for Assembly that are not included:

  • Tape measure
  • 3/8" cordless drill or electric drill
  • 3/16", 5/16" and 3/8" drill bits
  • Drill attachments: Phillips head screw
  • 3/8" socket driver, torque head screw
  • 1/2" and 7/16" open end wrenches
  • 1/2" and 9/16" nut drivers
  • Claw hammer
  • Phillips and straight blade screw drivers
  • Level 24 inch
  • Rubber mallet
  • A step ladder
  • 3/8" drive ratchet, 1/2" and 9/16" std sockets, 1/2"
  • 9/16" deep sockets

Have you or your kids any personal experience with the Backyard Discovery Monticello Cedar Wood Swing Set? If so, then please share your thoughts and feedback with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section below – So that they can learn also!

Finally, many thanks for taking the time to read our review and best of luck to you and your family with your final decision

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  1. That seems like a very reasonable price for a cedar swing set! I’m sure my son would love it, but bummed to see it’s for ages 5-12. My oldest is 4 and could probably get by, but it would be too tempting for my 1 year old and he would have so long before he could play with it safely. Do you have any recommendations for a swing set that kids as young as two could play on, but that would also be entertaining for kids up to age 8 or so?

    • Unfortunately you would be better off getting a separate smaller toddler swing set for the 2 year old and also getting a swing seat with a safety harness for their added protection – many thanks for your question

  2. Hello Ryan, nice backyard wooden swing review. I loved playing on the swings during my youth years, it was great fun and now my kids are asking me to get them one for Christmas.  I have read plenty of reviews elsewhere about the Monticello and this review has been the best and quickest I have seen. Thanks again and I am sure the kids will absolutely enjoy it though I get the feeling I wont enjoy all the hard work assembling it – better get my buddies over to help!

  3. This swing set looks like it would be perfect for my active 5 year old granddaughter and her cousins. They like most of the activities listed like the “rock wall” area and the fast slide! My granddaughter loves to swing, just like her mommy did. She also enjoys those covered “tree house” buildings at the top of the set. We were unsure which Backyard discovery set to go with but I reckon after reading this Monticello review that it will tick nearly all of the boxes we have. Thank you for reviewing this item

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