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Greetings and many thanks for visiting this review on the Backyard Discovery Playsets which are available to order online across the US market place at present.

For over 30 years, Backyard Discovery has been producing the highest quality wooden swing sets, playhouses and backyard leisure products for the home.

Their team of innovators and specialists are passionate about bringing their love of quality family moments to your backyard. They care as they are also parents just like you, while also expert craftsmen with a long legacy of building great products for millions of customers. They strive to take kids outside where they can flex both their muscles and their minds.

Swing Set Review - Overview

Overview Swing Set Review 
Swing Set / Playset Brand:Backyard Discovery Wooden Swing Sets
Destination:US marketplace
Models:5 popular models reviewed
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How do you know what to look for in a playset? Sure, you want something that will be fun for the kids, but there are other factors that must go into your decision. From the safety of your children to ensuring their amusement, you must consider a variety of factors to make sure you are getting a high quality playset that will be well worth your investment. Durability Make sure you’re investing in a playset that is built to last. Choose a swing set made of materials that require little maintenance and should be able withstand extreme weather conditions.

Points to consider when you buy a Swing set:

  • Playsets are designed to be installed on a level surface. Choose a level location for the equipment. This can reduce the likelihood of the play set tipping over and loose-fill surfacing material washing away during heavy rains. Place equipment not less than 6' from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires
  • It is a good idea to place your Play set in an area that is convenient for adults to watch children at play. Do not build your play set on top of surfacing material. Locate bare metal platforms and slides out of direct sunlight to reduce the likelihood of serious burns. A slide that faces north will receive the least direct sunlight.
  • Check the swing beam and hardware every two weeks due to wood expansion and contraction. It is particularly important that this procedure be followed at the beginning of each season.
  • Inspect wood parts monthly. The grain of the wood sometimes will lift in the dry season causing splinters to appear.
  • Light sand may be necessary to maintain a safe playing environment. Treat your playset with stain regularly, to help prevent severe checking/splitting and other weather damage.
  • A waterborne transparent stain has been applied to your playset. This is done for color only. Once or twice a year, depending on your climate conditions, you must apply some type of protection (sealant) to the wood of your unit. Prior to the application of sealant, lightly sand any "rough" spots on your playset. Please note this is a requirement of your warranty.
  • Assembling and maintaining the playset on a level location is very important. As your children play, your playset will slowly dig its way into the soil, and it is very important that it settles evenly.
  • Make sure the playset is level and true once each year or at the beginning of each play season.


Selection of Popular Backyard Discovery Playsets Reviewed

1, Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set

Main Features for the Kids:

  • Provide kids with a fun way to get physical activity and exercise with this Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set. The frame is constructed eco-friendly, sustainable cedar wood that is factory-stained with a rich color that adds to its visual appeal.
  • The Tucson outdoor wooden playset has a covered upper wooden deck that extends to cover the lower area as well. The wooden swingset has two belt swings and an acrobat bar to keep three kiddos happily swinging at one time.
  • Scamper up to the deck on the combo ladder/rock wall and then zip down on the Super Safe Speedy Slide. A covered snack stand lets the gang cool off before going at it again. Years of fun come with this outdoor playset as well as great value.
  • This Backyard Discovery Tucson swing set features an 8' slide, two belt-swings with kid-friendly chains and an incredibly fun trapeze acrobat bar. A sand box and a picnic/activity table with a bench are also attached for kids who want to rest, eat or play games. You can also put the steering wheel and telescope separately, as they are great additions.
  • Additional features include a step ladder/rock wall that provides easy access to the top floor. Loads of fun for girls and boys, this Backyard Discovery swing set comes pre-drilled, pre-cut, pre-stained and stamped lumber for easy two-adult assembly. You also know kids are secure in your backyard.
  • It offers wonderful value in outdoor play for the whole summer. Give your kids an option to play close by when you install the Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Swing Set.

Pros:  If u are looking for a good quality and surprisingly tough swing set with a great warranty look no further cause you just found it! When built properly it is a very sturdy swing set and I would strongly recommend it. The directions are pretty easy to understand and you will problem assembling it even if you have no construction background. Very good price, free delivery, finished product looks nice and is fully functional. Your kids would love it!

Cons: It is s not as easy to put together as you would think and you really need to have a lot of patience but in the end, it is well worth it.  The one thing I do recommend though is obtaining better "stakes" or something to anchor the swing-set does come with plastic stakes. Also, it is smaller than one would expect which explains the lower price which tends to be available.

2, Backyard Discovery Monticello All Cedar Swing Set

Main Features for the Kids:

  • The Monticello has all the features of more expensive outdoor swing sets at a terrific value. It has a raised play fort with a wooden roof, and end gables. A raised sun porch is the perfect platform for first checking out the yard from above and then launching down the 8' Super Safe Speedy Slide. Two ladders, a standard and an open rock wall, let kids climb at their own pace, their own way.
  • A set of monkey bars let them fly high. There's also a wooden swing set with two belt swings and trapeze swing for even more fun. Below there is a snack stand covered by a stylish pergola, built-in toy box, and even room for a sand box.
  • The Monticello will last for years and will be the envy of your neighbourhood.
  • Raised fort with end gables and wood roof, raised sun porch, Lemonade stand covered with pergola, toy box for seat, Standard ladder and open rock wall ladder, 8 feet super safe speedy slide, Two belt swings
  • Trapeze swing, Monkey bars, Sand box area, Sand capacity is 5 cu ft and the upper deck dimensions are 75 inches x 44 inches. The Upper deck height is also 4 feet
  • Designed for kids ages 3-10 and is relatively easy to assemble and contains their unique safe-t-lock hardware, powder-coated metal brackets for extra strength
  • The wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained and it is designed and engineered for children only and for residential use only.
  • Constructed of all cedar wood which is naturally decay, rot and insect resistant.


Pros:  It seems to have the most activities and biggest bang for many parent’s buck. The swing set looks very nice and well built. Kids would want to play with the monkey bars and swings and the younger kids will like the slide and glider! This is the only set within a reasonable price range that includes all of that! The price for the size of the playset is absolutely unbeatable if you don't mind the challenge of putting it together. It is also completely sturdy. No wobbles on any part of it.  The directions are not hard to follow and setting it up isn't hard if you read the instructions properly. Kids will surely say it is the best gift ever!

Cons: There are a large number of pieces and the nuts and bolts are overwhelming. Sometimes they can have a lot of knots in the wood also. The rock wall is not as solid as some parents would expect also.

3, Backyard Discovery Weston Cedar Swing Set

Main Features for the Kids:

  • To provide a great playing environment with healthy physical activity and exercise get this Backyard Discovery Weston Cedar Swing Set. The frame is constructed eco-friendly, sustainable wood that is factory-stained with a rich color that adds to its visual appeal.
  • This Backyard Discovery swing set features a sturdy fort with a covered canopy, an 8' slide, two belt-swings with kid-friendly chains and an incredibly fun trapeze acrobat bar.
  • A sand box and a picnic/activity table with a bench are also attached for kids who want to rest, eat or play games. Additional features include a step ladder/rock wall that provides easy access to the top floor.
  • Loads of fun for girls and boys, this wooden swing set comes pre-drilled, pre-cut, pre-stained and stamped from lumber for easy two-adult assembly.
  • Even as one of the smaller structures, the Weston holds its own with plenty of activities packed into its efficient size. A sturdy, open upper fort with a colorful canopy provides a looming climbing goal, while the lower fort with a sandbox, snack area and a built-in bench serve as a relaxing rest stop after a zip down the 8’ slide.
  • And in between it all, settle into a gentle sway on the two belt swings or trapeze swing Nobody will be bored when the Weston is available.
  • Features in summary include the Sturdy fort with colorful canopy, the 8' Super Safe Speedy Slide, you get the 2 belt swings which also has the kid-friendly chains
  • In addition, the kids will get the Trapeze bar, a snack table, a sand box which requires 3 cu ft of sand (not included). There is also of course the 4' rock wall ladder and the Tarp roof will help provide some shade in the hot summer days.
  • In terms of dimensions – the Deck height is 4' and Upper deck dimensions are 30" x 30"
  • Lastly there is the Safe-T-Fuse Fastener System.


Pros: The quality of the swing set appears to be quite good, it seems that it will stand up through a harsh winter. It's quite solid for the most part, but it is definitely meant for young children as it doesn't appear that it can stand up under the weight of a teenager.  The end product is attractive and exactly what you expect.  It should provide years of enjoyment for your kids. Very well engineered.  Quality materials.

Cons: The bench and table are very small – these could have been made larger to suit larger children. The entire swing set is fairly small and many parents would have expected it to be larger when assembled. The side opposite from the canopy that stabilizes the swing is rather flimsy! The instructions could have been better, you really need to pay attention to where holes are located on the wood and how the wood is positioned for the holes are hard to make out on some of the assembly instructions.

4, Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set

Main features for the Kids:

  • The Backyard Discovery Oakmont cedar swing set has some really neat features that make it great for smaller yards but keep the kids playing all day long. First, the raised fort has a colorful awning and front wall with white trimmed window to make a cool clubhouse-like area up top. Down below there is another fort, with front wall, window and real door!
  • The side snack window has built-in bench just outside. Out on the swing beam there are two belt swings and an acrobat bar for plenty of swinging and clowning around. A standard stepladder gets the kids to the upper fort and the eight-foot speedy slide zips them back down again.
  • It may be smaller than some, but the Oakmont swing set is certainly one of the mightiest in fun! Its raised fort with colorful awning and front white-trimmed windows transform the upper area into a cool clubhouse like any other.
  • Down below and just as awesome, a different style playhouse awaits, with a real swinging door, side window and plenty of space to serve up some clubhouse gossip or refreshments in the snack stand area. And when those little fun-seekers want a more active kind of fun, the step ladder, 8’ speedy slide, belt swings and swing trapeze bar will have them wondering if the fun will ever end!
  • The Oakmont is made from 100% cedar. With small, tight knot structure, your lumber will be less likely to develop small cracks emanating from knots. All lumber is pre-stained for a smooth and clear appearance, as well as cut and stamped with the swing set parts number to help speed up the building process. Some pilot-hole drilling may be required.
  • Their exclusive Safe-T-Fuse hardware makes assembly easy and secure. Its laminated swing beam is built strong, with steel clam-shell brackets to ensure that swinging is always safe.
  • Built for smaller yards and huge fun! Upper fort with colorful canopy and white trimmed window. Lower fort with snack stand window, snack bench and real front door. Two belt swings and swing trapeze bar. 8' speedy slide and step ladder. The Upper deck dimensions are 40" x 40" and the deck height is 4'.
  • Assembled dimensions are 14’ x 11’3” x 8’7” – the Lumber is pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained and they are also tested for durability. Of course, the instruction manual is included and of course you get all the wood, hardware, swings and slides included.


Pros:  The product will meet your expectation and it is the best value for $500 and under. This set would be great for the 8 and under age group. The play area on top with the slide fits 2 small kids comfortably. It is also perfect for your toddler. Sturdy, great features, your kids would love it.  The perfect size and features they would love the little playhouse.  Pretty sturdy and stable. It is very easy to assemble, simple instructions, each wood is numbered all the screws are numbered, so you cannot go wrong.

Cons: The upper deck is not large enough for bigger kids to hang out and could be made larger for more fun time – anymore than child one the deck is a bit of a squeeze.

5, Backyard Discovery Parkway Wooden Swing Set

Main Features for the Kids:

  • The Parkway Swing Set is a stylish and secure swing set that all kids will love. The sturdy wood roof provides great cover for the 4-foot deck. The flat step ladder and monkey bars create easy movement to the upper deck.
  • The attractive blue and yellow 8-foot speedy slide matches both the belt swings and acrobat bar to add to the fun. If that's not enough, the lower cabin includes a working half door and large window for playing house or serving beverages.
  • The adventures are endless with The Parkway Swing Set - Kids benefit from frequent physical activity and exercise You benefit from knowing the kids are secure in your own backyard
    Cedar is ideal for outdoor swing sets. It is lightweight and dimensionally stable while durable and naturally resistant to bugs, termites, mold and decay.
  • Cedar is excellent for humid climates.
  • Maximum of 9 children can play at a time.  What's Included is the 4' deck, Lower cabin with 1/2 door, Monkey bars, Two 22" yellow belt swings with blue chain, 1 yellow acrobat bar with blue chain, 4' standard ladder, 8' yellow and blue speedy slide.
  • It takes approximately 8 hours to install with 2 adults working hard together.


Pros:  Very sturdy once constructed. Not very difficult to assemble and can be done in a single day, with all parts provided. If taken care of, it will last many seasons and can withstand rough weather. Sturdy enough and can easily hold even a teenage child without creaking. Your young and old, all children will love this set and play for hours on it. Highly recommend!

Cons:  Takes a long time to assemble and you will need a serious amount of help and assistance in putting this unit together. Bench is quite small and doesn’t have all the accessories and features associated with the larger swing sets.

A quick comparison chart for the 5 Swing sets are outlined below which include the dimensions:

Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing SetCovered play deck, an 8' slide, 2 belt-swings, trapeze, acrobat bar, sand box, picnic/activity table18.10 x 7.40 x 9.50 Inches
Backyard Discovery Monticello All Cedar Swing SetRaised fort & sun porch, Stand, seat, Ladder, rock wall ladder, slide, Two belt swings, Trapeze swing, Monkey bars, Sand box area144 inches high x 255 inches wide x 155 inches long
Backyard Discovery Weston Cedar Swing SetFort with canopy, 8' Slide, 2 swings, Trapeze bar, Snack table, Sand box, 4' rock wall ladder, Tarp roof.Deck height: 4', Upper deck : 30"x30"
Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing SetFort with canopy Lower fort with snack stand window, snack bench, door, Two swings and swing trapeze bar. 8' speedy slide, step ladderDeck height: 4'
Assembled dimensions: 14’ x 11’3” x 8’7”
Backyard Discovery Parkway Wooden Swing Set4' deck, Lower cabin with 1/2 door, Monkey bars, Two 22" swings, 1 acrobat bar, 4' ladder
8' slide
Dimensions: 18'6-1/8"L x 11'1-3/8"D x 9'2-1/8"H

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Finally, I hope you found this review useful which can help you in selecting from Backyard Discovery Playsets range.

Also, if you have any experiences good or bad with Backyard Discovery Playsets be sure to leave your own comments and reviews in the comment box below to help other parents make their own selection.

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