Backyard Discovery Prescott Swing Set Review 2023


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Backyard Discovery Prescott Swing Set Review Overview:

Brand:Backyard Discovery
Model:Backyard Discovery Prescott Cedar Wooden Swing Set
Orders online:Yes, orders accepted online with home delivery
Warranty:5-year on wood & 1-year warranty on all other parts
Price Range:$280 up to $330 (at the time of this review)
Cheap Place to Buy: Amazon - View Updated Price Here
Support:Backyard Discovery (1-800-856-4445) Customer Service 1-800-347-8372 or

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can it be assembled by one person?
A. No, it is recommended that 2 adults are needed for assembly
Q. What size area is needed for the safety zone?
A. The safe play area required for this swing set is 23'8-1/2" by 23'2" by 14'2"
Q. How long does assembly generally take?
A. It depends on your skill level and the help you have but in average should take between 6 to 10 hours.
Q. What group is this Swing set suitable for?
A. It is suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years old (many users report 3 to 8 years)
Q, What is the size of the shipping box?
A. The size of the shipping box is 93 by 22 by 8.5 in inches
Q, Does this swing set include Anchors?
A. Only 6 plastic stakes are included which could be a lot sturdier, pouring cement is recommended also
Q. What is the quality of the wood like?
A. Some praise it while other says it is too soft – it needs regular on-going maintenance / staining
Q. Can Toddler swing seats be added in to replace the Trapeze?
A. Yes, but you need to double check you have the hardware for suspension

Backyard Discovery Prescott Cedar Swing Set Review:

Backyard Discovery Prescott Swing Set Review


Main Features Available:

  • Suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years
  • Includes a small covered play deck to offer shade
  • Provides 2 belt swings, a 1 trapeze bar and an 8 foot safe speedy slide
  • Includes a rock wall entry to get up to the upper deck
  • Can occupy 6 kids at the same time
  • Factory-stained 100% cedar lumber and comes from sustainable forests
  • Includes a detailed assembly manual plus all the necessary hardware
  • Assembled dimension is 11' 8.5" by 11' 2" by 8' 2" and requires 2 adults and will take 6 to 8 hours work
  • The maximum weight capacity is 960 lbs total and the safe play area needs to be 6 feet from any structure / obstruction
  • Includes a 5 year warranty on the wood against rot and decay and 1 year on all other parts. It is also ASTM certified
  • When last seen on sale the price was in the $280 to $380 range which of course can be double checked below

Further images are outlined below:

  • Backyard Discovery Prescott Cedar Swing Set


Main Pros Outlined:

  • Great price level is available if you shop around and sometimes is available for sale for less than $300
  • All the expensive addons are removed which makes it very affordable for many more families
  • Great length on the slide coming in at 8 foot as many metal swing sets only have slides that are 6 feet long
  • Rock wall is included to help climb to the upper deck and it offers 6 activities to keep your kids busy
  • The wood used is from sustainable forests and it is 100% factory stained cedar lumber
  • Much smaller wooden swing set is perfect and ideal for families who have smaller type yards
  • They will replace any parts within the first 30 days from date of purchase found to be missing or damaged so please check it thoroughly
  • The frame is angled also for added stability and it has the safety handles at the top of the rock wall ladders for added safety as they climb
  • The trapeze swing can be changed to a toddler swing seat if needed (not included)
  • Overall basic and lacks features that other swing sets offer, but it does have a very attractive price tag which is one of the main attractions and is fair value for the price.

Main Cons Outlined:

  • Upper deck area is extremely small and practically non existent for playing in.
  • Does not include several features such as the glider, sandbox, picnic table, tire swing, a wooden roof or a large upper deck so it is very basic overall but is matched with the appropriate price tag.
  • Instruction manual and labelling of parts could be a lot better so assembly can be slow and tiresome
  • Smaller parts such as bolts have been reported missing with is extremely annoying and delays assembly
  • Too large generally for collections as it is too much hassle so you are better off getting a home delivery
  • Cannot be assembled on you own – you will an extra pair of hands for assembly
  • Additional drilling can be needed on your end so please be prepared for this and some of the parts don’t always line up correctly which delays assembly
  • Ongoing additional staining and wood treatment work is required by you to keep it maintained annually
  • A lot smaller than you think and is quite small for 10 year olds – should be more like 3 to 8 years.
  • As it is quite small, you may need to upgrade to a larger set as your kids get older but is adequate for beginners.

Dimensions / Weights to Note:

  • Assembled dimensions is 11'8.5" by 11'2" by 8'2"
  • In inches, the size is 140.5 by 134 by 98 inches
  • Level surface is needed for assembly
  • Required safety zone is 23'8-1/2" by 23'2" by 14'2"
  • The maximum weight capacity is 960 lbs
  • The upper deck dimensions are 49" by 22"
  • The upper deck height is 4 feet
  • Overall weight of the unit is 200 lbs
  • Slide is 8 feet long
  • Warranty provided is 1 year on parts and 5 years on the wood for rot and decay

Tools Required for Assembly (not included)

  • Claw hammer, 24" level, Step ladder, Rubber mallet
  • Phillips and straight blade screw drivers
  • 3/8" cordless or electric drill, Tape measure
  • 3/16", 5/16" and 3/8" drill bits
  • Drill Attachments such as the Phillips head screw, 3/8" socket driver, torque head screw, 1/2" and 7/16" open end wrenches
  • 1/2" and 9/16" nut drivers
  • 3/8" drive ratchet, 1/2" and 9/16" std sockets, 1/2" and 9/16" deep sockets
  • Once assembled, regular checks should be made that all nuts and bolts and locked tight

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  1. Wow! This swing set looks really good, you’ve really done  a good job to outline the features pros and cons of this playset in a easy to follow manner so cheers for pointing them all out. I love the fact that up to 6 kids can use this at a time, plus 5 years warranty on wood is definitely very important. It’s important to withstand several kids at the same time when it comes to play dates and birthday parties and the price is lower than expected too as others I have seen on sale are far too expensive and too large for our own yard. Our kids are sure to be overjoyed when it arrives – thanks for giving us some guidance with your review

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