Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Review – Videos Included


Hi again from the Swing Set Specialist and here I have a quick review on the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing set that you take a look at if you are considering buying it in the coming days or weeks.

We will outline a few videos that you should take a look at which outlines all the main features you need to be aware of and we have also included 2 other videos that will help you with the installation process and also a video review for you to watch. In addition, I will also provide 2 separate buying options for you so at least you will have some choices when the time comes to make your purchase…

3 Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Review Videos:

1, Skyfort II 3D demonstration

2, Example of Installing a Skyfort II Swing set

3, A personal review on the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing Set

Key Features

  • 10 feet wave slide and a sandbox
  • 3 position swing beam, 2 swing belts and glider
  • Front porch with a sun balcony
  • Wood roof and a crow's nest
  • Lower deck with a snack stand and also a picnic table 
  • Raised clubhouse and lower playdeck
  • Monkey bars 
  • Rock climbing wall 

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Please also be aware that the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II is also on sale in Walmart and their price is always worth checking out.


Price stated here is the latest advertised.


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Backyard Discovery Skyfort II, Walmart
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Finally, I hope you found all the videos helpful in your search for the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing set and feel free to ask any questions by leaving a comment below.