Best UK Metal Swing Sets – Detailed Review

Hello once again to all the parents in the UK and welcome to this review which will focus on a selection of the best Metal swing sets which are available in the UK market across several suppliers at present.

I have looked at several Metal swing sets and have included the models which have reasonable prices that will suit the average family which should be of interest to you.

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Best Swing Set Review Overview

Best Swing Set Overview 
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Metal Swing Sets Overview:

At the play park, kids love to see how high they can swing. Now, you can bring all the fun of the park home with huge range of swings, for children of all ages. Choose any of from single swings, fun sets, which includes multi swings, a see saw glider, a ladder and a climbing rope – great for large families, or parties.

The first large metal swing said to resemble the kind found on modern playgrounds was believed to have been built in Wicksteed Park in the U.K, in the year 1923. These swings were dangerously tall, but after some changes they evolved into the familiar style that we all know and love. Today, most commercial swing sets are made from metal, because it is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. Metal swing sets are usually made from powder-coated steel. That makes them super strong and fairly weather resistant.

Many manufacturers are also using heat resistant coatings which means they will remain cool to the touch even on hot summer days. You will find some of the best metal swings sets in the following being used in UK. One of the most ubiquitous structures associated with playgrounds around the world is the classic metal swing set. This is because they are sturdy, affordable, and genuinely fun for all ages. Towering swing sets dominate the playground landscape so much that no play area seems complete without them. 

Points to consider before you buy your Metal Swing Sets:

  • Before you go for shopping a swing set, must read the following useful tips as buying a swing set:
  • Carefully measure the yard from fence to fence.
  • Make note of concrete pathways, patios, pools, hot tubs, septic tanks, trampolines, barbecue pits, dog runs, patio furniture, and other features commonly found in back yards.
  • Families buying a swing set this year may want a pool or another outdoor structure next year. Consider the future when purchasing and constructing a swing set in the backyard.
  • Before diving into building your own swing set, you need to what makes a great swing set and what the accomplished final product should like.
  • Create a soft landing beneath small swing sets by clearing the areas beneath them of rocks or large tree roots and laying a soft surface. Mulch or recycled rubber works well.
  • Parents should evaluate the play area after the swing set has been delivered and assembled to determine any further safeguards.
  • Swinging, by its very nature, constantly changes the weight distribution being held by the structure. If not included in your swing set, you should consider installing a tie-down or anchor system prior to allowing your little one to swing.
  • The durability of the swing set is the most crucial factor you need to pay attention to during the planning stage. While other aspects can be fixed down the road or you can live with them as minor inconveniences, you cannot risk the safety of your kids and its paramount for you to choose durability over aesthetics, spaciousness or other qualities. 
  • One issue with metal swing sets is their tubular construction. Metal tubing makes wonderful hiding places for all sorts of insects and even mice. There’s an easy, child-friendly fix though. Invest in a can of spray foam – the stuff that expands and hardens when it comes in contact with the air.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Swing Sets:

Q – Can you swap the swing and attach other swings to the bars, ie a trapeze to Plum Sedna Outdoor Play Metal Garden Swing Set?
A – Yes, you can change the swings there will be no problem with the swing set.
Q – Does Hedstrom Folding Toddler Swing set have steel pegs to secure it into the grass?
A – There are no pegs included to secure the swing in to the grass. 
Q – How long is the slide and how high off the ground is with Hedstrom Europa Metal Swing Set?
A – The slide is around approximately 1.8 meter long and around approximately 0.75 meter high.
Q – Does Chad Valley Double Swing Set have to be cemented into the ground or can you just push the pegs in without cementing?
A – The Chad Valley Double Swing Set does not have to be cemented into the ground. It can be used in grass using the ground pegs for support but if your child is bigger and it starts to shake, then secure it to the ground with concrete, otherwise it could topple over causing injury
Q – How are the ground pegs fitted with Chad Valley Double Swing Set? Are they pushed into the grass?
A – The ground pegs go through the poles then into grass It is designed to sit on grass
Q – Can you attach a baby swing instead of one of the swings of Garden Swing Set Children’s Outdoor Playset 2 Swings 1 Glider Jump Star Sports?
A –  It is only suitable for children aged 4 and over so this won't be suitable for baby swing

10 of the Best UK Metal Swing Sets (in no particular order)

1, Delta Double Swing Set (available at Smyths UK)

Main Features:

  • The brightly coloured Delta Double Swing and See Saw Set is an outdoor favourite with kids. This classic three unit swing set makes a fantastic addition to any child's garden.
  • The Delta Double Swing and See Saw Set features two swing seats for double the fun.
  • It also has a sturdy see saw, for even more ways to swing and play! The seats of both the swings and the see saw are plastic moulded to provide greater comfort and ensure a more secure fit. The see saw is also equipped with non-slip footrests, so kids can play safely and securely. The seats and footrests come in a cheerful orange that is sure to brighten up your garden.
  • The metal support frame is sturdy and painted in vibrant blues and yellows, combining practicality with a bright and fun look. The support frame is built to withstand both weather and rust, designed to last longer outdoors.
  • This set has a maximum user weight of 50kg per seat, so this back garden playground is sure to give your kids hours of outdoor fun for many years to come.
  • Unassembled, the Delta Double Swing and See Saw Swing Set fits easily into most cars and is also available for online ordering and delivery
  • Brightly painted blue and yellow metal support frame, 2 orange plastic-moulded swing seats, Plastic moulded see saw with non-slip footrests, Unassembled, the swing set fits easily into most cars,
  • Assembled dimensions are 323 L x 162 W x 184 H cm.


Pros: Easy to setup as the fixtures and fittings are nicely separated by stages and all the tools are available. Once setup and pinned to the ground it's perfectly fine and steady. The swing set was fairly easy to assemble, easy to erect and is very sturdy and secure. Kid like it very much. The set is fantastic value. The kids would love it and spend hours having a great time and the price is one of the lowest you can get.

Cons: The seesaw part could move a little more and it will shake unless you have it attached firmly to the ground

2, The 4 Unit Metal Swing Set (available at Smyths UK)

Main Features:

  • You can have your own personal playground right in your garden with this 4 Unit Metal Swing Set! Featuring 3 different types of swing, this outdoor swing set is sure to be a playtime hit!
  • Classic swings are a playground favourite - and this 4 Unit Metal Swing Set has two of them! The swing seats are height adjustable, so they can be adapted to suit your children as they grow. The cradle swing and sky glider both let children play in twos, so they can swing face to face and share the fun of feeling like they're flying. The seats of the swings, cradle swing and sky glider are plastic moulded to allow kids to swing in comfort.
  • The plastic moulded footrests on the cradle swing and sky glider help kids to stay secure and balanced. These parts are all a cool lime green, adding a burst of colour to the modern-style metal frame. This frame of the 4 Unit Metal Swing Set is sturdy and durable, built to last outdoors.
  • The maximum user weight for each swing is 50kg, reduced to 35kg per sitting place for the cradle and sky glider as these are designed for the use of two people at once.
  • Plastic-moulded height adjustable swing seats, 2 person cradle swing, 2 person sky glider, Suitable for ages 3+ and the maximum user weight is 50kg
  • Please also be aware that the maximum weight is reduced to 35kg per sitting place for two person swings (cradle and sky glider)
  • The unassembled dimensions are 165 L x 42 W x 23 H cm and the assembled dimensions are 362 L x 176 W x 223 H cm.


Pros: Excellent swing set, for children to enjoy for hours. Good build instructions. The set can be built by 1 person. All parts have sticky number labels with corresponding nuts and bolts in separate plastic bags. It is especially designed to ensure comfort and safety of children. Very sturdy and durable, will last for years. Quite stable once assembled and set properly.

Cons: The only downside are the ground anchors, there should be a bit more to them to get a sturdier grip in the concrete.

3, Apatou 3 Unit Metal Swing set (available at Smyths UK)

Main Features:

  • The ultra-sturdy Apatou 3 Unit Swing Set is fantastic for garden fun! Kids are sure to love this cool swing set that features two swing seats and a sky rider. The classic swings are height adjustable to make sure customising this personal playground is simple and quick.
  • You can continue to adapt the height of the swing seats to suit your children as they grow. The seats of both the swings and the sky rider are plastic moulded to provide kids with a comfortable seat in which to play.
  • The sky rider is galvanised to prevent rusting. This helps your swing set to last for longer out in the elements.
  • The sky rider also features plastic moulded footrests, so kids can balance securely and play comfortably.
  • The plastic parts are a bright lime green that looks great either as a splash of colour or as another green tone blending in with a grassy area.
  • In addition, the black metal frame of the Apatou 3 Unit Swing Set supports a maximum user weight of 50kg per seat.
  • It is sturdy and durable, it is designed to last outdoors and home delivery is available.
  • Sturdy black metal frame with 2 plastic moulded height adjustable swing seats,
  • There is also the galvanised sky rider and this set has a maximum user weight of 50kg per seat
  • When assembled, the dimensions are 290 L x 170 W x 220 H cm.


Pros:  This set seemed too good to be true for the price as it is fantastic, excellent value for money, robust and with high quality material. Great product and really easy to assemble, kids will love it which is the important thing.

Cons: The bar across the top comes in two parts. this would be far better if it's one solid piece, of course the box would need to be bigger.

4, TP Triple Metal Swing with Seats (available at TP Toys UK)

Main Features:

  • Let your little ones enjoy themselves for hours with the brilliant TP Toys Triple Metal Swings. This super sturdy swing set is just the job when you have more than one child or a friend comes around to play, and features 3 heavy duty plastic swing seats which can be adjusted depending on the users' ages.
  • The swing set is very robust, made from galvanized steel with an enamelled paint finish for a great look.
  • It's won't require a huge amount of assembly out of the box before your little ones are away and swinging! TP Toys provides exceptional play value and product quality. Their innovative product range includes trampolines, climbing frames, slides, swings and even Swingball - all traditional products designed in the UK by an in-house development team.
  • Made from 50mm diameter galvanised steel, the giant swing frames have extremely robust frameworks for truly athletic swinging. 
  • Stands over 2 metres high. Huge choice of swing seats - both single seaters and TP's unique duo rides. All are priced individually and are an additional cost to this swing frame.
  • Ground stakes are provided and these must be concreted in.
  • The company has over 50 years of experience to help make your child's playtime even more fun.
  • Dimensions are W323 x D205 x H200cm and is suitable for children aged 3-10 years
  • The maximum user weight per seat is 60kg and the estimated assembly time for 2 adults is 1 to 2 hours.
  • There is also the guarantee of 5 years (frame against rust causing failure) and all other parts is 1 year.


Pros: You can choose a combination of two swinging items.  These can be made up by the following combinations:  2 Duo Rides and 1 Single Seater, 1 Duo Ride and 2 Single Seaters, 3 Single Seaters - the choice is yours. Swings can bear user's weight up to 60 kg. Kids of ages 3 and above can have a whale of time playing hours on this swing set. Frame has 5 years guarantee.

Cons: If scratched, metal may rust quickly, so it should be sealed or painted straight away to prevent oxidisation.

5, Hedstrom Folding Toddler Swing (available at Argos UK)

Main Features:

  • Folding Toddler Swing is a fantastic swing set for little kids with easy clean fabric seat.
  • It is made by UV resistant fabric infant seat with back support.
  • If it comes dirty you can easily remove and clean it's very easy to change and fix it again.  
  • Its suitable for indoor and outdoor use, either you are staying at the home and going for party outside in the parks.
  • It's easy to carry with you where you are going your kid want to take it with you because of its fast folding frame for easy storage.
  • Made by robust, powder-coated steel frame makes it stronger.
  • The swing set size is H 119, W 96, D 146 cm and having a weight of only 6kg.
  • The maximum user weight is 20kg and the self-assembly is quick and easy
  • Suitable for toddlers with age of 6 months and over and adult supervision is required at all times.


Pros: It is very easy and simple to assemble, feels sturdy and folds easily enough to store in the shed. The seat is comfy and feels safe with the added strap and clip fastening.  One of best thing is the folding mechanism is simple and effective, you can take it where ever you go, inside and outside very easily. Kids would love this swing set.

Cons: Seat is well made but when it says fold down you have to unscrew bolt and take them out to fold swing takes forever. If you child is over 20kg then you need to look at other options

6, Hedstrom Neptune Metal swing set (available at Amazon UK)

Main features:

  • The Hedstrom Neptune Multi Swing Set provides hours of healthy, outdoor fun for your children and their friends. It's a double swing and glider combination and is strong, durable and stable, that will provide your little ones and their friends with hours upon hours of healthy, outdoor fun.
  • The Swing Set is constructed from strong and robust powder coated steel and blow moulded seats.
  • The Hedstrom Neptune Multi Swing Set features high tensile allen key fittings and includes ground pegs for extra stability.
  • The age suitability is 3 to 10 years
  • There is also the chunky blow moulded seats with the strong powder coated steel frame
  • You also get high tensile allen key fittings and Ground pegs for extra stability.
  • The assembled size is H 180 x W 320 x D 156 cm and the Hedstrom outdoor activity sets come with a full 1 year warranty, this protects you for any manufacturing defects that may occur during this time.
  • This set is not suitable for children under 3 years old and again it should be used under the supervision of an adult.


Pros:  A great garden swing with fairly easy assembly. Much more sturdy than you expect for the price. Sturdy and robust can last for years. Kids can have loads of fun with this swing set. Safe to use. If properly assembled and placed, it will not topple over.

Cons: The difficult part is the instructions, there are about 30 screws of different sizes but no guide to help with which screw goes where. Apart from that its really easy to put up you can do it by your own in 1 to 2 hours.

7, Hedstrom Europa Metal Swing Set (available at Amazon UK)

Main features:

  • Hedstrom Europa features a Double Swing, Glider, and Slide perfect for any garden, will provide hours of fun for children on a nice summers day!
  • Has chunky style seats,robust, powder-coated steel frame.
  • Ropes are adjustable for varying heights, comes with high tensile allen key fittings, and ground pegs for extra stability in the ground.
  • The assembled size is H 180 cm x W 367 cm x D 195 cm.
  • Kids from the age of 3 and up will love monkeying around and using up all of their energy - what more could a parent want.
  • The steel frame is robust and sturdy and is powder coated in blue and orange to keep it looking great for longer.
  • Included are ground pegs for making the whole set extra stable.
  • The set is held together using high tensile allen key fittings also

Pros: Very well made. To save time sort out nuts and bolts by length (some only 2 mm difference so measure) and arrange from instructions for each part before starting. Such a great play set for such a good price. Kids would love playing inside the backyard all the time.

Cons: Assembling is a challenge as not all the screws are not marked and concrete anchors should also be considered if you have soft soil

8, Chad Valley Double Swing Set (available at Argos UK)

Main Features:

  • Your kids can have fun in the fresh air with the Chad Valley double swing set.
  • They can play alongside their friends or siblings and race to see who can swing the highest!
  • Durable powder coated steel frame and ground pegs for extra support Composed of metal and plastic
  • One of the lowest priced swings available in the market
  • The size is H 184 x W 297.5 x D 162 cm.
  • Please be aware that the weight is only 12.5kg so it’s easy to move around
  • The maximum user weight is 45kg and is suitable for kids who are aged 3 years and over.
  • Please remember that it must be used under the direct supervision of an adult.


Pros: This swings look great and does what it is intended. This product has a good solid frame that feels safe enough for kids when they are riding on it. Well packaged and all the necessary fixings were supplied on a vacuum sealed card so it is easy to use the correct bolts and washers etc. to assemble.  Assembly instructions easy to follow and the price is a huge attraction which gives great value for what you get.

Cons: The anchoring system doesn't work well so you have to concrete the legs into the ground for safety purposes. Simple and basic swing but it matched with the appropriate price tag.

9, Garden Swing Set Children’s Outdoor Play set 2 Swings 1 Glider (available at Amazon UK)

Main Features

  • This 3 way garden swing set by Jump Star Sports will provide kids with loads of summer fun. The play set features a 2-seat glider and 2 swings for little ones to play on their own or with their friends. They’ll love playing together on the seesaw glider and having ‘how-high’ contests on the swings.
  • The swing set has a rust-resistant powder-coated steel construction with ground anchors for strength, support and stability. The plastic swings feature height-adjustable ropes for growing kids. They also have comfortable shaped seats with moulded grips to prevent children slipping as they swing.
  • Full instructions and all of the tools you need to assemble the swing set are included, although it’s far quicker and easier to assemble using your own power tools. The swing set is designed for little ones aged 4 years and over and can be enjoyed by up to four children at any one time.
  • Designed and made exclusively by Jump Star Sports, Quality sport equipment designed to offer high performing products at a fantastic price.
  • One of best thing kids can enjoy the durable plastic swing seats feature height with adjustable ropes. It's really fun way to encourage kids to get outdoors and stay active.
  • The assembled size is H 178 x W 330 x D 142 cm (approximately and the maximum user weight is 45kg


Pros: Swing is easy to put together and very stable, it is a strong and sturdy swing set. Very good value for money, well made with brilliant colourful frame. Kids will have a whale of time playing with this swing set. Durable, so it will last season after season.

Cons: You need to concrete the legs into the ground for 100% security and you need to monitor any rust that may develop and treat it accordingly.

10, Plum Sedna Outdoor Play Metal Garden Swing Set (available at Amazon UK)

Main features:

  • Double the seats for twice the fun! Children will love this double metal swing set for great outdoor play and exercise. This swing set has double swings using soft feel ropes and heavy duty injection moulded seats for extra durability.
  • Made from strong powder coated steel which gives the play set lasting protection against rust. The garden swing set has cross braces for extra stability and adjustable height swing seats.
  • Features and Benefits are double the seats for twice the fun
  • It is made from powder coated steel giving lasting protection against rust
  • It also has the adjustable height swing seats to suit younger children
  • The Play set also uses soft feel ropes which are kind to the hands and heavy duty injection moulded seats for extra strength as they swing forward and backward.
  • There is the 12 month manufacturer’s warranty against rust and manufacturing defects
  • When delivered, it is supplied flat packed and pre-drilled with easy assembly instructions which can be completed in approx. 1 hour with 2 adults
  • All the hardware supplied for installation including ground anchors for concreting into the ground come with the delivery
  • Also remember to please allow a 2m safety perimeter around the swing set
  • This set is recommended for children 3 to 10 years old and the maximum user weight is 45kg per swing (90kg in total)
  • The assembled size is L 210 x W 178 x H 183 cm.


Pros:  Great double swing, Easy assembled and well made. The seat heights are adjustable via the knot system, very good product considering the price. Very enjoyable for kids who would love to swing for hours together. Stable and sturdy and will not topple over once properly assembled and fixed.

Cons: Good swing just a little squeaky and a little light so needs to be tied down. Sideway swing can make a noise when it is on the move so you need to make sure to add a lubricant if this happens.

Your Quick Comparison Chart for Metal Swing sets is outlined below:

Swing Set ModelSize DimensionsNumber of Swings/SlidesMax weight / seat
Delta Double Swing Set323 L x 162 W x 184 H cm2 swings, 1 glider50 kg
4 Unit Metal Swing Set362 L x 176 W x 223 H cm2 person cradle swing, 2 swings, 1 glider, 50 kg, 35 kg each for two person swings
Apatou 3 Unit Swing set290 L x 170 W x 220 H cm2 swings, 1 sky rider50 kg per seat
TP Triple Metal Swing with SeatsW 323 x D 205 x H 200 cm3 swings60 kg per seat
Hedstrom Folding Toddler SwingH 119, W 96, D 146 cm1 swing20 kg
Hedstrom Neptune Metal swing setH180 x W 320 x D 156 cm2 swings, 1 glider50 kg
Hedstom Europa Metal Swing SetH180cm x W367cm x D195cm2 swings, a glider and a slide45 kg
Chad Valley Double Swing SetH 184 x W 297.5 x D 162 cm2 swings45kg
Garden Swing Set Children’s Outdoor Playset 2 SwingsH 178 x W 330 x D 142 cm2 Swings 1 Glider45kg
Plum Sedna Outdoor Play Metal Garden Swing SetL 210 x W 178 x H 183 cm2 swings45 kg (90 kg in total)


On a final note - A swing set can offer children years of enjoyment when the correct materials are used by manufacturers and the parents regularly maintain the unit. Choosing optimal materials and reviewing customer comments are essential in choosing the safest swing set for a family. Extra precautions should especially be taken by families with young children. Parents should be aware of possible hazards and take additional steps after delivery of the swing set in order to protect children from falls, entrapment, pinches, and entanglement. Well built units that are properly maintained can last for generations.

Metal swing sets range from basic, unadorned models to extravagant designs of metal swing sets with monkey bars and slide attachments. The diversity of these designs allows customers to find the ideal swing set for whoever will be using it. While some designs, like the aforementioned metal swing sets with monkey bars, are clearly made for children, this is not always the case.

Finally, please share your own experiences with the community from your own metal swing sets by leaving a comment in the comment box below – they can learn also!

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