Best US Metal Swing Sets – Detailed Review


Greetings once again to all the parents out there and this time we have reviewed the best metal swing sets which are available to order online in the US marketplace across various brands. To give a fair representation, we will present some lower priced options along with some premium higher priced options to suit everyone’s needs.

If you are considering buying a metal swing set for your children in the coming days, please take a look first at our metal swing set helpful tips guide which will help you in your decision-making process. Metal swing sets are usually made from powder-coated steel. That makes them super strong and fairly weather resistant. Many manufacturers are also using heat resistant coatings which mean they will remain cool to the touch even on hot summer days.

Best Metal Swing Set Review Overview

Swing Set Overview 
Swing Set TypeMetal Swing sets
Number of Swing sets10 Metal Swing Sets Featured
DestinationUS Marketplace
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Metal Swing Set Overview

Metal swing sets are more portable. They are easier to put together and the smaller ones can be moved to another yard if your child outgrows it. Larger metal play structures can be taken apart and moved whereas their wooden counterparts can be virtually impossible to deconstruct and often must remain permanently wherever they are built. Unlike wooden playgrounds, metal swing sets do not warp or splinter. Ensure your child is having fun and staying safe with our durable, high-quality play sets. All of metal swing sets are constructed from weather protected steel and polyethylene plastic to resist rusting, fading, and heat retention.

Helpful Tips to note before you buy a Metal Swing Set:

The following points are very useful when you are going to choose a metal swing set for your kids;

  • Metal Swing Set Stability - Metal swing sets, as a rule, weigh a lot less than wooden swing sets. What they gain in portability can come at a slight cost in stability. That means if the legs are not well-buried or otherwise well-secured, the swing set might rock back and forth with extreme swinging (like mine did) or when there are multiple children swinging at the same time.
  • Better designed, modern swing sets may come with a broader leg stance to enhance stability. Many of today’s sets also have forts and monkey bars on the ends that greatly increase the stability and strength of the structure.
  • The safest option, depending upon your intended use might be cement footings to secure the legs.
  • Read the installation manual carefully and consider the number of children that may play on the structure at the same time or the overall design/footprint of the structure. My metal swing set had six A-frame style legs and I frequently reached heights exceeding six feet. When it shifted, I knew I was swinging too high – it was like a warning bell for me. A far safer option would have been installing anchors or cement footings.
  • But, Don’t Metal Swing Sets Rust? Compare them to an automobile. For the most part, our cars will retain a rust-proof finish as long as the paint remains intact. Scratch off enough paint to expose the metal underneath and rust will form. Same goes with a metal swing set. If you scratch off some of the paint when you build the swing set or raw metal becomes exposed through normal wear and tear, you will need to use an outdoor metal paint to protect those areas from rusting.
  • Metal Swing Sets and Insects - Insects and other critters tend to like any place where they can remain hidden. Metal is not as attractive as wood to insects but any nooks, crannies and corners are. One issue with metal swing sets is their tubular construction. Metal tubing makes wonderful hiding places for all sorts of insects and snakes. There’s an easy, child-friendly fix though. Invest in a can of spray foam – the stuff that expands and hardens when it comes in contact with the air. Great Stuff makes a great product you can use for this purpose.
  • Seal off any exposed openings and you won’t have to worry about insects building their home inside the support structure of your metal swing set.
  • Do keep in mind that insects may try to make their home under swings, slides and other portions of the play structure as well. Daily checks for unwelcome visitors should be done whether you opt to buy a metal swing set or a wooden one.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Swing Sets…

Q – What is the maximum weight per swing and the maximum weight in total for the Playset at One Time Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set?
A – Each swing station has a weight capacity of 140 lbs. The total weight capacity for this unit is rated at 700 lbs.
Q – Does metal swing set reflect heat or end up getting really hot to touch in the summer?
A – Depending on where you live anything that's in the direct sunlight is going to get hot. Normally the swings chains are covered with a plastic sleeve.  The kids use it in the evening or only in the morning on weekends -- too hot otherwise in the summer.
Q –Are there anchors included with Flexible Flyer Play Park Metal Swing Set?
A – No, it does not come with anchors and if you are putting it on grass, you will need them, you have to purchase them separately.
Q –Can you attach a toddler swing seat to this with IronKids Inspiration 250 Fitness Playground Metal Swing Set?
A – You can, but you will need additional hardware.
Q –Are the chains low enough that a toddler can use this with Heavy Duty Frame Metal Swing Set?
A – Yes, they are low enough that a 4-year-old could use it. There are also other bucket swings to meet your needs.
Q –What are the dimensions of the Flexible Flyer Play Park Swing Set? Specifically, how much space length-wise does it need?
A – The dimensions are (in inches) L 200 x W 96 x H 72. The slide is 6' long. The age range is 2 to 10 years and maximum weight is 150 lbs.

10 of the Best Metal Swing Sets (in no particular order)

1, Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide

Features for the kids:

  • The heavy-duty, Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set includes 3 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar with gym rings. Each swing chain has rubber grips to prevent little fingers from being pinched, and the chain clips at the top safely secure the swings to the frame.
  • It also has a fireman's pole and includes a fun, 9' wavy slide. The monkey bars are an instant favorite for kids and provide hours of entertainment. Constructed of powder-coated galvanized steel and high-density polyethylene, our swing sets are smooth and maintain their strength so your kids can play safely and comfortably on a sunny day.
  • The powder-coating is weather and rust resistant to protect against cracking, chipping, or peeling. Lifetime's Swing Sets are guaranteed to keep their design and good looks for years to come.
  • Having features of Fireman's Pole, 9-ft. Wavy Slide, UV-Resistant - Retains Strength and Maintains Color, Low Maintenance - No Staining or Painting Required, Free-Standing – No Need for Cement
  • All-Weather Resistant – Will Not Crack, Warp, Rot, or Splinter, Passes Playground Performance and Safety Standards, No Lead-Based Material, Hard Edges are Rounded or Covered with Plastic Caps
  • 3 Belt Swings, Soft Rubber Grips on Swing Chains to Prevent Pinching or Snagging, Trapeze Bar with Gym Rings, Monkey Bars, Gym Rings.  
  • The assembled dimensions are 13.8'L by 18.6'W by 7.75'H and the safety zone is 29'8" x 27'


Pros: This is a great swing set for the money. The kids will not over grow this thing.  It is playground sturdy, can support lots of kids playing on it. Even adults can swing without shaking the set at all. Awesome bang for the buck, with 3 swings, monkey bars (an underrated feature, kids love it), trapeze, fireman's pole, and a big slide. Lots of things to keep the young ones occupied. It's so sturdy and large that kids have plenty of room to grow into it. It actually supports adults without a problem. This set is built tough. Extremely stable, everything is smooth, no sharp edges or parts that snag. Great design and layout. The materials are top notch and the word "Lifetime" is no exaggeration.

Cons: It is a fairly simple design to assemble but you need a second set of hands to help you. A little high for 3-year-old children so constant supervision is required.

2, Lifetime Adventure Tower Play set

Features for the Kids

  • Little ones are the world’s readiest adventure seekers - and they can scout out a new one every sunny day in the Lifetime Adventure Tower.
  • Crafted with durable HDPE plastic and steel, this sturdy, free-standing clubhouse boasts a rigid hardtop roof, an impact-resistant skylight, four storefronts, two doors, a sandbox, two swings, a trapeze, a
  • 9-foot wavy slide, a steering wheel, two chalk boards, an arched climber, two climbing walls and a car map.  
  • With five different activities keep up to nine kids busy at once, play time is endless. This sturdy swing set for the backyard or patio features a steel frame for years of outdoor fun.
  • It’s all weather-design won’t crack, warp, rot, or splinter, and UV-resistant material retains less heat and maintains color.
  • Designed in muted earth tones. Includes manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty
  • Durable clubhouse with rigid hardtop roof.
  • Impact-resistant skylight, 4 store fronts.
  • This is Free-standing – its all-weather and its UV-resistant.
  • This set has 2 swings, trapeze bar, slide and climbing walls.
  • The dimensions of this model is 184W by 212D by 131H inches.

Pros: Coated metal won't rust and is cool to the touch. Kids would love the 3 spots for swings, easy to detach and move. The fort underneath is cute and fun. The top fort has roads and little buildings on the floor, Walls up top have an area to write or draw, Slide is very fast, Rock wall and ladder allow alternate ways to get up, Very sturdy and very heavy. Will age well.  The materials used in the playset appear to be top quality and should last for years to come. Relatively small footprint for so much equipment. Free standing is also a big advantage as there is no need for anchors to worry about.

Cons: Slide may be too fast for little ones and smaller Toddlers may have trouble with the rock wall or ladder but will learn in time.

3, Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set Freestanding

Features for the Kids:

  • The Lifetime A-Frame Play set is the perfect way to get your kids having fun and involved in physical, healthy activities. This play set features a clubhouse, swing set, 3-D climbing wall, 9' wavy slide, and plenty of activities to keep your kids and all of their friends entertained and having fun.
  • You’ll have a hard time getting the kids off of this one. When you buy this substantial play set, you get a swing set, an upper-deck clubhouse, 3D climbing wall (kids can climb inside as well as outside), a 9ft slide, climbing net and all sorts of fun accessories.
  • Here's the full list: Clubhouse with hard roof. The 56in x 45in clubhouse deck is marine quality and non-skid. 
  • The roof height is 50in minimum, and a fantastic 72in maximum, so there's lots of head room.
  • A-frame swing bar - this is 93in (7ft 9in) high and will take three swings, Wavy slide - 9ft long
  • Oversized spyglass, Ship’s wheel, no steering capability, 3-D curved climbing wall –can be climbed on both sides.
  • Cargo climbing net - made from tough polyethylene rope. Easy to grip, great for all ages.
  • 2 Belt swings and the Trapeze bar - a trapeze and a great mini monkey bar!
  • Propeller swing - great for younger children - room for three to sit on it together.

Pros:  Setup directions are easy to follow. Overall, it is extremely sturdy and children love it. If you experience every type of rough weather conditions, this set is fit for this purpose perfectly. It is super solid, adults can climb and swing on it and it will not move at all. Lifetime is known for having amazing quality for their swing sets. Small items like rubber tubing along the chains of the swing so small hands don't get burnt make a big difference. You child will love it. He/she can play around on it without worrying about breaking anything. Incredibly sturdy, and so much better than a wood set. No splinters, staining, rough surfaces, etc. The Lifetime set is by far the best playset. This thing is definitely worth it!! Again, it’s freestanding so you never have to worry about anchoring it

Cons: Some of the climbing wall holes did not match the holes on the adjoining metal bracket exactly so you need to keep an eye out for this - Not a big deal but can be annoying for some people

4, Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

Featured for the Kids:

  • The Lifetime Swing Set is built to be safe, weather-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. Constructed of powder-coated steel and UV-protected polyethylene plastic, Lifetime makes sure that your swing set will not rust, fade, splinter or warp.
  • With two belt swings and one trapeze bar with gym rings, your kids will have hours of fun, right in the safety and convenience of their own backyard.
  • Fun free standing playset for kids ages 3 to 12
  • Includes 2 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar, constructed of all-weather high strength low alloy steel and will not crack, chip, fade, rot, warp, or peel like wood playsets.
  • Designed for safety so it has hard edges are rounded or covered with plastic caps and soft rubber grips on swing chains prevent finger pinching
  • Total area of the playset is 112" H x 125.5" W x 162.5" D; Frame Pole Diameter is3 inches (7,62 cm)
  • Free standing so it does not require cement or anchoring
  • It is also backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty.


Pros:  This swing frame is very sturdy, and the adults and teens in the family can swing on it. High quality swings, Definitely a heavy duty item.  Size is great and height equal to commercial playground swings, wide swing altitude, seems sturdy, you will really like protective rubber over chains, appropriate for wider age range of kids due to size, not just small kids.

Cons:  The chains aren't long enough for smaller kids to use it out of the box to you may need to buy additional chain if you toddler are very young or small

5, Backyard Discovery Castle Grey Metal Swing Set and Outdoor Playground

Features for the Kids:

  • A modern, fully-featured castle for the bravest of pretend Knights and princesses. The castle grey metal swing set has a full spectrum of activities to exercise the muscles, mind and even those motor skills.
  • The upper fort with its sleek shade roof, and a steering wheel is accessible by scaling the challenging rock climbing wall, metal ladder tree and standard ladder.
  • When those castle protectors slide back down to the ground floor, they might meet dragons swinging rd ladder. When those castle protectors slide back down to the ground floor, they might meet dragons swinging on one of the belt or web swings, or perhaps they will find a damsel locked in the lower fort playing on the tic-tac-toe game table or resting on the map floor. The creative adventures await! one of
  • Backyard Discovery first metal yard swing set that incorporates a variety of imagination-inspiring elements.
  • A backyard metal swing set with a built-in playhouse. Great for hide-and-seek and role play.
  • Include the climbing wall -  Kids will love the challenge of climbing to the top of this outdoor playset.
  • Superior quality - A swing built using heavy duty components, bolts, and accessories meant for years of backyard fun.
  • Metal playset includes: swing set with 2 swings, web swing, kids slide, climbing ladder, steering wheel, rock wall, tic-tac-toe game table, overhead shade canopy.
  • Excellent safety features -  A swing set with slide that is built with safety in mind by the company with over 30 years of experience building backyard swing sets for kids

Pros: Very heavy duty swing set that has a solid feel when put together and the swing beam is made of really thick metal. It is very sturdy and made of good quality materials.  All the parts are clearly laid out in separate bags for assembly with the part number so they are easily identifable. The components are all very solid and stick together easily. This is a very nice set for the price, and it will last a very long time and hold up to the elements with little care. The kids will play on it for many years to come. Highly recommend this if you are looking for a modern, metal swing set that is strong, beautiful and will provide lots of play time for your kids!

Cons: The slide could be sturdier and more solid and this set takes longer than you would expect to assemble

6, Sportspower Super 8 Metal Swing Set

Features for the Kids

  • Encourage the kids to enjoy playing outdoors with the Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set. Kids can swing to their heart's content with 2 classic swing seats or a Roman glider with 2 seats and footrests.
  • The patented 2-Person flying saucer allows kids to lie down and swing at the same time, making it perfect for gazing at those fluffy white clouds on a beautiful day.
  • For those looking for a little more action, the 6-foot wavy slide offers a thrilling ride that will get kids active and playing happily, while the rocking horse swing lets kids jump-start their imaginations for added fun.
  • Swing chains are adjustable to accommodate different heights, ensuring everyone has a good time.
  • Parents can feel secure knowing the play set is constructed from 2-inch heavy duty, weather-resistant steel tubes and hardware covered in a powder-coated paint finish that delivers superior toughness and durability.
  • All Sportspower play sets meet or exceed ASTM safety standards, so you and your children can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind.
  • The Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set is ideal for medium to large backyards and supports up to 8 kids playing at once. Supports kids up to 100 pounds each, up to 800 pounds total.
  • Recommended for children 3 to 8 years old.
  • Measures 221"Lx 102.25"W x 72.225"H when assembled.
  • Components are pre-drilled; supports anchoring set (not included)
  • 2 adults are recommended for assembly.

Pros: Overall, this is a fantastic set to get if you need to work with a smaller budget.  Instructions are simple and easy to read. The parts fit together well. It is durable and the kids will love it.  Can even fit in a small space in your yard and it is loads of fun for the children!

Cons: The swing seats are hard and could be a little more comfortable. This is not free standing so you need to buy anchors separately in addition.

7, Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set

Features for the Kids:

  • Sportspower began in 1992 when two business partners came together with a common goal—to make quality and affordable outdoor play products that stand apart from the competition. 
  • Sportspower has created a wide array of innovative products - from the first ever patented water slide, to the first at home air jumper.
  • Today, Sportspower trampolines, swing sets, water slides, playhouses, and all-in-one play centers promote and provide fun exercise for children and adults of all ages. Sportspower stands behind products and believes in taking care of customers. Encourage the kids to enjoy playing outdoors with the Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing, Slide, and Trampoline Set! Kids can swing to their heart's content with 2 classic swing seats or a Roman glider with 2 seats and footrests.
  • The Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing, Slide, and Trampoline Set is ideal for medium to large backyards and supports up to 8 kids playing at once. Supports kids up to 100 pounds each, up to 800 pounds total.
  • Recommended for children 3 to 8 years old.
  • Measures 179"L x 96"W x 74"H when assembled.
  • Components are pre-drilled; supports anchoring set (not included).
  • 2 adults recommended for assembly.
  • Comes with 12-month warranty on product frame and 90-day warranty on small individual parts.


Pros: Great set for the money. Sturdy and relatively easy to put together. Durable and attractive. Kids will love it! This is an ideal "first" swing set for ages 2 to 8. The anchors are necessary for stability. Rides up a little when swinging high but not too bad. Impressive with the quality of the materials, withstanding heavy rainfall and sun exposure quite well. The slide is just the right speed and height off the ground for a child to land on their feet. The swing and trapeze bar are good quality plastic.

Cons: The trampoline safety bar that comes with a cushion wrap may break if you’re not too careful

8, Ironkids Inspiration 250 Fitness Metal Swing set

Features for the Kids

  • An IronKid is a youth who is inspired and motivated through sport to lead an active, positive and healthy lifestyle. Founded in 1985, the IronKids National Triathlon is the premier youth race series in the United States.
  • Thousands of kids in the United States aspire to compete in these IronKids races that are organized across the country. Kids benefit from frequent physical activity and exercise. You benefit from knowing the kids are secure in your own backyard. IronKids Inspiration 250 fitness playground metal swing set features 4 activities that will keep 6 kids busy at the same time.
  • Fitness Jumper Trampoline: Develops a sense of balance and space and also can enhance full body coordination. Strengthens the legs, knees and hamstring muscle groups.
  • Swings: Swinging burns calories and engages muscle groups, particularly hamstrings and quadriceps. It can build endurance in the knees and hips as well as works the AB muscles, shoulders, upper back and neck.
  • Monkey Bar: Builds arm strength and helps keep off excess weight through exercise.
  • Also the arms, shoulders and chest will strengthen using the Monkey Bar. Fitness Slide: Develops and builds kid's confidence with height and gravity. Sunshade: Adds a beautiful appearance and provides some shade when kids are on the swings or monkey bar.
  • IronKids Inspiration 250 fitness playground metal swing set offers real value in outdoor play for the whole summer.
  • Secured by corkscrew-shaped ground stakes, which are included. Inspiration Fitness Playground Features & Specifications: 2 powder-coated tubular steel "Arch Built" U-shaped support posts 42" Fitness
  • Jumper Trampoline Swings Trampoline Monkey bar Fitness Slide with attached ladder
  • Additional sunshade Ideal for small backyards
  • Dimensions are 13'6"L x 6'6"W (10'3" with slide) x 6'5"H (8' with the IronKids sun shade).


Pros: Very heavy and solid metal. Powder-coated tubular steel "Arch Built" U-shaped support posts. All the holes lined up. It takes about 4 hours to put together the whole thing, you will very happy with the price of this set for the quality, this set will last much longer than the cheaper sets. Kids will certainly enjoy playing on this swing set. The trampoline feature is loved by some of the athletic kids while the rest can enjoy the swings and the monkey bar.

Cons: The hardest part of assembly is stretching the trampoline springs to reach the frame. It takes a couple extra tools and lots of grunting and sweat to get it done. The ground stakes need to be made 100% solid into the ground so don’t skip this part

9, Flexible Flyer Play Park Metal Swing

Features for the Kids

  • Bring the joy of the park to your own backyard with the Flexible Flyer Play Park Metal Swing Set, which will allow your kids to enjoy hours of active fun in the great outdoors.
  • The set can accommodate up to 10 children at once, making this set a delightful choice for birthday parties, after school play dates, summer holidays.
  • Kids can zip down the 6' wave slide, show off their acrobatic prowess on the deluxe trapeze bar, or swing through the air with a friend on the two-person air glider or solo on the super-sling swings.
  • The steel frame of the Flexible Flyer Play Park is sturdy and easy to assemble, so your kids will be able to enjoy hours of healthy outdoor play in the safety and privacy of your backyard.
  • Assembly is required and the instructions are well laid out.
  • It has a durable steel A-frame construction, Powder-coated finish in attractive maroon, ivory, and mocha,
  • Features a fun wave slide with ladder, Vinyl chain covers protect little fingers from pinching
  • The Swing chains are height adjustable to suits the smaller ones
  • The assembled dimensions are 200" x 96" x 72".
  • This set has a maximum weight capacity of 105 pounds


Pros: This is more than just a swing set, it's a mini park. All the different activities on it mean there's something different for everyone to do. Good play set for the price! Easy to assemble and the colours are nice too. An added plus is that it is Made in America!

Cons: Some of the screws are a little too short and could be longer to help with the assembly. Not free standing so you need to add the flexible flyer anchors which is a small added cost

10, Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun II” Swing Set

Features for the kids

  • The Flexible Flyer Swing Set gives your kids and their friends a fun, welcoming place to play all summer long. This safe metal swing set for kids features four different play options, including two swings, one shoe loop swing, a seesaw and a 6' wave slide.
  • The metal swing set can keep up to six kids busy at once, making after school play-time incredibly exciting and fun.
  • This sturdy triple swing set features a durable steel frame, so it'll last for years of outdoor play.
  • The Flexible Flyer Swing Set requires adult assembly. 
  • It has a 6-leg design for strength and durability and has a powder-coated finish in attractive dark blue and ivory
  • This model features a fun wave slide with ladder
  • There is also the Vinyl chain covers to protect little fingers from pinching
  • In addition, the Swing chains are height adjustable to help the smaller toddlers
  • The weight capacity per seat for this set is 105 lbs and the maximum weight capacity for the entire set is 630 lbs


Pros: It is low heighted, so if children fall off it's not too far to go. Kids love their swings and they don't have to wait. Plus, the rocket rider and seesaw is fun for them. It does bounce when they both swing at the same time, but that is part of the fun of a swing set and with the anchors it isn't bad at all. A good swing set that children would love and the price is very attractive

Cons: Some of the poles need better labelling because to use the anchors - certain poles need to be put on an specific sides. Again, this set is not free standing so you need to buy anchors separately to make sure it is tightly secured to the ground.

Your quick summary comparison chart with dimension is outlined below.

Swing Set ModelSize DimensionsNumber of Swings/SlidesWarranty
Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide110 x 35.8 x 31.5 inches3 belt swings, 1 trapeze bar5-Year Limited
Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset184W x 212D x 131H inches2 swings, trapeze bar, slide5-Year Limited
Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set Freestanding13' 11" x 15' 9"2 swings, 1 trapeze bar a climbing wall, cargo net, propeller swing, and activity board5-Year Limited
Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set112" H x 125.5" W x 162.5" D2 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar5-Year Limited
Backyard Discovery Castle Grey Metal Swing Set and Outdoor Playground179 x 213 x 130 inches2 swings, web swing, slide, climbing ladder, 1 year Manufacturer
Sportspower Super 8 Metal Swing Set221"L x 102.25"W x 72.225"H2 swings, 1 flying saucer, 1 glider, 1 slide, and 1 rocking horse12-month warranty on product frame, 90-day on small parts
Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set179"L x 96"W x 74"H2 classic swing, glider with 2 seats and footrests12-month warranty on product frame, 90-day on small parts
Ironkids Inspiration 250 Fitness Metal Swing set13'6"L x 6'6"W (10'3" with slide) x 6'5"H2 swings, Trampoline
Monkey bar, Fitness slide
12-month warranty on product frame, 90-day on small parts
Flexible Flyer Play Park Metal Swing200" x 96" x 72"6-station swing set, Slide, Glider, Trapeze Bar, A Frame3-6 months from day of purchase
Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun II” Swing Set11'11"L x 10'10"W x 6'H2 swings, 1 shoe loop swing,
Seesaw, 6' wave slide
3-6 months from day of purchase

In addition, if you would also like to view stock availability or alternative options on Metal Swings sets, then click on any of the images provided below that may be of interest to you…

Final note – Most Metal swing sets are a lot more portable. They are easier to put together and the smaller ones can be moved to another yard if your child outgrows it. When people think of swing sets, they usually picture the classic model with four legs and a top rail. But while most metal swing set plans and designs are similar, there is actually a surprising variety of different types of metal swing sets as discussed above.  They range from basic, unadorned models to extravagant designs of metal swing sets with monkey bars and slide attachments. The diversity of these designs allows customers to find the ideal swing set for whoever will be using it. While some designs, like the afore mentioned metal swing sets with monkey bars, are clearly made for children, this is not always the case. Although somewhat less common, there are also metal swing sets for adults, designed to go faster and higher than those which are typically appropriate for children.

So, I hope this review of the best metal swing sets has helped you and your family out –make sure to make the right choice for your kids!

Please also share your family’s experiences with the community on Metal Swing sets by leaving a comment in the comment section below – so that they can learn also!

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