Best US Wooden Swing Sets – Detailed Review


Hello to all the parents in the US and here we have compiled a list of the 10 Best Wooden Swing sets (or Playsets) which are available for your children to order online and simply have it delivered to your door from reputable suppliers.

You can invite the whole neighbourhood over to play for lots of fun this spring and summer. Right below are the best available wooden swings for your children and their friends.

Give your child hours of healthy active outdoor play with wooden swing set that comes complete with multiple swings, a trapeze, slides and rock climbing wall.

The 10 best wooden swing sets of 2018 stand up to the elements and your kids. If you've been swinging back and forth on your decision to buy a wooden swing set because of the quality, safety, feedback & price, we've made it easier for you by finding the best models in a wide range of prices and sizes to fit any backyard and family budget. Read on to learn about these wooden swings the various factors to take into consideration before setting out in buying your own particular Wooden swing set.

Best Wooden Swing Set Overview

Best Swing Set Overview 
Swing Set Type:Wooden Swing sets / Playsets
Number of Swing sets:10 Swing sets Featured
Destination:US Marketplace
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Helpful Tips and Safety Tips with Wooden Swing Sets:

There's nothing better than watching the little ones laugh and play on the backyard play set. And knowing your wood swing set is sturdy and secure simply adds to this satisfaction! Here are the top safety features every backyard swing set should have.

  • Sanded wood with rounded edges - To avoid splinters and other minor injuries, your swing set should be free of any rough surfaces. A good way to ensure this is to purchase a play set with wood that's already sanded and rounded on the edges. This way, maintaining the smooth surface will be relatively easy in the years to come.
  • Recessed, tightened hardware - All of wood swing sets feature recessed hardware, a standard set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS). We know how important it is to eliminate anything that your child's clothing could catch on. It is highly recommended you make sure the swing set you buy has recessed hardware. If you've already purchased a swing set that has protruding hardware, consider replacing the hardware, or simply remind the kids to not wear loose or baggy clothing. Also, be mindful to perform annual checks on the swing set to make sure the bolts are tightened properly.
  • Bolts, not nails or staples - Your wood swing set should have only bolts to connect the pieces and parts together. Zero nails or staples should be used to construct your swing set. Nails and staples are simply too weak and they also stick out from the wood, creating a safety hazard for the children playing on it.
  • Intact accessories and activity areas - If your swing set has been in use for several seasons, it is a good idea to check and make sure the accessories are intact. Look for pulls or tears in the canopy tent top, make sure any playground rope is in good condition, refill the sandbox if necessary, check the wood for additional sanding, etc.
  • A soft surface - The surface on which a swing set sits is oftentimes an afterthought for shoppers, who assume grass is good enough. The best option is a rubber mulch surface. Rubber mulch has a terrific ability to absorb shock, whereas over time, grass loses its ability to do so.
  • Proper handles - Anytime your child is climbing, he or she needs somewhere safe to grip. That's why install grab handles at the tops of ladders and rock walls. This way the youngster has a place to grab when he or she enters the clubhouse.
  • Enclosed clubhouse - The clubhouse of your wood swing set should have walls wherever there is a no activity area. A safety rail is necessary for spaces where there is a slide, ramp or ladder that meets the deck of the clubhouse. The wall should have rungs that are about an inch to an inch-and-a-half apart.
  • Separate the monkey bars and swings - The CPCS and the American Society for Testing and Materials recommend monkey bars that do not have swings attached. When you are purchasing your swing set, make sure the monkey bars are separated away from the swings.
  • Slides with high sides - Your wood swing set should have a slide that features high side rails to ensure that the child is secure as he or she slides down. Super scoop slides are perfect for smaller children because of their high sides.
  • Check the open spaces - Measure any open spaces the play set may have. Make sure open spaces on the swing set are either smaller than 3 1/2 inches or larger than 9 inches to be certain a young child cannot fit his or her head through.
  • It is important to be aware of these above points when purchasing a swing set for your child. After your purchase, continue to keep these tips in mind as you maintain your swing set and replace or add on accessories. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Swing Sets

Q – What kind of tools are needed for assembly?
A – Screwdriver, wrench, drill with 1/4 and 1/8 bits, ruler
Q – Is it possible to add a baby swing to this Swing-N-Slide-PB-8329-Equinox-Swing swing set?
A – Yes, you can add swing to this swing set.
Q – What is the height of the deck / clubhouse floor of Backyard-Discovery-Skyfort-Cedar-Swing set?
A – The height of the deck is 5ft.
Q – For a small backyard, do you have anything that will fit there
A – Yes, Space Savers will fit in almost any yard, and still leave room for the surrounding safe area around the play set.
Q – How should one maintain the play set?
A – You must treat your wood product annually with a stain or wood sealant. Prior to applying a new coat of sealant, it’s ideal to pressure wash your set and allow it to dry thoroughly. Then, inspect your set for any rough, peeling or splintering spots and hand sand them until smooth.
Q – What are the thick timbers on fort and swing beam made of?
A – All swing sets are made from 100% natural wood.

10 of the Best Wooden Swing Sets (in no particular order)

1, Swing N Slide Orbiter Swing Set

Features for the kids:

  • This 3-position swing set offers quality, affordability, and a maintenance free play solution that's sturdier than metal. It comes complete with round wooden guard posts that have a five year warranty. Wood guard fully encapsulates wooden beams and protects from the elements.
  • This kit includes 2 swing seats and a ring/trapeze combo as well as fully illustrated instructions. The ring/trapeze combo provides multiple ways to swing, hang, and soar and supports up to 115 pounds.
  • Swing hangers and ground anchors included; Heavier and more durable than traditional metal pole swing sets Assembled: 113" L x 96" W x 84" H, Fully illustrated installation guide to ease build time, Meets and/or exceeds ASTM safety standards,
  • Residential use only: Not for use in commercial settings.
  • The included metal braces easily attach to the pre-drilled swing beam to stabilize the swing set and prevent shifting. Each post is encapsulated with Wood guard to protect against rot, decay, and insects.
  • Swing Set maintenance has never been easier with Wood guard.
  • The non-toxic polymer coating contains a UV protective agent to protect your swing set

Pros: This swing set is made of sturdy materials. It's made of wood, covered in a protective outer coating. So far ours hasn't faded at all, it feels super sturdy, children would love sliding down the side poles. This swing set is the perfect height at 8 feet tall. Tall enough to walk under, not so tall that you need a ladder to adjust the swings. This set has attachments for three swings, no slides, teeter totters, or any other clutter. That also makes it easy to move around (which is a huge plus). Easy set up with one swing, the trapeze bar, and a baby swing.  It's perfect for 6 year olds to 11 year olds.

Cons: Some exposed metal parts may rust, so they should be re-painted and sealed if rusting starts to appear.

2. Swing N Slide Equinox Swing Set

Features for the kids

  • The Equinox Swing Set by Swing-N-Slide offers quality, affordability, and a maintenance-free play solution that's sturdier than metal. this 3-position wooden swing set comes complete with round wooden guard posts that have a five year warranty.
  • Wood guard fully encapsulates wooden beams and protects from the elements. This wooden pole swing set kit includes 3 swing seats, swing hangers, and ground anchors as well as fully illustrated instructions. Each swing seat supports up to 115 pounds. This easy to assemble wooden swing set kit is sturdy and designed to last.
  • Assembled dimensions: 96"X113"X84". (1) 93" Swing Beam with a 4" diameter, (4) 93" Posts with a 3.25" diameter, (2) 49" A-Frame braces, (2) Right swing beam brackets, (2) Left swing beam brackets, (2)
  • Swing beam under beam brackets, (6) Swing Hangers with hardware, (4) Ground Anchors with hardware, (3) swing seats with (6) 58" coated chains, (1) fully illustrated instructions.
  • Tools Required for Assembly; Electric Drill, Phillips Bit, 1/2" and 7/16" Sockets & Wrench, Hammer, Adjustable Wrench, Tape Measure, Screwdriver, Ladder, Carpenter Square, Safety Glasses, 1/8" Drill Bit, 1/4" Drill Bit, Pliers.
  • Pre-drilled, coated wooden poles are easily assembled with durable hardware and illustrated instructions.
  • Six Swing Hangers (3 sets) are easy to install into pre-drilled, coated wooden swing beam.
  • All round wooden posts and swing beam are fully encapsulated in Wood Guard to prevent rot and decay.


Pros:  It's easy to assemble, but takes a good few hours.  If you have the right tools and are handy with them, then it is a breeze. Make sure you get the few holes positioned correctly that you need to drill. The instructions were easy to understand and very useful to assemble the set. The chains are adjustable and long enough that even younger children can get on the swing alone. Looks quite sturdy when assembled, and it will last many seasons.  Kids like the easy access and comfortable seats, and will spend hours playing around it.

Cons: One issue to watch out for is that all of the required holes are not fully drilled. Unfortunately, some of the required holes need to be drilled which made assembly more difficult but is well worth it due to the low price point it has to offer.

3, Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Play Set

Features for the kids:

  • The Grandview Twist Play Set is the ultimate play destination, Includes pre-cut, pre-drilled premium stained lumber, fast and easy bracket system, 2 slides, rock climbing wall with 8 colourful climbing rocks, 2 swings with UV plastic dipped chain, Dual-Ride Glider, soaring wood roof with sunburst gable, monkey bars, ground anchors, and easy to follow instruction manual.
  • Both slides feature a lifetime warranty against cracks and breaks and are proudly made in the USA. The Grandview Twist has two deck heights to enjoy, (1) 4 feet and (2) 5 feet. Assembled dimensions are 20 feet 1 inch x 13 feet 10 inch x 10 feet 3 inch. 
  • Assembled dimensions: 20'11" L x 13'10" W x 10'3" H, 2 slides are proudly made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty against cracks and breaks, 2 swing seats and a back-to-back glider swing for multiple swing options, Climbing rock wall with 8 durable rock holds.
  • Durable and stylish wood roof, Powder coated metal monkey bars
  • Includes all necessary hardware, ground anchors, and fully illustrated instructions.
  • This fully enclosed tube slide features twisting, turning fun with a lifetime warranty against cracks and breaks. Requires an additional 2 x 4 inches x 8 feet for mounting support (not included).
  • This kit features 2 swing seats and a multi-child glider swing. Swing seats support up to 115 pounds each while the glider supports up to 150 pounds. Swing hangers, and chains included!
  • The monkey bars feature durable, powder coated metal rungs. Brachiating (overhead monkey bar movement) promotes endurance, coordination, and strength in young children.
  • This 2 piece slide features a 90 degree curve and is backed by a lifetime warranty against cracks and breaks


Pros:  Kids will absolutely love this swing set. The double slide is great. The twirl slide is an addition so there's 2 ways to put it together - with the twirl slide- it will take only take a few hours to put together but that's to be expected with a wood swing set this large. Overall the kids enjoy the playing possibilities and it will look great in your yard. It will take some effort to mount everything in place but it will be worth it. All in all a good quality swing set.

Cons: One thing to keep an eye out for is that the boards didn't have all the number labels to identify them so assembly was an issue and required careful work – so you need to take your time and do it slowly.

4, Gorilla Play Sets Home Backyard Playground Treasure Trove Swing Set

Features for the Kids:

  • The Gorilla Play sets Treasure Trove Wood Swing Set certainly lives up to its name! This mammoth swing set has everything your little ones could desire from a backyard playground.
  • It has a total of three covered play areas, a tube slide, a wave slide, a clatter bridge, and two sandboxes.
  • In addition to all of those playtime treasures, it features a rope ladder with wooden steps, a picnic table, and a bonus glider swing. And that's not even all this set offers!
  • This swing set comes ready-to-build with pre-cut, pre-stained and pre-drilled main beams.
  • All the lumber features a protective finish making it resistant to rot, decay, and insects.
  • This complete set is ready for your backyard. With size 19'W x 13'H x 27'6"D, having two levels, 1st Level platform 5' x 5' x 5'. 2nd level platform 2.5' x 5' x 7' with wood roofs with sunbursts, dormers, and a chimney.
  • Tower with heavy duty vinyl cover and 3 swing beam positions
  • You also get 2 belt swings and a bonus glider.

Pros:  This thing is so sturdy and built to last. It may take a few days to put it together but it will be worth it.  Just keep in mind you have to drill your own holes so it takes longer. You are actuality building this playground not just assembling it. So very good for do-it-yourself people.  It has so many features and options to play around it that children will be amused for hours around it.

Cons:  Although this is a high quality swing set it can be seen to be expensive as well. The instructions sometimes do not match the parts and the assembly process will take a few days depending on the level of help you can get. You need to dig deep into your pockets for this one…

5, Nantucket Swing Set by Gorilla Play sets

Features for the Kids

  • The Gorilla Play sets Nantucket Swing Set provides with the perfect healthy play routine for your children. The swing set offers both fun and fitness at the same time. It also offers multiple activities that are sure to keep your children engaged in the outdoors.
  • The Nantucket Swing Set by Gorilla Play sets is constructed from premium-quality material that ensures years of reliable use. It features a multicolored look that maintains a playful and cheerful mood in the house. The set has two swing and small slide that offers multiple fun elements to the kids.
  • These two swings have adjustable vinyl coated chain that allows your children to enjoy the play time to the fullest. The slide has a gentle and smooth slope for safe and soft landing.
  • The wood and metal made ten step climber offers versatile fitness activities.
  • Crafted to perfection, this swing set has a play deck, which is made from wood and is the perfect place to relax or have food. The sand box keeps the children engaged for long.
  • The open design is perfect to keep a watch on the kids. The swing set requires assembly that can be performed easily. It is easy to care for and can be wiped with a damp cloth to keep clean. 
  • Set includes 2 swing belts with plastisol coated chains, trapeze bar with rings, wave slide, safe entry ladder with flat wooden steps, rock wall with climbing rope, sandbox, steering wheel and telescope, tic tac toe panel, flag kit, safety handles, Tongue & groove wood roof features sunbursts, dormers and a chimney, Play deck features windows with working palladian style shutters, Patented one-piece bracket
  • All lumber: pre-cut, pre-sanded, and pre-stained. main beams are even pre-drilled, Step-by-step illustrated manual
  • Limited 10-year warranty on lumber and the dimensions are 10' 6'' H x 16' W x 13' D,  there is also a 1-year warranty on accessories.

Pros:  Great and durable swing set, it will get good use. So far it is a really nice swing set. A lot of play options. Wood is soft so will be sealing it to keep it like new. Your kids will be so happy with this gorilla set. Very few sets are all 4x4 supports and has a 4x6 support beam for the swings. This playset is very solid, safe and attractive to the eye

Cons: The play set is made of strong wood and well constructed but takes very long to put together and requires a lot of work and effort on your end to get this task completed to perfection.

6, Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing Set

Features for the Kids:

  • The Sky Fort II is made from 100% cedar. With small, tight knot structure, your lumber will be less likely to develop small cracks emanating from knots.
  • In laboratory testing, durable cedar wood proved to be rot resistant and highly resistant to natural decay.
  • All lumber is pre-stained for a smooth and clear appearance, as well as cut and stamped with the part number to help speed up the building process.
  • Some pilot-hole drilling may be required, exclusive Safe-T-Fuse hardware makes assembly easy and secure.
  • Its laminated swing beam is built strong, with steel clam-shell brackets to ensure that swinging is always safe.
  • A spacious upper fort leads to the crow's nest. Your kids will feel like they are on top of the world.
  • The rock wall is both fun and challenging. Climbing builds strength and coordination.
  • You also get an Anchored metal ladder and climbing rungs will not flex or roll while in use.
  • This swing set includes two belt swings and a fun two person glider.

Pros: It is seen as one of the most popular Swing sets and is bought already by many happy parents. The price is also especially very good for the quality you are getting. It will take 2 people 40 hours to assemble but there is great job satisfaction when completed. Do the assembly in sunny weather and it is highly recommend using same color SEMI Thompson Stain and Sealer everything as you assemble. This will give a good finish and protect the set from rain.

Cons:  The wood is not the hardest and you have to be careful not to over drill or you'll go through the wood.  Very long assembly time so a lot of patience is needed.

7, Backyard Discovery Tucson Swing Set

Key Features for the Kids:

  • The Tucson outdoor wooden play set has a covered upper wooden deck that extends to cover the lower area as well. The wooden swing set has two belt swings and an acrobat bar to keep three kiddos happily swinging at one time.
  • Scamper up to the deck on the combo ladder/rock wall and then zip down on the Super Safe Speedy Slide. A covered snack stand lets the gang cool off before going at it again.
  • Years of fun come with this outdoor playset as well as great value. Play an imaginative restaurant game or simply settle down for an afternoon juice break at the snack window and integrated bench.
  • Wherever they are racing down to, the Speedy Slide will transport your children there swiftly and safely.
  • With two belt swings and an acrobat bar, there’s an activity for everyone, from the young beginners to the most athletic swingers.
  • More exciting than your average ladder, this challenging rock climbing wall stimulates coordination, muscle strength and motor skills.
  • Its metal grab handles ensure safe and easy entry and exits from the connected upper fort.
  • This is one of the lowest priced options in the Backyard Discovery range


Pros: Easy to assemble. Ships in sturdy boxes so no issue of broken parts or losing parts. Kids would love slide and it is smooth and fast. It has many features so that kids from the very young to bigger kids all can enjoy various activities possible with this set and play for hours. This playset is engineered to last many seasons. It provides loads of fun in a safe environment.  Price is also a major attraction as it is seen as one of the lower priced quality options if you need to work on a tighter budget.

Cons: Instructions are sometimes confusing so requires careful assembly. This playset is also a little smaller than you would expect but is well justified by the very low price which is available

8, Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set

Key Features for the Kids:

  • A towering tribute constructed for the most daring of little climbers: the Mount McKinley. Whether they scale the rock climbing wall, scramble up the step ladder, or pull themselves up the rope ladder, your kids will feel like they reached the highest peaks on the deck of this play set.
  • You don’t need an off-road vehicle to feel like you’re cruising along the Rockies — the open wooden plank structure of the upper outdoor playhouse, along with its bright green tarp roof, telescope and steering wheel, transport every imagination to a mountain range oasis.
  • Taking a quick slide back down from the summit, you’ll store your nature souvenirs in the toy storage box and then finish your adventure on the belt swings or swing trapeze bar.
  • The Mount McKinley is made from 100% cedar. With small, tight knot structure, your lumber will be less likely to develop small cracks emanating from knots.
  • In laboratory testing, our durable cedar wood proved to be rot resistant and highly resistant to natural decay.
  • All lumber is pre-stained for a smooth and clear appearance, as well as cut and stamped with the part number to help speed up the building process. Some pilot-hole drilling may be required.
  • The exclusive Safe-T-Fuse hardware makes assembly easy and secure.
  • Its laminated swing beam is built strong, with steel clam-shell brackets to ensure that swinging is always safe. 
  • Assembly requires two moderately skilled people 18-24 hours.


Pros: This is a very impressive backyard swing set! It’s perfect for your little ones as it comes with almost everything you can think of. It will provide hours of healthy fun to kids of various age brackets It has a classic wooden look and is made from 100 percent. Two swings with options to adjust the height, swing bar also with option to adjust height (next to the swing).

Cons: The instructions are pretty common sense, but they do not always explain everything in writing. They often say "assemble as pictured below". A level ground to build on not only matters, it's very important to start with.

9, Big Backyard F270855 Ridgeview Clubhouse Deluxe Play Set

Features for the Kids:

  • The Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse combines all of the actives children love with the safety parents look for- all within an appealing design that looks great in any backyard.
  • The Upper Clubhouse is covered by a beautiful Wooden Roof with decorative dormers and has a Chalkwall providing the perfect place for children to be artistic and show off their creative side.
  • Your children will stay active as they access the upper clubhouse with the Rockwall (with multi-colored rocks) or challenge themselves as they swing across the Monkey Bars.
  • From here your children will have a blast as they go down the extra deep High Rail Wave Slide with an exciting wave in the middle and make their way to the Lower Clubhouse complete with a Shaded Café Table and 2 Stool Seats.
  • On top of everything, the Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse has 2 Belt Swings and a Premium Glider for one or two passengers accommodating up to 4 children swinging at once!
  • With all of this the Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse will be the focus of all your children’s outdoor adventures! Watch as your child’s imagination grows in a playful environment within the safety of their very own
  • Big Backyard Play Set. At Big Backyard we are dedicated to producing high quality, safe, and easy to assemble products for our customers.
  • Using 100% Premium Cedar Lumber, the skills and dedication of associates who produce these elite Play Sets are bolstered by a commitment to providing innovative designs and features.
  • This product is only for use in residential areas and is intended for up to 9 children ages 3 to 11 with a maximum weight of 110 lb. per child

Pros: The Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse is made from 100% Premium Cedar Lumber. It is pretty decent quality and is fairly sturdy. Children enjoy the slide, the swings and a big clubhouse. There is sufficient seating and a table included. A Detailed Instruction Manual is included and can be assembled in about 2 days. Kids will have a bang with this deluxe playset, with plenty of activity to get involved and then rest in the café with table and seating.

Cons: There are some errors in the instructions in a couple of steps. Particularly the monkey bars, they do not line up flush to inside rails when mounting so keep an eye out for that.

10, Cedar Summit Abbeydale Clubhouse Swing set

Features for the Kids:

  • This Cedar Summit Play Set will be the focus of all your children's outdoor adventures.
  • Sit back and watch them play and have fun in the safety of their own Cedar Summit Premium Play Set.
  • From the large upper deck with wooden roof, down the Twist N’ Ride slide to the swings, rockwall, or imagination station, this Cedar Summit Play Set is the perfect place for your children to stay active while expanding their imaginations.
  • The Layout Dimensions are 17.60 by 7.60 by 9.40 Feet and the age suitability is 3 to 10 years old
  • ASTM recommended Safety Zone is 28.4L x 26W ft.
  • The capacity is up to 10 children aged 3 to 10 with a maximum weight of 110 lbs. per child.
  • Assembly will require 2 adults and the assembly time can vary from 10 to 14 hours and there is a 5 year warranty

Pros:  It comes with 100% Cedar Lumber. The directions were very detailed, which made assembly easy. Although complex to assemble when finished it looks great and the kids certainly will love playing on it for hours. The colours and design of the unit is very pleasing and not only the kids but adults also like it too. Safety is taken care of and it meets and exceeds all safety requirements. It is a high quality product and will last many seasons of happy playing with kids of various age groups. Also the roof and the panels come preassembled so that’s a great help

Cons: The unit is large and complex and takes a long time to assemble. You need to make sure your garden can accommodate a swing set of this size. You will need someone to help you to get this assembled as doing it by yourself is very difficult

Your summary Comparison Table is outlined below:

Swing Set ModelSize DimensionsNumber of Swings/SlidesWarranty
Swing N Slide Orbiter Swing Set84'' x 113" x 96"3 swings with no slides5 years for Play Set kits and accessories,
Swing N Slide Equinox Swing Set96" x 113" x 84"3 swing seats5 years for Play Set kits and accessories,
Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Play Set20'11" L x 13'10" W x 10'3" H2 swings and 2 slides5 years for Play Set kits and accessories
Gorilla play Sets Home Backyard Playground Treasure Trove Swing Set19'W x 13'H x 27'6"D3 swings, tube slide, a wave slide, bridgeLimited 10-Year Warranty on Lumber, 1-Year on Accessories
Nantucket Swing Set by Gorilla Playsets10' 6'' H x 16' W x 13' D3 swings & 1 slideLimited 10-year warranty on lumber, 1-year on accessories
Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing Set22' 7" x 16' 8"x 12'2 belt swings, Rock Wall, Monkey Bars, 2 person glider1 year parts, 5 yr wood for rot/decay
Backyard Discovery Tucson Swing Set17' 7"x 7' 3"x 9' 5"2 belt swings & 1 slide1 year parts, 5 yr wood for rot/decay
Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set15' 6"x 12' 6"x 9' 11"2 belt swings, 1 swing trapeze bar & 1 slide1 year parts, 5 yr wood for rot/decay
Big Backyard F270855 Ridgeview Clubhouse Deluxe Play Set14'5" x 13'6" x 9'7"2 belt swings & 1 slide5-year limited wooden component warranty
Cedar Summit Play Set Wooden Abbeydale17.60 x 7.60 x 9.40 Ft3 swings, Twist slide5-year limited wooden component warranty

If you would rather check out the stock levels of alternative Wooden Swing sets, then click any of your preferred images provided below to compare further…

Finally, these wooden swing sets provide a wonderful option for the ever-cautious parents, to let the kids enjoy as much as they like while remaining within the safe proximity of the home. With summer approaching, it’s quite hard to hold back the ever-curious kids and keep them bound inside the house.

There were many others that came close to this top 10 but it’s impossible to include them all. If you feel strongly enough about a Wooden swing set that should be included in this list, please let me know by leaving a comment below naming the Swing set and the reasons why and I will certainly take it into consideration.

Please also share your experiences with the community with your own preferred Wooden Swing Sets by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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