Derby Playground to be Opened Again


It has come to our attention at the Swing Set Specialist that the Sinfin Moor Park Play area in Derby will most likely be opened shortly after it was badly vandalised by local thugs back in October.

These thugs who have no care in the world for children playgrounds deserve to be punished to the full length of the law and we really do hope that these people are found and punished accordingly.

The vandals targeted Sinfin Moor Park play area 2 times over a short period of 3 weeks and it had to be locked up to ensure that the area remained protected in particular the area around the Swings.

It was reported that the surface area below the Swings was severely damaged and for safety reasons, they needed to add padlocks to keep children away from the area. For some unknown reason, the area was attracting local vandals and the authorities have stated that they will replace the damaged surface with a sand filled grass surface instead.

Work should commence in the next few weeks and the swings will then be reopened and be back into operation to the delight of many local families.

We hope that the anti-social behaviour will finally come to an end in the Sinfin Moor Park Play area in Derby and if you see anything that is deemed unacceptable, please contact Derbyshire police on 101, or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Have you or your friends been affected by these Vandals? Then please share your thoughts or feelings about these events by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!

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