Forest Avenue Elementary School New Playground


The Swing Set Specialist would like to wish the very best of luck and congratulate all those involved with getting the new playground up and running at the Forest Avenue Elementary School.

As the old playground was quite outdated, the School Parent Teacher Group in Forest Avenue Elementary School will work on providing a top class and state-of-the-art playground that the school so badly needs.

A company called M.E. O’Brien & Sons, Inc. of Medway, Massachusetts will be taking responsibility for the project and they plan to work on swing sets, various slides, tunnels, decks and climbing frames to mention just a few.

All the money to fund this new playground will be raised through local fundraisers such as the Read-A-Thon and if you are living in the vicinity and wish to lend your support, then please get in touch directly with the School Parent Teacher Group or Principal Beth Hayes.

Once completed, this playground will provide a safe and fun space to play and exercise for over 300 students during school hours and we would also like to thank the Middletown School Committee and the school maintenance crews for all their preparation work so far.

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Do you live in the vicinity of Forest Avenue Elementary School? If so, let us know the feedback / progress on how the new playground is progressing by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!

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