Garden Swing Hammocks UK – includes an easy price comparison picture gallery

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This time the Swing Set Specialist is focusing on Garden Swing Hammocks in the UK and there are some really great prices outlined below along with some higher end premium priced Hammocks that you may be interested in also.

The Swing Set Specialist has no preference personally of one Garden Swing Hammock over the other so my focus will be to outline a great selection with various prices so that you can come to your own conclusion on which Hammock best suits your own individual needs.

Please be aware also that your price should you decide to buy anything is no way affected as prices are exactly as stated. Buying online has become more and more popular in recent years with the major benefits being saving time and avoiding the hassle of having to go from one venue to the next and of course price comparisons can be made more easily online.

This post will be presented as follows:

– Selection of Garden Swing Hammocks from the Garden Furniture Centre UK
– Selection of Garden Swings available online from Amazon UK (specifically designed price gallery)

Garden Furniture Centre UK

Hawaiian Hammock Set from the Garden Furniture centre UK:

Latest advertised price is £199.99. To check todays price – view here

Key features:Hawaiian Hammock Set 2 Garden Furniture centre
– Premium appearance
– Powder coated steel frame
– Durable and built for longevity
– Rust free
– Can be easily removed for hand-washing
– Oxford padding fabric
– Attached by a solid flexible steel clasp
– Fixer in the sling is reinforced
– Wire fixings on the corners
– Free delivery on orders over £50 (excludes certain postcodes)
– Size is 3.36m L by 1.3m W

To double check price again – view here.

See below a Sample Review:

Hawaiian Hammock Set review Garden Furniture centre review

Additional pictures are outlined below which also include a sample of some of their best sellers that you may not be aware of – click to view larger.

– To buy the Hawaiian Hammock Set from the Garden Furniture Centre UK – click here

Kingdom Hammock Fabric Sling Only  – from the Garden Furniture centre UK:

Latest advertised price is £99.00. To check todays price – view here

Key features:Kingdom Hammock Fabric Sling Only
– Frame not included, sling only
– Great style, appearance and comfort.
– Weighs 410g
– Sun quilted polyester
– Includes cushion headrest pillow
– Various colours available
– Options are blue / green / beach stripe / natural
– Seat area is 2.42m L
– Size is 3.9m L by 1.38m W


– To buy the Kingdom Hammock Fabric Sling from the Garden Furniture centre UK – click here

Amazon UK

Below is a specifically designed Amazon gallery which feature a large selection of Garden Swing Hammocks with various prices. Prices may change from time to time depending on individual sellers so to double check any of the prices, click on your selected image below. To view larger – hover over the images…


– To buy a Garden Swing Hammock from Amazon UK – click on your selected image above.

– Or to view the Amazon selection directly – view here.

Please note that if you need any tools in assembling your Hammock, feel free to browse the mini assembly store here which may be able to help you. Or if Garden Swing Seats and Chairs are your preference, please note that a large selection of options are available in the side menus as follows:

– Garden Swing Seats at the Garden Furniture centre – view here

– Garden Swing Seats from Amazon UK – view here

– Garden Swing Seats from One Garden UK – view here

Finally I would like to thank you for visiting and I would also like to wish you the very best with your selection. If you have any particular preference on any Garden Swing Hammock or Seat, you can let me know by leaving a comment below.

Kind Regards and best wishes.