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Costway was established in 2008 and they have grown from strength to strength ever since in becoming one of the top retailers in North America and more recently in Europe. They set up their office in California and built warehouses in Kansas and New Jersey. They have large purchasing bases set up in China so they also have great control over their supply chain. They also have warehouses set up in the UK, Germany and Russia and more recently in California.Costway location

Their stock control system is top class and they actually ship direct from their warehouses to you so this gives a lot more certainty when buying online. This also ensures that deliveries can be more accurate as their stock systems actually indicates what is actually in stock!

Orders are then loaded and despatched with a 24 hour period and they have a 30 day return policy. Once orders are placed, they email you with the carrier information and a tracking number and it can then be tracked on the carriers official website. Generally deliveries are 2 to 8 days depending on your location from their warehouses.

Below is a summary of the Garden Swings and Garden hammocks currently on sale at Costway.


Garden Swing Selection at Costway. Click image below to check today’s prices and availability

Costway Garden Swings 1

Costway Garden Swings 2

 Garden Hammock Selection at Costway. Click image below to check today’s prices and availability

Costway Garden Hammocks 1

2 thoughts on “Garden Swings from Costway

  1. Hi Ryan, I was searching porch swings online and I came across your site. I love patio porch swings and garden swings, What a great way to get out and sit on your deck or the garden and relax. For these products, can you let me know if these fade in the sun and what is the best way to maintain a swing? Or should you bring it indoors during the winter? Thanks.

    • Thanks for your question, most products will fade in the sun overtime in particular the fabrics so when they get really bad, you may need to replace them. For maintaining the structures, each model will vary but if you take a look at the menus in the top section for maintenance tips, then that will give you all the information you need and yes I would advise putting them in the garage during the Winter as that will extend it’s lifespan considerably.

      Thanks again for your question and also for visiting.

      Kind Regards


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