Harris County Playground Fire


Another sad day as the Swing Set Specialist has learned that the Swing sets and playground equipment were set on fire in a playground in Harris County.

This fire has been reported as been set alight intentionally by local hoodlums and vandals and investigations are currently under way to get to the bottom of it and bring those responsible to justice.

The costs incurred in the damages will be significant both from a financial point of view and also a local amenity point of view and will be an eyesore for many months to come.

Officials say that it happened in the northwest Harris County region and there were dangerous and loud explosion noises which affected many of the local neighbors in the vicinity. This intentional fire was reported at 5pm local time in Logan Briar and Fox Bluff drives.

We would like to thank the local fire response team, in particular the Harris County fire marshal who has dealt with this problem so far and will hopefully get some positive results from their investigations.

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Are you from Harris County or have your children been affected by this tragedy act of violence? If so, let us all know your thoughts and feelings about this intentional fire by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!


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