Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set – Take a look at the reviews before you buy!

Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set

Before you decide to buy the Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set, I strongly advise that you take a look at some of the things that have been mentioned about it so you can come to your own conclusion if this is the right Swing set for you and your family.

The Swing Set Specialist is taking an open and honest view on Swing Sets and the Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set will be featured here from 2 suppliers namely Amazon UK and Toys R Us UK and please note that there is no preference of one supplier over the other.

Before we take a look at the reviews, I will outline all the key features that you need to be aware of so that you can fully understand all there is to know what this product has to offer. Please also note that your price if you decide to buy, is no way affected by clicking from this website as all prices are exactly as advertised.

Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set latest price range £61.99 to £109.99

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Key Features:Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set

– Age suitability 3 to 10 years
– 2 blow moulded Swing seats
– 2 seat glider
– Can accommodate 4 children
– Steel frame is powder coated
– Ropes are height adjustable
– Ground pegs are included
– Allen key fittings
– Size is 1.8m H by 3.2m W by 1.56m D

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Overall Rating received is outlined below.

Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set rating

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So first let’s take a look at the Positive comments made – all 3 comments recommend it…

Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set

But also take a look at some of the Negative comments

Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set negative comments

Sturdiness, stability, concrete base and even a suggestion of going down the Wooden Swing Set route instead is mentioned.

To compact this, I suggest getting Swing Set Anchors and installing them in a concrete base:
– Metal Anchors from Amazon UK – latest price is £12 to £30 – double check current price here
– Cement mix in 6kg bags from Amazon UK – latest price is £6 to £7 – double check current price here.

The main selling point for the Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set really is the price – and if that motivates you then
– Click here to buy from Toys R Us UK, or
– Click here to buy from Amazon UK

I appreciate the fact that not all parents can afford the larger Wooden Swing Sets however as pointed out above in the review, they can last a lot longer and some have warranties on their wood of up to 10 years which can save you money in the long run.

If you are prepared to go the extra mile and stretch your budget, take a look at the vast selection of Wooden Swing Sets that are also available on the website in the main menus and there should be something that can work within your requirements:

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The assembly of the Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set appears to be quite easy so there should be no need to look at the Mini Assembly store below however if you need products to properly maintain your Swing Set in years to come and during the harsh Winter months, then take a look at the featured products in the Mini Maintenance store that can help extend its shelf-life for you.

Finally, I would like to wish you the very best in your selection and if you would like to leave a comment, please feel free to do so below.

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