Hedstrom Single Swing – where are the best prices to buy?

Hedstrom Single Swing

Today’s post from the Swing Set Specialist will also look at the Hedstrom Single Swing and I will show you where the best prices are available plus the key features that you need to be aware of.

Buying online has become more and more popular in recent years as it certainly can be a much easier way to compare and contrast different prices available to you on any given Swing Set from the comfort of your own home.

It can also save you money on fuel costs getting to your desired destination so that is an added bonus as well!

In addition, I will also outline some questions and reviews that you need to be aware of so you have all the information you need should you decide to buy this Swing Set.

Hedstrom Single Swing – latest price range is £35 to £45

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Key features:Hedstrom Single Swing

– Age suitability is 3 to 10 years.
– Maximum weight guideline is 45kg
– Includes strong rust prevention
– Frame is steel galvanised
– Powder coating is added also
– Includes Allen keys
– Rope and seat is height adjustable
– Ground pegs are included
– Allen key is included
– Very easy assembly process.
– Size is 1.7m H by 1.64m W by 1.22m D.

Overall customer Rating:

Hedstrom Single Swing Rating

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Question asked: See below a great question that was asked that you need to be aware about…

Hedstrom Single Swing question

Rather than the hassle of trying to source cement from a hardware store, look at what can be delivered to you from Amazon UK…

Everbuild JETX6 Jetcem Premix

Everbuild JETX6 Jetcem Premix:
– Sand and Cement premix
– Hardens and sets in a half hour
– Easy to work with
– 6Kg bags
– Latest price £6 to £7.
– To buy or check todays price  – view here


Everbuild Jetcem Water Proofing Cement:Everbuild Jetcem Water Proofing Cement
– Sets in half hour
– Cement mix only needs water added
– Single 3kg Pack
– Price range can vary a lot from £4.25 up as far as  £13.00
– To buy or check todays price – view here


Please note though that free deliveries are generally only available to UK mainland when orders placed are over £20 combined.

Review comments – Sample is provided below.

Some people have questioned if it can really withstand the weight of a 10 year old but overall it provides great value for the amount of money you are spending. To prevent any risk of the Swing tipping over, please always ensure that they are secured to the ground with a concrete mix as outlined above.

Hedstrom Single Swing review

If you are in a position to consider a Wood Single Swing Set as an alternative, then take  a look also at the Plum Wooden Single Set or Plum Bush Baby Swing Sets which I have seen available at prices between £85.00 and £129.99. They are more expensive that the Metal Swings but are a lot more stable and sturdier and they also have metal anchors included.

Plum Wooden Single Swing
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Plum Wooden Single Swing Summary:Plum Wooden Single Swing
– Suitable for children aged 3 to 10.
– Heavy duty blow moulded seat
– 12 month warranty on wood rot
– Annual maintenance needed.
– Weight user guide is 50kg maximum
– Soft ropes that are kind on children’s hands
– Metal anchors are included for a concrete base.
– Size is 1.48m L by 1.62m W by 2.03m H


Whatever you decide be it a Metal or Wooden Swing Set, the Swing Set specialist would like to wish you the very best in your search and selection. Please also be aware that your prices are no way affected by clicking from this website as all prices are exactly as advertised!

Take care and best regards