Hedstrom Toddler Swing Review – With 2 cheap ways to buy


Hi again from the Swing Set Specialist and here I am taking a close look at the Hedstrom Toddler Swing set and reviewing all that you need to know about it which will also include the advantages and disadvantages that you need to be aware of before you buy.

The Hedstrom Toddler Swing is quite a popular swing for Toddlers in the UK at present and I will outline 2 great ways to buy it also from suppliers who have it on sale at the lowest prices in the UK market at present…

Product Overview

ProductHedstrom Folding Toddler Swing
DeliveryEligible for next day delivery
Price levelAvailable for less than £40 at present
Cheap Place to buy (1)Amazon UK – View today’s price here
Cheap Place to buy (2)Argos UK – View today’s price here
Delivery costsTypically, there is a Free UK mainland delivery

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Main Features:

  • Age suitability is 6 months to 3 years (though some parents suggest 24 months is the limit)
  • Maximum weight capacity is 20kg
  • Great way to keep stored away
  • The back support on the chair helps the toddler feel secure
  • Product is resistant to UV
  • Steel frame is powder coated for protection
  • Weight of the swing is 7kg so can be moved around at ease.
  • Size of the Swing is 119cm H by 96cm W by 146cm D.
  • Size of the chair is 47cm H by 29cm W by 32cm D.
  • Instruction sheet and assembly tools such as the small spanner and Allan key are included.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Question 1: Does the area need to be level?
Answer: Yes, please ensure your area is flat and level

Question 2: Can it be used indoors?
Answer: Yes, it has rubber stoppers but again only gentle pushing and it is not secured to the ground or floor

Question 3: Is there extension poles available to make it higher?
Answer: No, they are not available under this model

Question 4: Are ground pegs included?
Answer: Ground pegs are not included so gentle swinging is required with adult supervision

Question 5: Is there a safety harness strap?
Answer: Yes, there is a simple strap included to go around the waist

Question 6: Should you store indoors over the Winter?
Answer, Yes, as it will fade over the Winter with poor weather conditions. Keep it in the shed or in the house if possible.

Question 7: How do you fold it?
Answer: Simply unscrew one bolt on the sidebars and fold

Pros for the Hedstrom Folding Toddler Swing

  1. Good value for the amount of money you spend
  2. Sturdy and has good stability as long as the swinging is controlled
  3. Can be moved indoors or into a shed
  4. Easy to fold away and put away neatly
  5. Perfect for smaller spaces / smaller gardens
  6. Assembly time is only 30 minutes

Cons for the Hedstrom Folding Toddler Swing

  1. Some parents say that it is smaller than expected (could be slightly bigger)
  2. Question mark over being suitable up to 36 months – a lot of cases parents say 24 months is the maximum and in some cases parents say that 18 months is the maximum.
  3. More parents have indicated that it is really only suitable for children up to 18 months of age, after that their feet start touching the ground
  4. The age suitability of 3 years in the description therefore is seriously questionable, more like 18 months

Overall Rating = 4 Stars out of 5

To check Stock levels at Amazon UK – View here

To check stock levels at Argos UK – View here

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Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website and feel free to let me know your own experiences with Metal Swing sets by leaving a comment below.




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