HLC Blue Folding Toddler Swing Review – Questions, Pros, Cons and a cheap way to buy


Hi again to all the parents in the UK from the swing Set Specialist (aka Ryan) and today I have reviewed and taken a close look at the HLC Blue Folding Toddler Swing that is popular among many families throughout the UK at present.

In addition, I will outline many of the frequently asked questions, some advantages and disadvantages and also a really cheap place where is can be bought at present.

Product Overview:

ProductHLC Blue Folding Toddler Swing
DeliveryEligible for next day delivery (location dependant)
Cheap Place to Buy:Amazon UK – View today’s low price here
Delivery costsFree UK mainland delivery

Key Features:

  • Age suitability is 9 months to 36 months
  • Maximum weight of the child should be 25kg
  • Eye catching blue bright colour
  • Can be used both indoors and Outdoors
  • Safe baby seat included for security while swinging
  • Ropes are height adjustable / Simple assembly process
  • Solid back support on the swing seat
  • Steel Frame is powder coated for protection
  • Size of the box is 81.4 by 48 by 11 cm
  • Size of the swing is 148 by 148 by 120 cm
  • Weight of the swing is 7.5kg / Adult supervision is required
  • Folds away easily and can be stored indoors or in a shed.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Question 1: Can you raise the Swing seat higher?
Answer: Yes, you can adjust the ropes as required but make sure it is tightly fastened

Question 2: Is it extendable into a 2 in 1 Swing?
Answer: No, this swing model is not extendable into a 2 in 1 swing

Question 3: Can you anchor it to the ground?
Answer: No as it is intended for folding and the ability to store away

Question 4: What is the minimum age?
Answer: The recommended age is 9 months and adult supervision is required at all times

Pros for the HLC Blue Folding Toddler Swing:

  • Low price and is good value for what you get
  • Easy to fold away and store in a shed / indoors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cheap alternative to some of the higher priced swings in the market

Cons for the HLC Blue Folding Toddler Swing:

  • Gentle swinging only as it will wobble quite a bit
  • Parts have been missing with some buyers so it needs to be double checked on arrival
  • Some parents complained about the screws not fitting correctly and that it was a little flimsy and cheap looking
  • Need to be careful using indoors as you cannot anchor it to the ground in your house – again gentle supervised swinging.

Overall rating: 4 stars out of 5

To view stock levels at Amazon – Click here

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Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website and feel free to let me know your own experiences with Metal Swing sets by leaving a comment below.



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