How to Anchor a Swing Set on Artificial Grass 2023


If you need some tips or help on how to anchor your Swing set on artificial grass, then follow the 10 steps outlined below which will help you get the job done correctly. As children get older, the swinging gets higher and if the legs are not anchored properly to the ground, then the legs will start to lift and that is something you do not want.

For peace and mind and for the safety of your children, make sure you plan the job out correctly and don’t take any shortcuts. In addition, some of the tools and materials you may need to source are also outlined at the end of this page to get the job done…

How to Anchor a Swing Set on Artificial Grass

Step 1: Assemble the Swing set following all the manual instructions and then attach the anchors to the designated points on each of the legs / anchor points. Don’t fully tighten the anchors to the legs just yet, leave them 70-80% tightened so that you can still move them up and down

Step 2: Place the Assembled Swing set on the Artificial grass preferred location making sure that the chosen location is level and that it has a 2m safety perimeter on all sides

Step 3: Take note of where the anchors would normally go down under the surface and mark each point with a marker

Step 4: Using a heavy-duty Stanley knife, cut a horizontal and a vertical line from the marker point with a diameter of approx. 8-10 inches – now you have a guide for the circumference for the hole digging

Step 5: With the help of a friend, move the Swing set into reverse 3 feet to allow an area for working and digging the 4 holes

Step 6: Use a hole manual auger digger drill bit to penetrate the surface and remove the soil 12 inches deep and 9-10 inches wide or you can buy/rent an Electric Augur Hole digger to get the job done easier. If you have just soil underneath, then a small spade should do the job for you.

Step 7: Remove difficult stones use an Angle grinder with a disc blade or a small Circular saw with a diamond blade which is a good option for tricky stones that are difficult to remove if applicable

Step 8: Place the Swing set back into it original position and fold the Anchors down into the holes. At this point you should fully tighten the anchors to the legs with the bolts and screws provided

Step 9: Next make a Concrete mix using some small stone aggregate, water, sand and cement and pour into the dugout holes making sure not to overfill and keep level with the ground surface. The anchors should be in the middle of the concrete mix and submerged at an angle

Step 10: Allow to set for a minimum of 24 hours, fold over the flaps that you cut at the start of the process and trim in a fashion using a Stanley knife, so it fits neatly and tightly around the frame Swing set legs. If needed, use a heavy-duty stapler to leave a clean cut and tidy finish

Materials & Tools Recommendations

Stanley Knife

Auger Hole Digger

Stone Cutter with Diamond Blade

Concrete Mix

Conclusion / Feedback

Have you ever anchored a Swing set on Artificial grass yourself in the recent past? What obstacles did you come across and how did you overcome them?

If possible, please feel free to educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback and thoughts in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the community can learn also – many thanks and best of luck

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