Kingsport Castle Playset to be Changed


Have you any childhood memories from the Castle Playset based in Kingsport? Then make sure to get down quickly to take some final pictures before it gets removed.

It is now a 29 year old playset and it has served the community extremely well but local residents and the community have indicated that the time has come for an upgrade

It was built in the Andrew Johnson Elementary School back in the year of 1990 and was built by volunteers throughout the community. Unfortunately, the time has come to have it replaced and it is due to start in the coming days.

The school members are asking for people in the locality who have fond memories of it to pop down and take some final pictures before removal is completed. When the new playset begins, it will include new features such as a climbing wall and a pirate ship

We would like to wish everyone in this community the very best of luck and if possible, please pop down to help out where you can as they are still looking for any available donations and volunteer work. Further information can be seen at:




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