Outdoor Swing Set Accessories UK – Selection of over 25 available online from 4 Trusted Suppliers

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Hello to everyone again in the UK from the Swing Set Specialist – in this post, over 25 Outdoor Swing Set accessories will be displayed that are all available to buy online from four trusted partners.

Some of the trusted brands featured here will include Gorilla, Soulet, TP Toys, Plum and Little Tikes and will cover almost everything you would need and can be purchased from the comfort of your own home and delivered direct to you for your convenience. Ordering online has become more and more popular in recent years as it can save you so much time and it can also avoid potential traffic congestion and also save you money in relation to fuel costs in getting to your desired destination.

Please note that to qualify for some free deliveries, the value of the order must be over a certain threshold so please bear this in mind when looking at prices and placing orders.

So the range of Outdoor Swing Set accessories for parents in the UK will be displayed as follows in 4 separate galleries:

Gallery 1 – Amazon UK – specifically designed Amazon gallery with various different options.
Gallery 2 – Smyths Toys UK – their accessories are related specifically to different types of Swing Seats.
Gallery 3 – TP Toys UK – a range of accessories available directly from their online store.
Gallery 4 – Toys R Us UK – a limited number are available to order online as most are available at store level.

Please also note that some of the same products are featured in more than 1 gallery. For example, a selection of the Outdoor Swing Set accessories from TP Toys online direct are also available to buy through Amazon UK online so don’t be alarmed when you see this.


Gallery 1 – Amazon UK

Amazon UK are working with a number of various suppliers so products can be delivered directly from Amazon themselves or direct to you from their nominated suppliers. In some cases, they may have 2 or more suppliers for certain individual products so if it is out of stock with one of their suppliers, then their remaining suppliers will most likely have the stock available which minimises out of stock situations. So when you click on the images to buy online below, you may even see up to 4 different suppliers for individual products which are generally priced at the same level but in some cases can vary.

To buy from Amazon, click on the images below.


To view a selection of Wooden Swing Sets from Amazon – click here or Metal Swing Sets –  click here

Smyths Toys HQ

Gallery 2 – Smyths Toys UK 

As mentioned above the Outdoor Swing set accessories from Smyths Toys are limited to Swing seats and if your preference is to buy online from Smyths Toys, you can click on these images below. The prices below are the latest prices advertised.

Swing Sets from Smyths Toys can also be viewed here.

Gallery 3 – TP Toys UK

TP Toys also have a great selection of Outdoor Swing Set accessories which are displayed below. Please note also that a limited number of these products are also available to buy online through Amazon but can be bought direct here also. To buy from TP Toys direct online, click on your chosen images below.

Special mention goes to the TP Quadpod…TP Quadpod

Key Features:

– 1 swing seat with 4 different modes
– Extensions are adjustable
– Front T Bar can tilt forward so that it easy to get the baby in and out of the seat.
– Moulded headrest is comfortable for baby’s head
– 3 point harness to ensure baby is safe and secure
– Mode 1 = Fully supportive for 6 month old babies
– Mode 2 = Moulded head rest can be removed to create a bucket seat suitable from 12 months
– Mode 3 = T Bar is removed to create an open seat suitable at around 2 years.
– Mode 4 = Bucket seat can be removed to leave the Swing on in place

Overall this is an ideal Swing Set seat accessory which can be used at different stages of a child’s development and can save you the hassle and money of getting new Swing seats as your child grows. To buy the TP Quadpod, you  can click on the image above.

A range of Swing Sets available from TP Toys UK can be viewed here

Toys r Us logo

Gallery 4 – Toys R Us

As most of the products are sold in store, the products that are available online are somewhat limited. One of the reasons also is that they do not qualify for free delivery as the price point does not meet their minimum price threshold. At the time of completing the review, the products below are available to buy online but please note that that this does not reflect their full product offer as the majority are available at store level. To buy online from Toys R Us, click the image below.

Outdoor Swing Set Accessories, Toys R Us UK

Swing Sets from Toys R Us can also be viewed here in the side menu.

So that more of less covers it for today. I hope you found this post useful in displaying a wide range of Outdoor Swing Set accessories for you and if you have any queries in relation to any of these products, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Finally please note that your price is no way affected from clicking through this website.

Take care and best of luck to you.