Plum Meerkat Swing Set Assembly Instructions 2023


If you need help with the assembly of the Plum Meerkat Swing Set, then check out these Plum Meerkat Swing Set assembly instructions which are laid out clearly in 32 different steps. Instead of skipping ahead, please make sure to start at the beginning of the list and follow each of the numbers step by step. Once you open up all the boxes and packages, lay out all the components on a flat floor so you can easily identify each of the wood and hardware parts prior to the assembly work.

Instead of 2 swings, you get 1 swing and a 2 seater glider plus a small play deck and a 6 foot green slide so there is plenty to entertain and occupy your children for many years to come. The assembled dimensions for this swing set are L335cm by W329cm by H220cm and it will take 2 adults 3 to 4 hours work to fully assemble it and then a further 1 to 2 hours installing the anchors into the concrete bases. Remember to allow a 2m safety perimeter either side for their protection and safety.

The wood used here is premium FSC certified timber which is pressure treated to protect it against the weather elements and wood rot and you can add a wood stain preservative after the first or second season to brighten up its appearance and give it further protection for the following winters – this will only take you 20 to 30 minutes. The recommended age for this swing set is 3 to 12 years old and the maximum user weight guide is 50kg.

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Plum Meerkat Swing Set Wood Parts

Plum Meerkat Swing Set Hardware List

Plum Meerkat Swing Set Fastener List

Plum Meerkat Swing Set Assembly Tools

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Plum Meerkat Swing Set Assembly Steps

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