Plum Orang Utan Swing Set – How good is it?

Plum Orangutan Swing Set

Greetings again to parents in the UK from the Swing Set Specialist! Today’s post will feature the Plum Orang Utan Swing Set.

Before you buy this product, you should take 5 minutes of your time to review the information below which will outline key features, dimensions, weight restrictions and so that you can actually see for yourself if this product is the one for you and your children or not…


Plum Orangutan Swing Set

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Key features:Plum Orangutan Swing Set

– Age requirements is 3 to 12 years
– 2 Swings and a 2 seat glider
– Specially manufactured rope that are kind on hands.
– Rope Ladder and a Cargo rope climber which are a great way to build upper body strength from an early age.
– Solid Wooden frame with blow moulded heavy duty swing seats.
– Timber is pressure treated and originates form FSC certified forests.
– Cross braces add additional security and safety features for your children.
– Ground Anchors are included which will need concrete bases
– Metal straps wrap around the frame so no drilling is required.
– Overall a great Swing Set with safety features at the centre of its design.
– Anchors are included which will need concrete bases.
– Size is approximately 4m L by 2.2m W by 2.3m H

Although quite easy to assemble, If you need some additional tools to help you with the assembly process, a selection of assembly products can be viewed in a Mini Assembly store at the base of this page.

To view a close up of the selected images below, simply click on these images which give you a larger view of the cross brace, glider, ropes, glider bracket and the metal circular straps.  These images are all key features of this Plum Orang Utan Wooden Swing Set and it will also give you more reassurance of the safety parameters that have been put in place for children.





Cheapest Place to Buy: To double check the price or buy from Amazon UK – view here


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So that more or less wraps up the Plum Orang Utan Wooden swing Set which is available online – Don’t forget to keep it maintained! – a useful selection of easy to use products can be seen in the Mini Maintenance store  set up on this website

Finally, I hope you found all this information useful and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below

Kind regards and best of luck to you.