Plum Orang-Utan Swing Set Review 2023


How good is the wooden Plum Orang-Utan Swing Set? To find out more, then check out our brief Plum OrangUtan Swing Set Review which will give you as much detail we possibly can without wasting too much of your valuable time. We have covered this review off in 4 sections and we also have a summary video outlined at the end of this page that covers off most of the points if you have limited time in your schedule today.

Our review for the Plum OrangUtan Swing Set will outline all the key features that it offers the average family in the UK and we will point out the main pros and cons that we came across which you can also check out further below. If there are certain things you are unsure about, we have also included a short FAQ session which should take care of most of the queries that you may possibly have.

Plum Orangutan Swing Set Review Content:

  • Part 1 – Swing Set Overview plus FAQ’s
  • Part 2 - Plum Orangutan Swing Set Review - Main Features
  • Part 3 - Plum Orangutan Swing Set Review – Pros plus Cons
  • Part 4 – Conclusion and Video Summary

Please note that guide prices can only be presented at the time of this Plum Orang-Utan Swing set review so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Part 1 – Swing Set Overview plus FAQ’s

Swing Set:Plum Orang-Utan Wooden Swing Set
Dimensions:Height 2.2m x Width 2.2m x Length 4m
Timber:Treated FSC sourced timber
Swing Seats:2 blow moulded swing seats & glider
Cheapest Place to Buy:Amazon UK – View Today’s Low Price Here
Warranty:1 to 2 years on the wood against rot or decay (seller dependant)

FAQ’s for the Plum Orang-Utan Swing Set:

- Q. What timber is used for this swing set?
- A. The timber used is environmentally sourced which is FSC certified timber
- Q. How long does it take to assemble it?
- A. On average, it will take 2 adults 3 hours work to have it fully assembled
- Q. Do you need to set the anchors in concrete bases?
- A. Yes, this will ensure that the legs don’t shake or lift when older kids do high swinging.
- Q. What dimensions are needed for this swing set?
- A. The dimensions here are 4m long by 2.2m wide by 2.2m high and you should plan to leave approx. 2m around this for the safety zone perimeter.
- Q. What are the age suitability for this swing set?
- A. This swing set is suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years in our opinion (some state 3 to 12 years also)
- Q. What weight can it support?
- A. The recommended weight for each swing seat is maximum 50kg
- Q. Where is the cheapest place to buy it?
- A. At the time of this review, the cheapest place we saw it on sale was with Amazon UK.
- Q. Should the swing seats and accessories be stored indoors over the Winter?
- A. Yes, you can remove the swings and store them in a dry place over the Winter months which will help to make them last a good deal longer
- Q. What are the thickness of the frame beams?
- A. The top beam is 100mm wide and the leg beams are 80mm wide

Part 2 - Plum Orang-Utan Swing Set Review - Main Features

Plum Orang-Utan Wooden Swing Set

Main Features in Summary:

Multiple activities available
2 swing seats & Glider
Rope Climber & ladder
FSC approved timber
Cross braces for stability
Circular hangers top beam
Natural round pole wood
For children 3-10 years
12 month warranty
Weight is 85kg approx.
Max 50kg per swing seat



Main Features in Detail:

  • This Plum Orang-Utan Wooden Swing Set which is available in the UK at present offers good value for the quality you are getting and comes with multiple play activities so that up to 6 people can play at the same time which is ideal for larger families, play dates and birthday parties.
  • There are 2 blow moulded swing seats which are of high quality and last longer than your typical cheap plastic swing seats and there is a 2 person glider from the centre beam which are adequately spaced apart to ensure there is no bumping into each other while swinging.
  • It also has 2 rope climbing activities either side where you have the rope climber on one side and a rope ladder on the other side which are great ways to help build upper strength and improve their overall balance. The swings are hung via circular hanger attachments that surround the beam rather than drilling through it which helps to maintain the core strength of the treated timber.
  • To ensure the beam are attached securely, there are 2 cross braces either side which work great to ensure stability and an anchor set in included in the pack which should be cemented into the ground (see additional help if needed for this part)
  • This swing set is suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years old (some places state 3 to 12 years) but it is more like 3 to 10 years in our opinion. The timber used is natural round FSC certified pole timber which are environmentally friendly and there is a 1 year warranty provided including all accessory parts.
  • The dimensions for this swing set is 4m long by 2.2m wide by 2.2m high and you should leave a 2m perimeter around this to ensure there are no obstructions especially when it comes to high swinging and overall safe play. In addition, the ropes have a nice soft feel which are kind to children’s hands especially when it comes to climbing and also adjusting the swing heights to suit the age / height level of your own children.
  • Deliveries are generally 3 to 5 working days in average depending on stock availability and it generally take 2 adults 3 hours work to have it fully completed and assembled. When setting the anchors in concrete, make sure to let is sit undisturbed overnight so that it will be 100% solid for the next day.

Price Guide: £280 to £330 @ Amazon UK

If interested, feel free to check out more images of the Plum Orang-Utan Swing set outlined below (scroll side to side)

  • Plum OrangUtan Wooden Swing Set

Part 3 - Plum Orangutan Swing Set Review – Pros plus Cons

Pros for the Plum Orangutan Swing Set:

  • Unlike the Marmoset, this swing set can entertain a lot more children at the same time, so it is more ideal for larger families.
  • Up to 6 children can play at the same time unlike the Marmoset which really can only accommodate 2 children at the same time
  • The circular swing attachments on the top beam surround the pole rather than drilling into it which protects the integrity and core strength of the timber
  • The cross braces either side give great stability and don’t rust so you have peace of mind for your children’s safety
  • The ropes have a soft feel which are kinder to children’s hands and the swing heights can be raised or lowered depending on the size of your children.
  • One of the swings can be changed to a trapeze bar if you wish so there is flexibility with what you can do to freshen things up a bit after a year or so.
  • The swing heights are easily adjusted with the ropes using the swing adjustors in place on the ropes
  • All the parts for assembly are included such as the anchor bolts, fixing bolts, brackets, washers and hangers are included plus an easy to follow instructional manual

Cons for the Plum Orangutan Swing Set:

  • Many parents don’t like the hassle of setting the anchors in concrete, but this extra work is critical to ensure the legs of the swing are attached firmly to the ground – the last thing you want is the swing tipping over so for the sake of a few hours work, it is worth it in the end.
  • Many children will find the rope climber to difficult to use so it will remain unused for the majority of the time – a second rope ladder would have been a better option instead (or buy one separately)
  • Cracks may appear in the timber which can alarm some people – but there is no need to worry as these prove that the timber has been actually pressure treated.
  • Additional tools such as cordless drill and a socket wrench are needed for assembly which won’t be available in everyone’s homes
  • Limited accessories are available throughout which are available on other swing sets such as the slide on the Meerkat

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Tools Needed and Dimensions


Length 4m long
Width is 2.2m
Height is also 2.2m
Safety perimeter is 2m
Top beam 10m thick
Leg beams 8cm thick

Tools for Assembly:

Spade and concrete mix for anchors
Mallet & stepladder
Ratchet Socket Wrench
13mm Socket & 17mm Socket
Cordless Power Drill
5mm Drill Bit

Part 4 – Conclusion and Video Summary


While this swing set doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that may other swing sets offer, it still is a great option for what you get, the amount of money you have to spend and we are confident in recommending it highly across the UK at present. The structure, frame, timber quality and cross braces provide a solid footing, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your children’s safety. Some swing sets can take days to assemble but this can be done in 2 to 4 hours which is a major plus if time is always against you – one thing though and that is to make sure you have the necessary tools before you start and plan where you intend to place the legs and dig the holes for the anchors in advance of starting the assembly process.

Overall, we found this to be a great quality swing set and it is a lot stronger and solid that it looks. You also have the option on interchanging the swings with other accessories such as a trapeze bar when needed in time to brighten things up a bit and change things around if your children need a new challenge.

Was this review helpful in any way? Do you have personal previous experiences with this Plum Orang-Utan Swing Set in the past?

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