Plum Swing Sets – Lowest Prices seen in the UK


Hi again to parents in the UK from the Swing Set Specialist. This post will focus on the Plum Swing Sets range that is currently available to parents in the UK

The Swing Set Specialist has partnered up with a number of trusted suppliers in the UK who can offer the best quality products at the most competitive prices. There is no preference of one over the other and my objective in this post will be to show the parents in the UK what prices are currently available to you from this Plum Swing Set range.

After checking the products below and their prices – the final decision can be made by you on which Swing Set tick’s your own personal boxes and also where your preference is to source your own children’s Plum Swing Set.

Please also note that your price is no way affected by clicking through from this website should you choose to buy as the individual trusted partners are all treated equally.

If you are looking for further information on a selection of the Plum Swing set range – please be aware that a number of previous posts have also been completed – below are some examples.

– Further information on the Plum Orang Utan Swing Set  – read here
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You should also be aware that a large selection of the products will be featured in both galleries, for example the Plum Meerkat Swing Set – so don’t be alarmed when you see this and this will prove to be a great mechanism for making price comparisons.

To buy or check stock availability from Amazon UK – click on your choice of Plum Swing Set below

Gallery 1  – Product display chart.


Gallery 2Product Slideshow with larger images  – simply hover from side to side to view various options and prices


Finally if you are having any difficulty with the following, select the links below to view more

– To find out how to make concrete for your Swing Set – view here
– To find Maintenance products in the Mini Maintenance store – view here
– To find assembly products in the Mini Assembly store – view here.
– To source a cement mix to make concrete for you anchors – view here.


So that more or less wraps up this post for the Plum Swing sets. I hope you found the galleries with the prices useful and if you have any queries in relation to them , please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Best of luck to you and your family