Plum Uakari Swing Set Review 2023


If you are interested in buying the Plum Uakari Swing Set in the coming days, then make sure to first check out this review to see if indeed this is the swing set for you and your family or not. We will cover the main features it has to offer, comparisons on the best value places to buy and we will outline the main pros and cons that we came across that you can check out further down on this page.

The initial appearance of this swing set is quite good with the frame, cross braces and the soft feel ropes and you get the heavier duty tougher plastic moulded seats which are superior to many of the lower priced plastic swing seats you see on sale elsewhere across the market.

Swing Set Overview

Swing Set:Plum Uakari Swing Set
Minimum age:3 years old
Maximum user weight:50kg per child
Assembly time:2 adults 3-4 hours
Best place to buy:Amazon UK – View Stock status here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, What are the overall assembled dimensions?

A, The dimensions once assembled are L3m x W2.2m x H2.2m

Q2, What type of timber is used?

A, The timber used for this swing set is FSC certified pressure treated Scots Pine timber

Q3, Are ground anchors included in the package?

A, Yes, you get 4 anchor stakes that should be attached and allowed to set in concrete

Q4, How many steps is there is the assembly process?

A, There are 26 individual steps to follow when assembling this swing set – check them out here

Q5, What tools are required for the assembly?

A, You will need a power drill with drill bits, mallet, step ladder and a ratchet socket with 13mm & 17mm sockets

Q6, How much space should you allow for either side for safe play?

A, You should plan for an area of approx. 2m on each side as part of the safety perimeter

Q7, Are the swing seats changeable?

A, Yes, you can buy different seats or toddler seats separately and attach them yourself

Q8, What is the diameter of the beams?

A, The diameter of the top beam is 10cm and the diameter of the leg beams are 8cm each

Plum Uakari Climbing Frame Swing Set

Key Features:

  • You get 2 swing seats with a rock climbing wall and climbing cargo net and it is made using Scots Pine FSC certified pressure treated timber
  • It comes with wrap around collars for less drilling on the frame which protects the integrity of the beam and it includes cross braces as well as ground stakes for stability
  • For extra stability, the stakes need to be set in concrete bases to prevent lifting with heavier swinging and the dimensions are 3m long by 2.2m high by 2.2m wide
  • You get soft feel ropes which are kind to children’s hands and the guide for maximum user weights is 50kg per child

Price Guide: Less than £300 @ Amazon UK

Plum Uakari Swing Set Pros:

  • Good value as you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £300 when seen at the time of this review
  • Super for developing balance and building stronger arms and upper body strength
  • The quality of the timber and seats are top of the range – no complaints here
  • The size is nice and compact which can fit in most garden types but make sure to allow for a 2m perimeter either side also
  • You don’t need to add any wood stains as it already has a natural look. You can add a wood stain after 2 seasons to brighten it up and give further protection against the weather elements
  • Despite the long assembly process, the assembly instructions are well laid out and easy to follow
  • The swing seats are height adjustable so they can be raised as your children grow older
  • The metal components are high quality in particular the cross beams

Plum Uakari Swing Set Cons:

  • Limited activities are provided as there is no 2-seat glider or no wavy slide provided offered by other swing sets
  • Be prepared to work hard on the assembly as it takes time and patience – average 3-4 hours work
  • You need to have additional tools in your shed for the assembly- check these are available first
  • I would be concerned about wear and tear on the ropes over the winters, it would be better to remove them and keep indoors during the cold and wet winters so that they will last longer
  • I suspect the wraparound collars would be susceptible to rust as time goes by so it would be best to have an anti-rust stain protector before winters set in – this is only a 5-minute job
  • Concrete bases are needed for the legs so be prepared with a shovel and a concrete mix
  • Stock availability can be unreliable from time to time depending on where you look

Price Guides

There appears to be quite a big difference on the prices charged by different outlets to please make sure to compare the 3 prices outlined below from Amazon, Argos and B&Q to help ensure you get the best possible price before you commit to a purchase


Would we recommend the Plum Uakari Climbing Frame Swing Set? While it is not our favourite Swing set model from the Plum range, we would still give it a big thumbs up. The quality of the materials is excellent, you have the stakes for added security and you give your children an opportunity to build their arm and upper body strength with the climbing rock wall and cargo net while having fun at the same time. That being said, I don’t like the idea of needing to have a wrench ratchet socket set in your garage for the assembly as this will be an added expense to you if you don’t currently own one (perhaps you can borrow one from a friend!)

Optional Feedback

Have you any experience of using or assembling the Plum Uakari Swing Set yourself in the recent past? Anything good or bad to report? If possible, please educate others in the wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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