Rebo Wooden Swing Set Review 2023 – FAQ’s


If you are considering buying a Rebo Wooden Set, then make sure to check out this Rebo Swing Set brief review which will outline all the main features, pros and cons before you decide to buy. There are 11 different Rebo Wooden Swing sets to choose from under this brand and images and comparisons will be included also along with some frequently asked questions that will be of interest to you.

Price guides can only be outlined at the time of this review as prices can change from week to week so please make sure you view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Rebo Swing Set Review Overview:

Models:11 Models Available to Choose From
Orders online:Yes, orders accepted online with home delivery
Warranty:12-month duration
Price Range:£140 up to £240 (at the time of this review)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the maximum weight capacity for the swing seats?FAO
A. The maximum weight capacity for the swing seats is 60kg
Q. What is the maximum weight capacity for the toddler swing seats?
A. The maximum weight capacity for the toddler swing seats is 40kg
Q. What is the maximum weight capacity for the glider on the Neptune and Saturn models?
A. The maximum weight capacity for the glider is 80kg (40kg per user)
Q. What age group are the suitable for?
A. They are recommended for kids aged between 3 and 10 years old
Q. How many people are required for assembly?
A. A minimum of 2 people will be required for assembly
Q. How many swing set types are available to choose from?
A. There are 11 different models to choose from under this brand of Rebo
Q. Which are the cheapest models?
A. The cheapest models tend to be the Jupiter model and the Pluto Baby model
Q. Which model offers the most varied features to play with?
A. The Saturn model offers the most amount in terms of play features
Q. What wood is used for these swing sets?
A. FSC Pressure Treated Timber is used for these swing sets
Q. How thick are the beam and the legs?
A. The top bean is 90mm and the legs are 70mm
Q. How long does it take to assemble the swing sets?
A. It varies depending on the model – for the more simpler models such as the Asteroid or Comet it should only take 2 to 3 hours work while the Neptune and the Saturn models can take 5 to 6 hours to complete.

Rebo Wooden Swing Set Selection is outlined below:

  • Rebo Wooden Swing Set Asteroid

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Main Pros Outlined:

  • Great selection to choose from as there is 11 different models in the range which can accommodate toddler swing seats also.
  • A glider and climbing ropes are included in the Saturn model.
  • Great instruction manual and easy to follow the instructions step by step
  • Excellent with having all the necessary parts included especially all the smaller parts such as the nuts and bolts.
  • Ropes are kind to hands as they have a soft feel plus you don’t need to worry about metal chains and possible finger pinching
  • Includes a 12 month warranty which gives good security and peace of mind before you buy.
  • Overall good choice of Wooden swing sets which are solid and sturdy once anchored down and you have flexibility with the budget as the prices tend to range from a low of £140 up as far as £240 when last seen on sale.

Main Cons Outlined:

  • No play kids slides are included in any of the models in this range
  • No upper decks to climb up to or no sandbox or picnic bench either with any of the models
  • Ongoing maintenance work will be needed such as sealants and wood preservatives which is an added expense.
  • No anchors are included so these need to be bought separately which is also another added expense.
  • For high swinging and heavier children, you will need to cement in the bases into the ground to avoid rocking. This means extra work of digging small holes minimum 12 inches deep for each leg
  • Many of the cheaper models are quite basic and lack many play features, you need to dig deeper into your pockets for the models that offer more play time and more play features such as the Saturn or the Neptune models
  • Stock availability tends to be unreliable


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Dimensions to take note of for your yard:

JupiterSingle Swing Set FrameH 200cm, L 120cm, W 230cm
PlutoBaby Swing Set FrameH 200cm, L 120cm, W 230cm
Luna, VenusDouble Swing Set FrameH 200cm, L 240cm, W 230cm
Asteroid, Comet, Galaxy, MoonTriple Swing Set FrameH 200cm, L 300cm, W 230cm
Neptune3 in 1 Swing Set Frame - Double Swing & GliderH 200cm, L 300cm, W 230cm
Saturn4 in 1 Swing Set Frame - Double Swing, Glider & LadderH 200cm, L 400cm, W 230cm
MercuryNest Swing SetH 200cm, L 240cm, W 220cm

Have you or your kids any personal experience with Rebo Wooden Swing Sets in the past? If so, then please share your thoughts and feedback with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section below – So that they can learn also!!!


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