Soulet Fargo Swing Set Review 2023


Are you searching for the Soulet Fargo Swing Set like us? It used to be on sale with Smyths some time ago however it looks like this particular swing set model has been discontinued or changed in some way but fear not as we have a perfect alternative solution for you to consider in place of the Soulet Fargo Swing Set

Soulet Fargo Swing Set overview

One of the main attractions for this Swing Set was the great value for money and the low price point if offered. The dimensions were approximately 2.5m high, 3.8m wide and 3m deep so it could fit in many types of gardens be it small, medium or large. The seats were hard wearing, it included a wavy slide attached to the deck and it also included the 2 people See saw Swing glider which was ideal for the smaller toddlers. A short video overview for the Soulet Fargo Swing set is outlined below so make sure to check it out

Soulet Fargo Swing Set Video Demo

Alternative Swing Set

From what we have seen, the best alternative in the absence of the Soulet Fargo Swing Set is the TP Roundwood Multi-play Swing Centre and it is available directly from TP Toys – check it out here – and they offer free deliveries for items over £50 and they also offer a minimum 1-year warranty guarantee which is always good to know in the background.

Alternative:TP Roundwood Multiplay Centre
Minimum age:3 years
Wood:FSC certified wood
Warranty:1 year
Supply:TP Toys Direct – View Stocks here

TP Roundwood Multi-play Centre Overview

Included in the package for the TP Roundwood Multi-play Centre are 2 swing seats, a galvanised 2-seater swing glider with the footrests and the sturdy 2.2m wavy green slide which matches the Soulet Fargo Swing set in many ways. The timber used here is FSC certified which is good to know plus it is pressure treated to protect against potential wood rot in the coming years. From our own experience, you can add a simple wood stain after a year or 2 to give it further protection and also improve its appearance after the cold and rainy winter months.

TP Roundwood Multi-play Swing & Slide Centre

Height 2.43m

Depth 3.88m

Length 3.68m

Key Features to Note:

  • Minimum age for usage is 3 years and all young children should be supervised at all times
  • Protected against wood rot with pressure treatments
  • Wood comes from FSC certified sources
  • Includes 2.2m slide, 2 swing seats and a 2 person Swing glider
  • Ground stakes and all fittings included in the box
  • Concrete anchor holes will be needed for the stakes
  • Wraparound swing collars for easier assembly
  • Available from TP Toys direct with a 1 year warranty

Maximum Weight Guide

For the individual swing seats, the maximum weight guide is 60kg per swing seat and the weight guide for the swing glider is 35kg per seat or 70kg in total combined. If you have 4 children swinging, then the maximum combined weight guide allowed is 200kg.


The dimensions to take note of for this TP Roundwood Swing set is 2.43m high by 3.88m deep by 3.68m long which are outlined in the images provide below. Again, these are very similar to the dimensions for the Soulet Fargo Swing set


Have you used the Soulet Fargo Swing set or the TP Roundwood Multi-play Swing & Slide Centre in the recent past? Anything positive or negative to report? Please feel free to leave your opinions or thoughts in the comment box section provided below and thanks for taking the time to visit us today…best of luck!

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