Sportspower Live Oak Swing Set Review 2022


Hello once again and many thanks for taking the time to visit this Sportspower Live Oak Metal Swing & Slide Set review where we have taken a closer look at what it has to offer for both you and your children. We will also take a look at some of the potential problems or issues that we see with it that you will need to be aware of also.

We will also outline and summarize all the main features that this Sportspower Live Oak swing has to offer including various images and all the main pros and cons that have come up in the past from several other previous buyers across the market place.

Please be aware that guide prices can only be presented at the time of this Live Oak swing set review as prices can change from month to month or week to week depending on local discount activities so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most up to date accurate price information.

In addition, we have also outlined some frequently asked questions that will be of interest to you and additional price comparison options at the end of this page also that are worth checking out if you wish to explore prices elsewhere.

Sportspower Live Oak Swing Set Review Overview:

Model:Sportspower Live Oak Metal Swing Slide Set
Orders online:Yes, orders accepted online
Home Delivery:Yes, home deliveries available
Warranty:Seller dependant - Generally 1 year is available
Price Range:$150 up to $200 (at the time of this review)
Cheap Place to Buy: Amazon - Check Updated Prices Here
Support:Customer service team 1-866-370-2131 M-F 9 am-5pm EST or email

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What level of warranty is available?
A. A one year warranty is available from reputable suppliers
Q. Are there foot anchors included?
A. No, you will need to buy them separately but the posts are predrilled to accommodate them
Q. What size dimensions are involved?
A. The overall size dimensions are 153.5 by 94.5 by 73.3 inches
Q. Can toddler swings be added?
A. Yes, but you will need to additional hardware to get it suspended
Q. How tall is the slide?
A. The slide is 37 inches high (excluding the handles)

Sportspower Live Oak Metal Swing & Slide Set Review

Sportspower Live Oak Metal Swing & Slide Set

Main Features Available:

  • It has two sling swing seats with safe vinyl chain covers to protect kids fingers
  • Has the 2 child flying glider with foot rests
  • Includes the heavy-duty 2-inch powder-coated steel tubes
  • Includes a metal trapeze bar for acrobatic fun
  • There are two blow-molded swings and a 78 inch longer wavy slide
  • Mini Teeter totter on the side with molded plastic seats and the sturdy grip handles
  • Can entertain 8 kids each with a max weight of 100 Ibs each (800 Ibs total)
  • Recommended suitable age is 5 to 12 but realistically 3 to 8
  • Dimensions are 153.5 by 94.5 by 73.3 inches
  • Meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards
  • In terms of prices, the price when last seen on sale was in the $150 to $200 region which of course can be double checked below.

Main Pros Outlined:

  • Good price level and is generally available for less than $200 and sometimes less than $180
  • It has more durability with the heavy-duty 2-inch powder-coated steel tubes that are water resistant
  • The slide is longer coming in at 78 inches long
  • This set also includes the small teeter-totter to provide an additional play station and more play time
  • Can entertain and occupy 8 kids at once so is perfect for larger families, play dates or birthday parties
  • Supports a total 800Ibs weigh capacity which works out on average 100Ibs per child
  • Includes safe vinyl chain covers which will protect against finger pinching
  • Has the fun and awesome 2-person air glider and includes the trapeze handle also
  • It comes with a quicker & easier assembly than large wooden sets and should take only 2 to 5 hours
  • Toddler swings can be added if needed which requires additional work and has the sturdy heavy frame
  • It also meets the ASTM safety standards required and is a great starter swing set which doesn’t cost all that much.
  • Once the hard work of assembly and anchors are done, the kids will get lots of fun from it

Main Cons Outlined:

  • It is limited to a child weight of 100 Ibs each
  • 12 year olds will get tired of it more easily and should be realistically for a maximum 8 or 9 years old as it is smaller than it looks
  • Slide is also far too short for 12 year olds
  • Assembly can be a bit tricky and you need to follow the instructions very carefully – more play stations means more work
  • No shoe loop swing is included or a nest swing.
  • The plastic washers, caps and bolts could be better and stronger as they tend to be a somewhat flimsy
  • There are no anchors included which will be an added expense to you and you need to cement them in to prevent rocking with high swinging
  • Missing parts have been reported which delays assembly and is extremely annoying
  • Some minor reports and problems also of the Swing seat durability over time where breakages have occurred – best to have one on standby
  • More care and attention is needed to ensure all the correct parts are 100% packed correctly – be prepared to visit your local hardware store
  • Steps on the slide are too far apart for toddlers – more steps should be included with narrower steps

Further additional images are outlined below:


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  1. This looks like such a great idea for toddlers! I have two small grandchildren who would love this and I will definitely give it a go, it looks like it is good value and affordable also. We go to the park often, but the equipment is always too big for them. And of course, they still want to climb it, lol. This looks like a much safer size, and in the privacy of our own yard. Thanks for outlining your helpful review. Thanks, Suzanne

    • Many thanks to you also Suzanne for taking the time to leave your feedback and best wishes to you and your grandchildren with their new Sportspower Live Oak Metal Swing set!

  2. We were looking for  a fairly cheap (but reliable) metal swing for the kids and we heard about the Sportspower Liveoak from friends of ours so we decided to do some research of our own. Thank you very much from the great review as we know everything there is to know about it and we must say that is highly comprehensive and simple to read along especially the pros and cons. I think after reading this review for the sport power live oak metal swing set that we will go ahead with it and keep an eye out for the cons that have been highlighted here. I like the fact that it supports a home delivery also and I will be sharing this review with my friends who have young children. Good work and thanks for the detailed review

    • You are very welcome – we are thrilled that you found our review useful and best of luck to you and your family with it in the years ahead.

  3. Wow..! This is a great review of the Live Oak from Sportspower as my wife and I have been undecided. This would certainly be a great attraction for our children and interestingly the price tags are so friendly and lower than I thought it would be. It makes it worthwhile in giving it a trial instead of going for a really expensive swing that takes ages to assemble . Many thanks for taking time to do an in depth review on sportpower – our kids are sure to have a fab time (we hope)

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