Swing Set Assembly

Swing set AssemblyDepending on the size of your Swing set, you may decide to tackle it yourself or seek an additional pair of hands for the Swing set assembly process which will be recommended for any of the Large Swing sets. Nevertheless, most companies have excellent plans and drawings with step by step illustrated instructions to follow to avoid any mistakes. Generally in most cases you will be provided with:

  • Manual with step by step instructions
  • Bolts, screws, nuts set
  • Metal brackets and a spacer
  • Wooden or metal parts and Anchors
  • Covers and safety items such as padding (model dependant)


Before you start out with the Swing set assembly, please lay out all the parts clearly so you are 100% clear on how to follow the manual as it may take a day or two (or more) to complete. In most cases, you will need to have the following on hand yourself for the Swing set assembly process:Tape measure

  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Wood saw may be needed.
  • Electric drill and hammer or mallet


If these tools are not available to you at present, take a look at in the Assembly Tool menu’s at the bottom of this page that can provide you with all the necessary tools required to take on this project.

If you are visiting from the U.K.  – you can click this image below

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If you are visiting from the U.S. – you can click this image below

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If you are thinking that external assistance will be required in the Swing set installation, then you should do a quick search in the local newspaper for experienced carpenters who would be more than capable in tackling this project. Please make sure to check that they are a professional outfit and ask for references before they commence any work.

Best of luck to you


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