Swing Set Created at East Coweta – Kind Gesture


A special word of thanks would like to be given from the Swing set specialist to East Coweta junior Ansley Gunter and her team who have created a Swing Set at the softball complex for the daughters of the Lady Indians coaching staff and for Layla DeLoach in particular who is a special needs child with autism.

Layla DeLoach is a daughter of Franklin DeLoach who is the head coach for the Lady Indians and she has grown very close with the team members in recent years. Gunter knew how much Layla likes swings at the playgrounds so she took it upon herself and her friends to build a new swing set for them, so they could play and swing while their daddies coached the teams. There is also a sign on the crossbeam reading Psalms 134:14 with the puzzle piece images known as the symbol for autism.

Franklin her dad was thrilled by the gesture of kindness for his family and it is something that Layla will cherish for years to come.

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Finally, we would like to congratulate and say a big word of thanks to this teenager for this very kind and thoughtful gesture – Please spread the word if possible through the social media links below so that these good news stories can reach more people!



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