Wickey Climbing Frames Review UK 2023


Many thanks again for taking the time to visit - If you are considering buying a Wickey Climbing Frame in 2021, then make sure to check out this detailed review which will outline all the main features, pros and cons that you need to be aware before you make any buying decision. We will also outline several frequently asked questions that will be of interest to you also which have come up in the recent past and also a selection of images of the range of Climbing Frames and Swing sets currently available under this particular brand.

Please note also that guide prices can only be outlined at the time of this review as prices can change from week to week or month to month depending on discount activities so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

In addition, we will also outline some alternatives at the end of this review that are worth checking out also before you make your final decision if you wish to look elsewhere…

Wickey Climb Frame Swing Set Review Overview:

Brand:Wickey (WICKEY GmbH & Co. KG)
Models:Overview across 10 Wooden Climbing Frame models
Orders online:Yes, orders accepted online with home delivery
Warranty:12 months
Price Range:£270 up to £1250 depending on the model selected
Cheap Place to Buy:Amazon UK – View current stock availability here
Support:amazon@wickey.de, +44 (0) 330 8080240
Overall Rating:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where are these swing sets made?
A. These swing sets under the Wickey brand are made in Germany
Q. What age group are they suitable for?
A. Most of these Climbing frames are suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years but adult supervision is strictly needed for children under 5.
Q. What are the lengths of the slides?
A. The lengths of the slides are typically between 175cm to 220cm long
Q. How thick are the Swing beams?
A. The swing beams are 9cm by 9cm in thickness
Q. Do they deliver outside of UK mainland?
A. Unfortunately no – deliveries are to the UK Mainland only
Q. Is the wood treated?
A. Yes, it is pressure-treated solid wood but you also need to add water sealants / wood preservatives once assembled and annually thereafter
Q. What heights are the upper decks?
A. The upper deck heights are typically between 90cm to 1.2m

A selection of Wickey Climbing Frames which are currently available in the UK are outlined below:

  • WICKEY Climbing Frame Selection

A Selection of the Climbing Frames available under the Wickey brand to choose from are summarised below:

  • WICKEY Climbing Frame TinyCabin Monkey Bars Playground
  • WICKEY Playground Smart Resort Climbing Frame
  • WICKEY Play tower, climbing tower with swing, sand pit
  • WICKEY Climbing Frame Smart Sparkle Playground with a Double Swing
  • WICKEY Play Tower Smart Zone Climbing Frame
  • WICKEY Climbing Frame Smart Tactic Wooden Play Tower with a Slide
  • WICKEY Climbing Frame Smart Pilot Monkey Bars Playhouse
  • WICKEY Climbing Frame Smart Aviator Monkey Bars Wooden Play Centre
  • WICKEY Climbing frame TwinFlyer Wooden play tower
  • WICKEY Climbing Frame Smart Aviator Monkey Bars Wooden Play Centre

Main Pros Outlined:

  • Great selection of models to choose from with a range of prices to suit various household budgets
  • Some models are available for under £300 while they also offer premium feature rich options which are £1000+ also
  • Instruction manual is always included and the steps are well laid out, easy to follow which makes the assembly process enjoyable and a lot easier to do.
  • Fantastic selection of additional play features to choose from be it, slides, rope ladders, angled ladders, cabins and towers, upper decks & sandpits
  • Posts are solid and strong with a thickness of 7cm by 7cm and the top beam is thicker again coming in at 9cm by 9cm for additional strength
  • The heights of the swing can be adjusted by adjusting the loop on the ropes and the swing hooks are easy to adjust and work with
  • Additional tarpaulin roof or wooden roofs are available on selected models which are great for providing shade on the hot Summer days
  • Safety caps are available for the screws to keep them covered safely and there are safety handgrips available when climbing
  • Further accessories are available on selected models such as a shop with an awning, windows, slanted ladders, telescopes, chimneys, ship prows, flagpoles and propellers
  • Overall quality and design is excellent and back up service is reliable with good assembly instructions - Very sturdy once the anchors are cemented in.
  • If any small parts are missing, they are very good at getting them sent out quickly in a week or so from Germany.

Main Cons Outlined:

  • Available only to the UK mainland – not available to any of the British Islands, north of Scotland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Ireland or Northern Ireland
  • As it is made in Germany, there are the additional shipping costs and transport costs to be aware of which will be built into the overall price.
  • Some models need to be ordered well in advance as they may not always be in stock – so plan well in advance if you intend to buy less popular frames.
  • The quality and safety test certificates could be made a lot clearer
  • No air gliders or passenger swings where kids can swing in tandem together is available on any of the models we reviewed.
  • Cannot be placed on hard surfaces such as concrete – it needs to be placed on a soft surface with the anchors then cemented in.
  • Some of the larger models can takes 2 or more days to complete and require a lot of attention to detail and hard work.
  • Additional drilling will be needed so you will need to have a power drill in your garden shed.
  • You will need an extra set of hands for assembly, in particular the larger frames.


If you wish to look beyond the WICKEY brand in Germany, then take a closer look at some of the alternative Climbing Frame options provided below as follows…

Have you or your kids any personal experience with the Wickey Climbing Frames or Swing Sets in the past? If so, then please share your thoughts and feedback with the wider UK community by leaving a comment in the comment section below – So that they can learn also!!!

Finally, many thanks for taking the time to read our review and best of luck to you and your children with your final decision

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  1. These Wickey swing sets are perfect if you do not have the access to the playground near you. However, I have only heard of Wickey in the last week or so – hence I’m am doing further research for the kids . Assembling it looks hard and I would certainly need the hubby to take care of that end. Thanks for the review and I have my own list narrowed down to 2 or 3 based on this information

    • Yes, there are good options available under this brand with prices to suit various types of household budgets and many thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback as it is always greatly appreciated. Ryan

  2. Seriously, people. Look at the assembled units on a video BEFORE you commit, and read some unbiased reviews. Quit a few videos are done by folk who get the unit free or discounted, in return for a review, although it is claimed that the reviews themselves are genuine beliefs. Which may be true. It appears that you have to have quite a bit of kit and that not all the timbers re pre-drilled. And accompanied by poor instructions. Having looked around, I have sourced all the swings and brackets. I am using 100mm Jump poles rather than the Wickey square softwood. I can do stuff, but this will be so much better and a bit cheaper than Wickey. Also, the platforms are very small and too low for kids above about 10 years of age, I would guess. I will try to come back with some photos when completed but the main thing is to make your choice after careful looking at available videos. Good Luck!

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