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Hi folks - first of all I would like to extend a warm welcome to my website Swing Set Specialist !!!

I hope you can find it easy to navigate and explore the different options available to you so when the time comes - you can make an informed decision on what will be the perfect Swing set for your Children and also for you as parents.

Growing up myself, we were lucky enough to have a rope and tyre tied to a tree post - regardless though, what endless fun I had with my friends - not to mention the endless number of bumps and bruises. Now that I have 3 kids of my own, I went through the ordeal of trying to find out which Swing set would be ideal for my family and would tick the following boxes:

•Which Swing set would create the best Childhood memories for my kids?

•Which Swing sets would stand the test of time and endure the harsh Winters?

•As they got older, would it be fit for purpose or would I need to upgrade in years to come? (this would be a major headache)

•How difficult will it be to assemble it - can it be done alone or will I need a team of people to help me?

•Can I install the Swing set anchor bases into the ground to prevent it from moving or shaking?

•Is it affordable and within the family budget?

•What Garden Swings or Patio Swings are available  for parents in the market and where is the best place to buy?

So many things to consider that I spend lots and lots of time comparing, contrasting and at the end of all this I was still frustrated and unsure which Swing Set would be perfect for my family.. So this is where I would like to make that decision process a little easier...Simply navigate your way through the different menus and I hope by the time you are finished...that you can make an informed decision on what can tick at least some of the boxes above!!!

As a young Dad, it was an easy decision to buy a Swing set for my Kids. Swing sets for kids in the back garden has become a normal part of life and the kids expect to have one as they see their friend’s houses also with Swing sets. They are a super form of fun exercise making them healthier and stronger and also burning countless calories. Each menu will outline options at different price levels so that you can make an informed decision quickly and easily and without any hassle for both Swing Sets for your kids and also Garden Swings and Patio Swings that you can enjoy yourself!

The quality of the timber in the Wooden Swing sets can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but you will find that they confirm to the highest quality standards in all that they do. The majority of the Wooden Swing sets are heavy duty, predrilled, treated and if they are maintained each year, they can last over 15 years! We will also include some colossal Swing sets for Kids with double towers, picnic tables, balcony, turbo slide that will be out of this world and will be the envy of a lot of your neighbors!

At the end of the day - we all want our kids playing outside rather than been stuck inside playing video games especially when the weather is good. Outdoor playtime is one of the greatest forms of exercise - It can provide hours of entertainment for them each day and give parents a welcome moments peace in the meantime!

Finally again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my website and I really hope that I can help you make that all important decision.

Best of luck to you.


Ryan Reynolds