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Hello once again - Are you interested in taking a closer look at the IronKids Inspiration 250 Metal Swing set? If so, then make sure to check out our brief review which will outline all the key points and features that you need to be aware off before you buy. This review will focus on the Ironkids Inspiration 250 fitness playground metal swing set which has proven to be very popular with many families across the country and we will outline all the key features that it has to offer, the good points and also some of the bad points that you should be aware of before you decide to buy.

This review will also outline some frequently asked questions that will be of interest to you plus all the main pros and cons that you should be aware of. In addition, several images are also provided below along with some price comparison options that you should check out also before you make your final decision.

Please note that guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review as prices can change from month to month or week to week depending on local discount activities so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most up to date accurate price information.

IronKids Inspiration 250 Metal Swing Set Review Overview:

Brand:Ironkids (founded in 1985)
Model:IronKids Inspiration 250 Fitness Playground Metal Swing Set
Orders online:Yes, orders accepted online with home delivery
Warranty:Frame is Lifetime and components is 6 months
Price Range:$200 up to $270 (at the time of this review)
Cheap Place to Buy: Amazon - Check Updated Price Here
Support:Ironkids Paradigm Health and Wellness toll free at 1-866-924-1688 7 days a week 8am - 5pm PST or e-mail

Tools that tend to be needed for the Assembly process (not included)

  • Allen Wrench & Hammer
  • Tape measure & Phillips screwdriver
  • Most other tools that are needed are included

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can the slide and trampoline switch sides?
A. No, they need to be set out as outlined in the image below
Q. What age group is it suitable for?
A. it is suitable for kids aged between 3 and 8 years old
Q. Can a toddler swing seat be added?
A. Yes, but you will need to ensure you have the hardware to suspend it
Q. What weight limits apply for the swings?
A. The weight limit capacity is 80Ibs per swing seat (or 320 Ibs total for the Swing frame)
Q. Is there anchor stakes included and does it need to be cemented?
A. If your child is small and won’t do high swings then the cork screws should be fine in solid ground, however if you have soft ground and heavier kids that do high swinging, then you should cement them in.
Q. How long is the slide for this swing set?
A. The length of this slide is 5 foot 9 inches
Q. What is the height of the swing seat from the ground?
A. The height of the swing seat from the ground is 16 inches (24 inches for the glider)
Q. Where are these Swing sets actually made?
A. These swing sets are made in China
Q. Is the swing set treated?
A. Yes, it is UV-treated with added antifreeze protection for the worst type of weather conditions
Q. What is the weight capacity of the trampoline?
A. The weight capacity for the mini trampoline is 80 Ibs
Q. What are the safety zone dimensions?
A. The safety zone dimensions are 18'6"L by 16'3"W by 14'H (or a 6 feet of clearance on all sides)
Q. What safety standards are in place?
A. They are tested up to the standards of the CPSC as well as certified up to ASTM F2276 standards
Q. Will the canopy hold in high winds?
A. No, you should remove the canopy during stormy or windy weather and place in a safe place or remove with heavy rain

Ironkids Inspiration 250 Swing Set Review:

IronKids Inspiration 250 Fitness Playground Swing Set

Main Features Available:

  • Suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years, it features 4 different activities that will keep 6 kids occupied at the same time and it is UV-treated with added antifreeze protection
  • There are the 2 inch powder-coated tubular steel frame and it has the "Arch Built" U-shaped support posts
  • Includes the very popular 42 inch Fitness Jumper Trampoline, 2 swings and also the monkey bar for the more enthusiastic kids
  • The trampoline has the heavy-gauge welded steel frame, heat-treated springs and also the jumping mat as standard
  • There is the Fitness Slide to the side with the standard attached ladder
  • The kids also get the additional sunshade on top for added protection on hot days
  • The assembled size makes this swing set Ideal for smaller type backyards
  • Includes the corkscrew-shaped ground stakes for stability
  • Trampoline can hold 80 Ibs weight and the capacity for the other swing seats is also 80Ibs maximum
  • The overall maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs (frame is 320 Ibs) and there is the lifetime warranty on the frame plus 6 months coverage on all other components
  • It has been tested up to the standards of the CPSC as well as certified up to ASTM F2276 standards
  • Assembled dimensions are 13'6"L by 6'6"W (10'3" with slide) by 6'5"H (8' with the sun shade), the safe play area is 18'6"L by 16'3"W by 14'H
  • In addition, the price when last seen on sale was in the $200 to $270 bracket which of course can be double checked below

Further images are outlined below:


Main Pros Outlined:

  • Has the 2 inch powder-coated tubular steel frame which makes it heavy, strong and solid
  • Includes the attractive and bright colored sunshade protection to brighten up your yard
  • The monkey bar builds arm and upper body strength and lot more fun in your back yard
  • If required, Toddler swing seats can be added if needed to replace the monkey bar
  • As it is very small, it is perfect for small type yards and includes ground stakes unlike many other brands
  • Includes the awesome 42 inch trampoline on the side which is one the main attractions
  • Fair price level which tends to be less than $250 and in some cases less than $200
  • Can entertain 6 kids at once which is ideal for larger families, play dates or birthday parties
  • Great lifetime warranty on the frame where the components is 6 months long
  • The mini Jumper trampoline is a big attraction and burns calories and provides great excitement
  • Fitness slide is included on the side for an added play station activity
  • Includes the UV Protective Sunshade for protection and provides outdoor healthy physical activity
  • Includes the contoured plastic seats and thick plastic-covered swing chains to protect hands
  • Assembly can take less than 2 hours which is a lot better than larger wooden type swing sets
  • Tends to be one of the most popular models under the brand and again gives great fun for the kids all Summer long – especially the trampoline which has proven to be one the most popular features of this playground swing set

Main Cons Outlined:

  • Doesn’t include the air glider or the ladder climber that the 100 or 300 models have
  • Ground cork screw stakes need to be cemented in to prevent rocking / movements especially in softer type ground or high swinging
  • Assembly of the trampoline net requires additional power and strength to stretch and is hard to complete
  • Overall assembly is longer due to additional play stations
  • Slide could be longer as too short for 8 year olds and the stickers that come with could be a lot better
  • Some minor reports of parts not lining up correctly which is annoying and delays assembly
  • Canopy is a bit flimsy - will deteriorate overtime & you need to be careful with strong winds – ideally remove it and put away in a safe place.
  • It can be difficult to identify which parts are which from the instruction manual making assembly slower
  • On some occasions, some small parts were missing which can also delay assembly – more care and attention should be taken by the packing teams.
  • Canopy can get filled with water with heavy rain damaging the supports either side and at times the netting doesn’t line up as easily as you would like
  • You need to pay particular attention to the safety precautions provided on page 6 of the swing set manual
  • You also need to regularly check that all the bolts and screws are securely fastened – don’t just assume that once done that they don’t need to rechecked again
  • Needs to be avoided when wet as it will be very slippy and could be sturdier overall for heavier children

How does the IronKids Inspiration 250 compare to the Ironkids 100 and 300 Challenge Models? Take a look at the comparison table provided below to find out more…

Feature:Ironkids Inspiration 100IronKids Inspiration 250Ironkids Challenge 300
Age Suitability:3 to 8 years3 to 8 years3 to 8 years
Ladder Climber:Yes (metal)NoYes (rope)
UV Sunshade:Yes Yes Yes
Swing Seats:122
Trapeze Bar:YesYesYes
Air Glider:YesNoNo
Mini Trampoline:NoYes – 42 inchesNo
Mini Slide:NoYesYes
Safety meshYesYesYes
Cooling Mist:NoNoYes (4 nozzles)
Dimensions:118 by 111 by 93 inches13'6"L by 6'6"W (10'3" with slide) by 6'5"H97L by 154W by 75H Inches
Swing Seat Height:16 inches16 inches16 inches
Monkey Bar Height:58 Inches58 Inches58 Inches
Glider Seat Height:24 inchesN/AN/A
Anchors:Yes – Corkscrew stakesYes – Corkscrew stakesYes – Corkscrew stakes
Number of Children:5 maximum6 maximum5 maximum
Seat weight Capacity:80 Ibs80 Ibs80 Ibs
Total weight Capacity:400 Ibs (main frame is 320 Ibs)480 Ibs (main frame is 320 Ibs)400 Ibs (main frame is 320 Ibs)
Assembly Time:1 to 3 hours – 2 people2 to 4 hours – 2 people2 to 4 hours – 2 people


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Have you or your kids any personal experience with the Ironkids 250 Inspiration Swing Set in the past? If so, then please share your thoughts and feedback with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment section below – So that they can learn also!!!



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  1. Hello Ryan, I must say that this Ironkids review for their Swing set is very helpful and informative. This is exactly what I was looking to get for my kids who enjoy spending time outside. Now is the winter so I will definitely get it for summer instead but I am preparing now in advance, my kids will be thrilled. I like that it is pretty affordable yet quality looks to be good enough to cater for our needs

    • You are very welcome and I am delighted that you found our review for this IronKids Swing set helpful in some small way. Best wishes to your family in the Summer ahead. Regards, Ryan

  2. Love this review article – all that I need to know about this Swing set is listed here as I was not sure if our family were going to buy this one or a flexible flyer model.
    Thanks for sharing the details of the pros and the cons as these are the things we shall keep a close eye on when it arrives. I really love the way the features are listed in the table format for making easy comparisons, hopefully it will keep our kids entertained for a few seasons anyway – thanks again for helping us out with your review

  3. Where can I buy replacement parts for IronKids Inspiration 250 Fitness Metal Swing Set?

    I need a replacement slide and 1 swing?

    • The best and most reliable place would be Ironkids Paradigm Health and Wellness and you can call them toll free at 1-866-924-1688 7 days a week 8am to 5pm PST or you can send an e-mail to
      Failing that, buy a swing seat with ropes locally and adjust them accordingly and a slide can be bought in most major stores

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