Swing Set Maintenance Tips 2023


You should get into a habit of implementing a Maintenance programme for your swing set once per year as it will prolong the lifespan for your family and will save you money in the long term while keeping it fresh, attractive and engaging for your children. I will break down the Swing set Maintenance under the following headings

  • Swing Set Maintenance – Wood
  • Swing Set Maintenance – Metal
  • Swing Set Maintenance – Accessories
  • Swing Set Maintenance – Base of Swing Set

Swing Set Maintenance – Wood , Part 1Swing set Maintenance wood

1. For any rough splinters that appear on the wood, use sandpaper to smooth them off and remove. If you don’t have these on hand, feel free to take a closer look in the Maintenance Shop for sandpaper options and an electric sander.

2. Use a Power washer to clear away any dirt and give it a new cleaner look. A new high quality Oil based Paint sealant can be added 36 to 48 hours after which is better than a water based stain. The oil based sealant will keep the moisture in and protects the external coat of the wood so that it won’t expand and crack. If you decide on a Colour water based sealant to match the original, then the applications will need to be made on a more regular basis.

Swing Set Maintenance – Metal, Part 2

1. Inspect and tighten all the nuts and bolts twice per month. If you don’t have the tools on hand, make sure to get a loan from a friendly neighbour.

2. Metal parts should be checked for rust at the start of each season and replaced.

3. Most metal parts are made from non-corrosive properties such as galvanised steel but depending on how harsh the weather conditions are, you can add Oil lubricants as a cheap and easy way to protect your metal fixtures and to extend their lifespan

4. Metal swing sets will need Non corrosive treatment (non lead based) and they are ideal for reducing the level of rust and deterioration and again extending their lifespan.

Swing Set Maintenance – Accessories, Part 3Swing set maintenance accessories

1. Replace ropes once they start to get eroded as they are cheap and the last thing we want is a poor quality rope fitting that can possibly snap with additional weight

2. If you have a tarp Canopy, you can clean it down and add a Vinyl protectant so that the colours won’t fade away.

3. If your Canopy tarp cover has already faded or torn and you need to replace it

4. To reduce the level of fading and deterioration, the Swing seats and plastic add on accessories should be removed at the end of the play season and taken indoors ideally in the garage.

5. It is also possible to use a Canvas cover to cover the unit during the tougher times of the year

Swing Set Maintenance – Base of Swing Set, Part 4

1. At the start of the play season, additional sand or mulch can be added to create a softer landing for your Swing set. Prior to this, a simple raking will prevent the sand or mulch getting compacted and solid underneath and will make for a softer landing.

2. To reduce the level of maintenance of the base of the Swing set, instead of using Mulch or sand, Rubber Safety tiles or mats can be used. They are child friendly, slip resistant, water permeable and they keep the Kids clothes and shoes a hell of a lot cleaner.

Remember that a good Swing set maintenance program will help retain its value and could be resold if needed in later years to come!!! Finally - if you have any particular queries in any aspect of your Swing Set Maintenance, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.



  1. Hi Ryan,
    I am impressed by your maintenance article on swing sets and I would have never thought about the different types of maintenance work required on wood or metal framed swing sets before I purchased one had I not read this. I also just love that I can come to your site and see all the options from the various manufacturers and vendors in one place, instead of having to surf the Internet for hours trying to find this info.
    Thank you for this!

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