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Backyard Discovery Oakmont Swing Set Review Overview:

Brand:Backyard Discovery
Model:Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set
Orders online:Yes, orders accepted online with home delivery
Warranty:5-year on wood & 1-year warranty on all other parts
Price Range:$420 up to $500 (at the time of this review)
Cheap Place to Buy: Amazon - View current Price Here
Support:Backyard Discovery (1-800-856-4445) Customer Service 1-800-347-8372 or

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many kids can play on this at the same time?
A. 9 kids can play at the same time
Q. What size area is needed for the safety zone?
A. The safe play area required for this swing set is appro 23 feet by 26 feet (see diagram below)
Q. How long does assembly generally take?
A. It depends on your skill level and should only take between 10 and 18 hours
Q. What age group is this Swing set suitable for?
A. It is suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years old (some say 3 to 8 years)
Q, What is the size of the shipping box?
A. The size of the shipping box is 91 ½ inch by 22 inch by 9 inch (211 Ibs)
Q, Does this swing set include Anchors?
A. It comes with 6 plastic stakes and pouring of cement is recommended also
Q. Does it need to be maintained?
A. Yes, maintenance tips are provided in the manual and it will require annual maintenance / staining
Q. Can Toddler swing seats be added?
A. Yes, but you need to double check you have the hardware for suspension
Q. Can it be assembled by one person?
A. No, it is recommended that 2 to 3 adults are needed for assembly

Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set Review:

Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Se


Main Features Available:

  • Suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years
  • Includes two belt swings, an acrobat bar on the swing beam and a stepladder to get to the upper deck
  • Provides a front wall, a window and real door plus a side snack window in the forts above and also underneath
  • Includes an awesome raised fort above with a colorful awning and also a built in snack bench
  • The overall size dimensions are 14'W by 11'3"D by 8'7"H and the frame is angled for added stability on the side.
  • Weight capacity per swing seat is 120 Ibs and can occupy 9 kids
  • When seen last in sale, it was in the $420 to $470 region which of course can be double checked below

Further images are outlined below:

  • Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Swing Set


Main Pros Outlined:

  • One of the main attractions is the colourful raised fort  which has the front wall with white trimmed window.
  • The second attraction is the second fort underneath which has a front wall, window and a real door.
  • The third main attraction then is the side snack window which has a built-in bench on the outside
  • Not all that big so it is perfect for smaller type yards as it is smaller than it looks
  • Includes a longer slide of 8 foot where many metal type swing slide sets are only 6 foot
  • It can entertain and occupy 9 kids at the same time so it is ideal for birthday parties or play dates
  • Wood comes from sustainable forests and 100% factory stained and naturally resistant to rot and decay
  • Includes all the ASTM certified safety standards that is needed and the Safe-T-Fuse hardware system
  • Overall great value and features for the level of money that you have to pay.

Main Cons Outlined:

  • No wooden roof is included - only a vinyl cover which will deteriorate in time especially with harsh weather conditions
  • Doesn’t include a passenger swing, glider, tire swing, wooden roof, or a sandbox that many others offer.
  • A lot smaller than it looks but adequate for beginners, you may need to upgrade as your kids grow bigger which will be an added expense.
  • Further drilling can be needed so be prepared in advance for this
  • Not all the parts always line up correctly and some of the smaller parts reported missing which is annoying and delays assembly
  • Wood is too soft for some and it requires further sealants, staining, maintenance on an ongoing basis.
  • Instructions could be easier to follow and better laid out – takes time and patience following the steps
  • Age suitability should be more like 3 to 8 years rather than 3 to 10 years as it is smaller than it looks

The overall size dimensions and the safe play zone perimeter are outlined below:

Dimensions / Weights to Note:

  • Assembled dimensions is 14'W by 11'3"D by 8'7"H
  • In inches it is 168 by 135 by 104
  • Slide is 8 feet long
  • Weight capacity per swing seat is 120 Ibs
  • Upper deck dimensions is 40" by 40"
  • Deck height is 4 feet
  • Safety zone is a 6 foot perimeter around the set

Tools Required for Assembly (not included)

  • Phillips head screw driver
  • 3/8" drill bit, ladder, 3/8" drive ratchet,
  • 1/2" STD sockets
  • Level 24 inch, a square and a tape measure
  • Claw hammer and a rubber mallet
  • A cordless drill

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  1. This is a really cool looking Oakmont swing set for my two boys. This is an awesome review because you gave me the important pros and cons that will make me think on it, but you also included links about other models, which I very much appreciated. The list of cons you mentioned, just has me thinking of spending just a bit more for one with less maintenance, which is why I enjoyed the provided links to the alternatives to be considered.

  2. Pretty neat review on the Oakmont swing set….very thorough review and nice images. We hope to get one in a few weeks time for a special birthday gift. Thanks for sharing the details from your review as it has prepared us well in advance…..

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