Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set Review


What has happened to the Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set? Unfortunately, we were not in a position to buy it as it appears to be completely out of stock across the main retail supply chains/channels from what we have seen. After reading and browsing multiple Backyard Discovery Sonora Cedar Wood Swing Set reviews, we have come up with an excellent plan B with superior alternatives for you to consider in place of the Backyard Discovery Sonora Wooden Swing Set.

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Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set Overview

This awesome Cedar wood Swing set offered a fantastic fort with a sand box, a 4-foot upper deck, an 8-foot speed slide, a 2-person glider and a 4-foot rock wall ladder. The sandpit requires 3 cu feet of sand which needs to be bought separately and you also get 2 belt swings with child friendly chains and there is also a wooden roof and a sunburst end gable in the design.

On the opposite side then are the Monkey bars which are super for building upper body strength and it has the capacity to keep 9 children busy at the same time. The recommended age range for this swing set is for children 3 to 10 years old.

Dimensions and Weights

The weight limit that applies to this swing set is 150 lbs per child and the dimensions once assembled are 18'6"L by 11'2"W by 9'2"H. When you take the safety perimeter into account, then you need to plan for a total area of 31'L by 23'W by 15'H for this model Swing set from Backyard Discovery. The size of the upper deck is 38" x 38", the slide length is 8 feet, and the rock wall ladder is 4 feet high. The delivery comes in 2 separate boxes and your get a detailed manual with all the step by step instructions included.


One of the big advantages here is that the lumber is number stamped so you can see which pieces are needed for each of the assembly steps. The manual provides a great level of detail with images and sizes so you can definitely take on this project by yourself as long as you have a few helping hands at your disposal and certain level of DIY skills. Most of the wood is pre-drilled and pre-cut but some smaller pieces will need pilot holes drilled. All the timber is stained to protect it against decay and wood rot

Additional Tools

To assemble the Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set, you will a series of tools such as 1/2" open end wrench, a tape measure, a ratchet with 1/2" socket, a claw hammer and a cordless or corded drill with 7/16" and 3/8" drill bits.

You should also have a stepladder, a rubber mallet, Phillips head screwdriver, a carpenter square and a 24-inch level to get this project assembled correctly.


There is a 1-year warranty cover on all parts of this swing set and there is also a 5-year warranty on the wood against decay and wood rot. You will need to follow the maintenance instructions as outlined in the user manual so make sure to keep this in a safe place for future reference. The Cedar wood used is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects which is good to know in the background and you can add further wood preservatives or a wood sealant to protect it for the years ahead.

Backyard Discovery Sonara Swing Set Alternatives

As we mentioned earlier, the availability of the Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set is somewhat limited so you should check out the 2 alternatives below from Backyard Discovery that will not disappoint you summarised briefly as follows…

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Swing Set

Key Features:

Ideal for smaller toddlers and kids under 7

Lower priced alternative and less assembly work

2 belt swings, a small upper deck and 6 ft slide

Mesh canopy protection on the fort

Dimensions 106"D by 122"W by 90.5"H

Price Guide: Less than $600

Backyard Discovery Tanglewood Swing Set

Key Features:

Larger style playset for kids up to 10 years old

Dimensions are 144"D by 175"W by 105"H

Upper fort, sunburst gables and lower fort

Snack stand, rock climber, 8 ft slide and a trapeze

Unique cottage design with trimmed windows

Price Guide: Less than $1500

Optional Feedback

Have you ever used a Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set yourself in the past – anything positive or negative to report or share? If possible, please feel free to leave you feedback and opinions about the Backyard Discovery Sonora Swing Set in the comment box section provided below – so that others in the wider community can learn also…

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