What to do with old Swing Sets?


Ok folks, the kids are kids no more – they are teenagers now - has your Swing Set being gathering dust in recent months or even years?  If so, you are probably thinking that the sad time has come to move onto the next chapter of your children’s lives and try to remove your family’s Swing set to a new place. I have yet to come across this as my kids are still in their early years but it will break my heart and I’m sure yours when you know deep down that the Swing set is now only an eye sore in your back garden and needs to go…

What to do with old Swing sets – Suggestion number 1

DONATE IT TO CHARITY – as long of course it is in still good shape. Take a picture of it and send to your local residential charity to see if they would have any families that would be interested in taking from you.

I read that an organisation called APEI for Random acts of kindness (non for profit organisation) donated a Swing set to a 5 year old boy with cancer by raising 600 dollars in a local charity event. Along with the Swing set, he received a sand box and climbing ropes which he was absolutely thrilled about!

Then it got me thinking – all these new modern Swing sets have 10 to 15 years guarantee and there are so many of them that should find new homes! So instead of looking at your eye sore in the back garden, start looking in the local newspapers for charity groups and hopefully this can work for you, if not - read below…

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what to do with old swing sets cousinsWhat to do with old Swing sets – Suggestion number 2

Take a look at your immediate family or even further afield – surely there is someone within your family network that would be interested in taking it  - it may even be a second cousin twice removed! it may not be the best option but is an option nonetheless!

What a fabulous free gift to give any family – in particular if the family are struggling to make ends meet.

What to do with old Swing Sets – Suggestion number 3

SELL IT! – why not put a bit of effort and scrub it up and make it look brand new. Perhaps add a vinyl plaint finish to make it look spanking new again. Take some pictures and advertise it in the local directory at a significantly reduced price, this could pay for a night out for Mum and Dad!

What to do with old Swing sets – Suggestion number 4

what to do with old swing sets skipIf the 3 options above are not working, then you will need to hire a removal service or skip hire to take it apart and dispose of it. If you have your own trailer, bring it to the local recycling centre and if it’s a wooden Swing set -  you should grab a saw and cut into smaller pieces and use it to heat your home. As it may have taken you a few days to assemble it all those years back, it will take a good deal of time to disassemble it also so make sure you have sufficient tools and preferably an additional set hands to help you with this project.

That more or less covers it here – finally , I hope that option number 1 will work for you – go that extra mile and help that person who would love to enjoy it as much as your children did!

Best of luck to you and if you have any comments, please feel free to do so below

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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing. I had an old playset but I had to get rid of it and many things other things in my lifetime as I moved house. Never thought to donate, sell or give it away, we just dumped it. This article has made me think twice on what I should do if this situation arises again.

    Thanks, Sofia

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