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If you need a new set of Swing set Anchors for your Swing set, then check out our top 3 recommendations to anchor your Swing set securely to the ground and please note that all of these Anchors can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free in a matter of a few working days.

Not only can these Anchors work on Swing sets, but they are flexible in that they can be used for Trampolines, Playhouses and various other garden items that need to be protected against high winds and unpredictable bad weather.

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Best Anchors for Swing Sets – 3 Recommendations

1, XDP Recreation Swing Set Ground Anchor Kit 70113

Our first recommendation that you should consider is the XDP Recreation Swing Set Ground Hardware Anchor Kit code 70113 which can be used on swing sets, trampolines, garden furniture and yard hardware. One of the main attractions here is the low-price tag usually on offer and stock availability tends to be quite good from what we have seen. They are made from steel, the diameter is ¼ inch and the length is 12 ¾ inches

This is a corkscrew type of Anchor kit that is really only suitable for metal swing sets with a maximum 2 inch diameter tubing. There is no need to apply them into concrete bases as the technique here is different. You place the Corkscrew Anchor at an angle deep into the ground and then you attached the chain and straps from the anchor to the Swing set leg tubing if you have strong heavy soil types.

All the directions for the applications are included in the box and you get 4 anchors, 4 straps and 4 chains and fasteners in the package. They are supplied by XDP Recreation who in turn offer a 180 day limited warranty protection.

2, Sportspower Swing Set Metal Ground Anchor Kit MSC-5272

Up next is the very popular Sportspower Swing Set Metal Ground Anchor hardware Kit code MSC-5272 and this tends to be an easier anchor kit to apply and it also tends to offer great value with low prices on offer. The length of these anchors are 12 inches long, they are made using alloy steel and it can also be used in patio furniture, garden items and trampolines

There are 5 anchors in this set and it stabilizes the Swing set without chains. The application is quite easy as long as you have a good solid hammer or mallet to drive it down into the ground. If the ground surface is medium or hard, then you won’t need concrete bases however if your ground surface is very soft and loose, then you should place them at slight angles into small concrete bases approximately 15 inches wide by 15 inches deep.

3, Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Metal Ground Anchors WS 4521

Our last anchor kit that we recommend today is the Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Ground metal Anchors code WS 4521 and these are ideal for larger framed wooden swing sets. They can be used for Swing sets, trampolines, garden furniture, playhouses and various other items in your garden that need protection against strong winds and bad weather conditions and the set includes 4 individual anchors.

These Anchors come in a black powder coating finish and they need to be drilled down into the ground at an angle and then attached to the frame of the Swing set using the straps, bolts and fasteners provided. Overtime, you can add an anti-rust metal paint to the mounting hardware to keep the corrosion and rust at bay which in turn protects the integrity of the lock and anchor system for many years to come.

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After completing this short review for the best Swing Set Anchors, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and help speed up the process when it comes to selecting your own Swing set anchor system. Installing the Anchors is extra work on your end however it is worth it in the long run to ensure the stability of your family Swing set especially when the kids get older and the Swinging gets higher. At the end of the day, our preference for all soil types is to install these Anchors into concrete bases to give further peace of mind and to ensure 100% sturdiness and stability at all times for your chosen Swing set.

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