Best Swing Sets for Older Children


If you need a larger Swing Set for older children, then check out our nominated list of best Swing Sets for older kids and children that will not disappoint you and each of these options can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free. After reviewing over 50 Swing sets, we have narrowed down our results to our top 7 recommendations which hopefully can help speed up the process for you when it comes to making any final decisions. Some can be delivered in a matter of 3 to 4 working days and some will need a 2-3 week lead-time from order date to delivery date. Either way, assembly will require a huge amount of time, effort, planning, preparation and work so make sure to get additional assistance organised to help you get the assembly job completed on time.

Key Features

With our recommendations, the key features to take note of are the sturdiness, frame stability and the ability to withstand robust play, heavier user weights and larger activities. This will include the ability to withstand larger kids on monkey bars, trapeze swings, slides and belt swings with larger swings and longer slides. Other key features that are available across the range of recommendations are tire swings, tunnel tube slides, towers, steeper slides, climbers, tire swings, upper play decks and picnic break areas.

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Best Swing Sets for Older Children – 7 Recommendations

1, Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set (90991)

Our first recommendation that we liked is the Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set code number 90991 which comes at a lower price than expected and hence gives you great value for the amount of money you need to pay. It would be considered as one of the lower priced options from our list and the big advantage here is the robust metal frame and the 3 large swings which can give plenty of height to your children’s swinging. Another major advantage is the fact that it is a free-standing swing set so there is no additional work when it comes to installing anchors into concrete bases.

It wouldn’t be the most glamourous swing set you ever saw but it provides lots of stability for high energy robust play and it can cater for the older and heavier children no problem whatsoever. You get the 3 belt swings, monkey bars, a fireman’s pole, a trapeze fun bar and a long 9 foot wavy green slide so there is various play activities and challenges for them to try out and enjoy.

This Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is treated as an all-weather resistant swing set so there is no need to worry about additional wood stains, preservatives or anything like that. There is also no need to worry about rotting, warping, splinters or cracking and the edges are covered with heavy duty plastic caps. If you want a hassle free Swing set, then you don’t need to look much further than this in our opinion.

2, Gorilla Playsets Pioneer Peak Swing Set

If you have a wide-open space in your yard, then check out one of our favourite brands namely Gorilla Playsets and this playset in particular called the Gorilla Playsets Pioneer Peak Wooden Swing Set. The assembly for a Playset of this size takes several adults a few days to complete but once it’s assembled, your children will absolutely love it from the very start. Simply put, this Swing set or Playset is an awesome piece of equipment and it comes with all the stability one would need for several older children playing at the same time

For the assembly, all the lumber is pre-stained, predrilled and pre-cut, all the hardware is included in the pack and the assembly manual is easy to follow even if it incredibly long! You will need additional tools such as wrenches, power drills, a step ladder and a few helping hands and it can be done no problem whatsoever especially if you have some DIY skills in your toolbox.

This Swing set Playset offers your children a tire swing, 2 swing belts, a climbing ramp, a clatter bridge, 2 separate towers, an area to customise a sandpit, a rock wall, a rope climber and a step climber so there is more than enough here for the average family to enjoy. The only downside is the price as it will cost you over $3k from what we have seen so be prepared to dig deep into you pockets for this one and the assembled dimensions once completed are W22.5 ft. by D21 ft. by H11 ft.

3, Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove Treehouse Swing Set

Another large Playset ideal for larger children that we recommend is another Swing set from Gorilla that we absolutely love and it’s the awesome Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove Treehouse Wood Swing Set that offers more than enough in terms of play activities and it is well capable of entertaining several older children at the same time. The big attraction here is the large green tunnel tube slide, which is a huge bonus to have, and it will keep your children and their friends with happy smiley faces for many years to come.

The stability and sturdiness here is excellent as it has the solid 4 inch x 4 inch wood framing and the 4 inch x 6 inch swing beam supports so it will be able to cater for your older children with ease. There is a lot of work involved in the assembly process and you will need a series of additional tools as explained in the manual, but this Playset is like a kid's masterpiece once it’s all put together – the professionalism and quality of the materials and finish is simply pure class and out of this world

The recommended safety zone perimeter is 31' W x 40' D and the assembled dimensions are 19' W x 28' D x 13' H so you will need plenty of space in your backyard to cater for a Playset of this size. Your children get the towers, a tube slide, long wavy speed slide, climbers, a sandpit, rope climber, a rock wall, 2 swing belts and a trapeze bar. Simply put, if you want to bring a bit of magic to your home, then take a closer look at this Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove Treehouse Swing Set which will build tons of happy memories for you and your children for several years to come

4, Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Playset

At number 4, we have the very popular Backyard Discovery Skyfort II wooden fort Swing set Playset which costs a lot less than the Gorilla Playsets outlined earlier so this would be ideal for people seeking a high-quality Swing set for older kids at a more affordable price range for the average family. That being said, this Swing set for older children is very large and it will set you back over $2k when seen at the time of this review

The wood used here is 100% cedar which is naturally resistant to rot, insect damage and decay, it surpasses all the ASTM safety standards that you would expect and all the plastic pieces included in the package are UV resistant. Even the brackets are powder coated to prevent corrosion and rust and the stability and strength of this frame can withstand the robust play of several older and heavier children at the same time.

Included in the package are the monkey bars, 2 swing seats, trapeze swing, slide, rock wall climber, upper play deck fort, a lookout tower with a telescope and picnic table beside a custom made sandpit area. The assembly instructions manual is excellent and easy to follow and it includes all the tips you need when it comes to safety and maintenance procedures. Finally, this Swing set from Backyard Discovery offers a 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind when making a purchase of this size.

5, Congo Monkey Play System #4 Swing Set

If you prefer a low maintenance Polymer coated Swing set for your older children, then check out our next recommendation namely the Congo Monkey Play System Number 4 Swing Set which is very expensive in our opinion but worth it if you have the extra money to spend. This Playset Swing set is made in the USA so you are supporting your own when you buy and the dimensions once assembled are W24' by D14' by H10'9". The timber has a 10 year wood guard warranty while all other parts such as plastic parts, accessories etc have a 1 year warranty cover.

The professional appearance and the quality of the frame is excellent and it can hold up against robust and high energy play no problem whatsoever. This Play set is action packed with multiple level play decks, longer slides, sundecks, fireman’s pole, a 5 foot rock wall climber, a trapeze swing, steps, swings, a tube tunnel slide and lots more. The recommended safety perimeter zone that you should plan for it is 36 ft by 26 ft and the protective covering on the wood means that there are no splinters and it won’t peel, rot or crack – so there is little to no maintenance required on your end.

6, Eastern Jungle Gym Fantasy Tree House Swing Set

Another superb swing set for older kids up to 12 years is the Eastern Jungle Gym Fantasy Tree House wood cedar Swing Set which provides plenty of activities to keep your children entertained for hours on end and the frame is well able to withstand high energy robust play. The big attraction here is the large treehouse on the upper deck which has an entrance door and look out windows and again all the wood material used comes from Cedar.

Included in the activities are a covered porch, monkey bars, a chimney, a tire swing, swing set accessories, 2 swings, a treehouse with a roof top and a 2 seater glider. In addition, you get a high quality robust longer 10 ft slide, a trapeze swing, climbers and a telescope so your kids have plenty to keep them occupied for hours on end. The weight is very heavy at 1830 pounds, the dimensions you need to plan for are 24 ft by 16 ft and the quality of the wood and hardware is second to none.

One key advantage here is that some of the parts are preassembled for you such as the floors and walls which means a lot less work is needed from you and your assembly team. The wood and frame are so strong that even adults can climb into the treehouse to join in with the kid's activities…

7, Creative Playthings Northbridge Pack 4 Wooden Swing Set

Our last swing set designed for children up to 12 years that we recommend today is the Creative Playthings Northbridge Wooden Swing Set which is made in the USA and it is priced significantly lower than some of the other play sets on our list. From what we have seen, you should be able to get your hands on it anywhere from $2.5k to $3.5k when seen at the time of this review. You don’t have the treehouse, but you still get a decent sized upper deck with a roof canopy and an extra sturdy frame to cater for high energy and robust play.

Included in the package are 2 swing seats, a trapeze swing, an upper deck, a long 10 ft slide, a rope climber net, a rock wall climber, excellent monkey bars and also a single axis tire swing underneath the main upper deck. There are several other Playsets from this brand but this one in particular stood out the most for us in terms of the quality and the value for money it gives you the consumer.

It is made in the USA so you can support your own, the dimensions are 22 ft by 12 ft by 11 ft, the wood is a heavier Southern Yellow Pine variety and it comes backed with a longer 15 year warranty on the wood for your protection


After completing our review for the best Swings for older children and kids, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and perhaps assist you when it comes to making a final decision. We have included polymer coated swing sets, cedar swing sets, metal swing sets and Yellow Pine swing sets with tons of different play activities available so there should be something here that can make your own happy home even a happier one!

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Have you any recommendations yourself when it comes to Swing sets for older kids? Are there other brands that you prefer? If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if you leave your feedback and opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that other families across the wider community can learn also…

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