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Are you considering buying a Swing Set from Wayfair in the coming days? If so, then check out this review for our top 5 Wayfair Swing Sets which will not disappoint you and will provide years of fun and excitement for your children. There is a vast range of wooden and metal Swing sets currently available from Wayfair and they stock many of the best brands currently available in this category so you can be assured of the highest quality levels when buying from Wayfair. The range is possibly too big and a bit overwhelming and the lead times from order time to delivery time can be a bit on the slow side when compared to other suppliers so be prepared in advance for this

As guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information and feel free to check out the video overview below which covers the main points you need to know and it will give you a better understanding overall of what these Swing sets from Wayfair are all about

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Video Overview – Popular Swing Sets @ Wayfair

Wayfair Swing Sets – Top 5 Recommendations

Option 1: Jungle Fun Complete Cedar Swing Set – Creative Cedar Designs

Key Features Overview:

Multi-play premium swing set
Ladder, slide, sandbox, table
Climber, swings, trapeze
Multiple play accessories
Pre-stained, pre-cut and drilled
Age guide is 3 to 10 years
Total weight capacity 1380 Ibs
14 activity stations with bridge
10 feet wave slide and forts
Made from cedar solid wood
Heavy duty fittings and hardware
10 year warranty on the wood
1 year warranty for other parts

Wayfair Swing Set Overview:

  • Our first swing set from Wayfair that we recommend is the Jungle Fun Complete Cedar Swing Set made by Creative Cedar Designs which will fill your children’s dreams and playtime full of various activities for them to enjoy for years to come. While the price is a little on the high side, it does tend to be discounted to lower levels and at times can be on sale for less than $2500 when seen at the time of this review.
  • There are 14 play activities here to enjoy so you won’t have any problem getting them to enjoy the outdoors and spending their time with their family and friends for hours on end. Some of the standout features here along with the swings are the climber, ladder, upper deck forts, trapeze rings, 10 foot slide, sandbox, glider and a picnic table so there is no stone left unturned here in providing the maximum level of entertainment for your children to enjoy.
  • For the accessories, you have the upper deck and connecting bridge plus steering wheels and a rope bridge so the biggest problem you will have is trying to take them away from it when the day time hours are finally over. The total weight capacity for this swing set is 1380 Ibs, the upper deck is 5 foot high and all the wood supplied is pre-drilled and pre-stained for easier preparations and assembly. Assembly will need to be completed in stages and make sure to get some help as this project will take you a number of days to fully complete.
  • As a guide on age groups, this swing set age suitability is from 3 to 10 years old and the type of swing seat is a belt swing and the swing suspensions are supported with protected rust-free chains covered with a vinyl support. The rooftop comes with a Tarp, the sandbox can hold a sand capacity of 400 Ibs and it comes backed with a 10 year warranty on the wood and a 1 year warranty on all other parts.

Price Guide: Tends to be $2,300 to $3,300 level


Option 2: Adventures Bobcat Ridge Swing Set – Little Tikes

Key Features Overview:

Premium multi-play swing set
Swings, nest swing, climber
Slide, deck, monkey bars, ladder
Picnic table, sandbox, bridge
UV resistant and rust resistant
Predrilled and pre-cut wood
ASTM certified and pre-stained
Total weight capacity 1300 Ibs
Age suitability is 3 to 10 years
Made by Little Tikes brand
Entertains 12 children at once
Warranty duration 1 year

Wayfair Swing Set Overview:

  • Up next, we have the large Adventures Bobcat Ridge Swing Set from Little Tikes which tends to set you back well over $2,000 so be prepared in advance to dig deeper into your pockets if you are interested in this option. There are a wide range of activities for the children to enjoy here such as the climber, swings, nest swing, connecting bridge, fort, sandbox and monkey bars so there is plenty to go around and more to keep your children entertained for many seasons to come.
  • All the wood here is treated, pre-cut and pre-drilled so you have some idea how all the pieces slot together when it comes to assembly time which will take you a few days and more to complete in full – make sure to get additional help when taking on a project of this size. The total weight capacity for this swing set is 1300 Ibs, the parts are resistant to rust and UV and it comes backed with the ASTM certification for peace of mind
  • For the age suitability, this swing set comes recommended for 3 years up to 10 years and it can accommodate up to 12 children at the same playing time. Some of the features that they will particularly enjoy is the monkey bars, cargo net nest swing and the high rock climbing wall so they will be well worn out from all the exercises they get when they start playing with this particular swing set.
  • The height of the monkey bars here are 6 feet high, the rope bridge is also 6 feet long and the length of the plastic slide is 8 feet long. Instead of a tarp, you get a more robust wooden rooftop and you get all the ground stakes required to ensure it is rock solid when connected to the ground surface. The picnic table provides seating for 4, the guide weight is 110 Ibs per child and it comes backed with a 1 year warranty from any defects

Price Guide: Tends to be $2,300 to $2,800 region


Option 3: Five Star II Space Saver Swing Set - Gorilla Playsets

Key Features Overview:

More compact size fixture
Swing, trapeze bars plus slide
Suspension chains with Vinyl
Tic tac toe, chalk board, climber
Upper deck wooden rooftop
Flag, telescope, steering wheel
Requires sealant within 90 days
Plus every 2 to 3 years after
Total weight capacity 800 Ibs
Accommodates 6 children at once
Easy to follow instruction manual
Age suitability 3 to 12 years
Wood warranty is 10 years
All other parts 1-year

Wayfair Swing Set Overview:

  • The next Swing set from Wayfair that we recommend is the Five Star II Space Saver Swing Set from Gorilla Playsets which doesn’t require as much space as the previous 2 options so it would be a better solution for families with tighter or smaller garden spaces. In terms of pricing, you should be able to get your hands on it for less than $2,300 but make sure to order early as there tends to be an approx.  4-week lead time from order time to delivery time when seen at the time of this review.
  • There is a wide range of activities for the children to enjoy here such as the swing, trapeze bars, slide, climber, a sandbox and a wooden rooftop fort upper deck so you get a wide range of activities with a much smaller footprint size. Some of the accessories you can expect to get are the tic tac toe, ladder, steering wheel and telescope and you can expect all the wood to be pre-stained and pre-drilled as well as having all the hardware resistant to rust and UV protected
  • As it is smaller, the total weight capacity for this swing set is lower at 800 Ibs and the age suitability recommendations is from 3 year up to 12 years old. Some of the accessories that they will particularly enjoy is the interactive tic tac toe as well as the chalk board and the alpine speedy slide. The level of quality on the design, materials and frame is superb and this swing set will last you a serious long time and for many seasons to come.
  • Assembly is more manageable than the previous 2 options outlined earlier and the level of detail on the instruction manual is excellent, so it is nearly impossible to make a mistake as long as you follow them all step by step. It comes ready to assemble so you can get started straight away, it includes all the necessary ground stake anchors and the height of the upper deck from ground level is 4 feet high
  • The number of children it can accommodate at the same time is 6, it comes with a belt swing and a swing chain suspension with a  vinyl covering and you will need to add a wood sealant within 90 days of purchase (plus every 2 years thereafter)

Price Guide: Anywhere from $1800 to $2300


Further Wayfair Swing Sets – Last 2 Recommendations

If our first 3 recommendations above don’t meet all of your requirements just yet or if they are priced a little on the high side for you, then check out our last 2 recommendations as follows that offer lower price tags that may be of interest to you…

Option 4: Tremont Cedar Swing Set - Swing-n-Slide

Overview Summary:

Lower priced alternative Swing set
Requires 4 week leadtime so book early
Slide, tubeslide, ladder, climber, sandbox
Wooden rooftop, picnic table, glider
Total weight capacity is 1155 Ibs
Wood is prestained and UV resistant
Age suitability guide is 3 to 10 years
Accomodates 12 children at the same time
Includes all the necessary ground stakes
Made from cedar wood plus includes telescope
Warranty provided is for 5 years

Price Guide: Less than $2,000


Option 5: Jamboree Fort Swing Set - Swing-n-Slide

Overview Summary:

Another lower priced solution again
Smaller frame and smaller footprint
Wooden rooftop shade & sandbox
Slide, climber, 2 swings plus shades
Picnic table, trapeze bar, steering wheel
Telescope, yellow flags and a bench
Drilled, stained and UV resistant
Age suitability is for 3 to 10-year olds
Combined weight capacity is 945 Ibs
Provides playtime for 9 kids at the same time
Additional assembly tools - 5-year warranty

Price Guide: Tends to be less than $1300


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After completing this review of Wayfair Swing sets, we hope this short list can give you some ideas to think about and perhaps give you some direction with the choices and options available to you. The lead time to delivery time can be somewhat longer than expected on specific Swing sets so it would be best to book your order without any delays to avoid possible disappointments. There is a vast range currently available be it wooden or metal swing sets, but these would be our top 5 picks after reviewing their range.

Which one would we choose at Wayfair? To be honest it would have to be the Swing-n-Slide Tremont Cedar Swing set and further information along with todays price tag can be double checked below


Optional Feedback?

Have you ever bought a Swing Set from Wayfair in the past? Have you anything good or bad to report?

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  1. These swing sets are fabulous, much nicer than the ones from Argos. This is a child’s dream to have a set like this in their garden.  If you buy one of these, your garden will certainly be the one where all the local children congregate, These play stations will keep children occupied for hours at a time and they are a brilliant idea for anyone who can afford them and has the time to assemble all the various parts

  2. Hey, there! Looking at these sets, I wish I was able to afford some of these Swings sets. I really like the adventures Bobcat Ridge Swing Set. I find it super cool and I know the kids will particularly enjoy the monkey bars! I picture them shouting, kicking, laughing (hopefully not fighting, LOL). Not sure if I will be able to afford it though as it is a lot more expensive that I thought it would be

  3. I have been through this experience twice now. Firstly with my son who is now an adult and our daughter who is nearly 9 years old. I have noticed how children are quite different in their interests. Our son only wanted equipment that allowed him to be active. So swings, slides, monkey bars were all essential and he loved to climb. Our daughter on the other hand also likes all the active elements including swings, slides, monkey bars, and a climbing tower, but she also enjoys props that inspire her imagination. So a shop window becomes a prop where she can plan shop assistant, a picnic table becomes a place to sit and have an imaginary meal. I would advise any parents to watch what the kids do when they go to public playgrounds and if you are buying make sure you get the features your child wants. Best regards, Andy

  4. Hi, these are great fun for kids, we recently sold ours as the kids had outgrown, but they had many happy hours on one of these swing and slide sets.  Half the battle is assembly so you need to make sure you have sufficient tools in your shed. Having a garden big enough is also a factor as they take up a fair bit of space. Overall though some good advice here as didn’t realise that Wayfair even sold Swing sets or outdoors toys for that matter – I thought they just sold home associated products so cheers for the heads up

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