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I had loads of questions myself when deciding to purchase my own Swing Set so here I would like to outline below some of the most common questions that are asked in relation to Swing sets for Children under separate headings to make it easier for your browsing experience.

  • General FAQ's
  • Wooden Swing set FAQ's
  • Swing Set Maintenance FAQ's
  • Swing Set base FAQ's

SWING SETS FAQ's  - Part 1

General FAQ's:

1.How does a Commercial Swings set differ from a Residential swing set? The residential swing set is intended for private use while the commercial Swing sets are intended for places like playgrounds and parks. Residential swing sets should never be used in Commercial settings

2. What are safety Hinges? Safety hinges are additional features to prevent children’s fingers getting trapped.

3.  My child sometimes get a static charge on a metal slide, why and how do you stop it? This may occur with a new slide and low humidity conditions. To prevent this, simply wash the metal slide with soap and water and repeat if the problem persists

4. What age should my children be? Each Swing set will vary, please refer to individual Swing set unit but generally the more advanced Swing sets are from kids from the age of 3 to 12 years but you will need to refer to individual Swing set guidelines

5. How long does it take to deliver? Depending on your location, it can vary between 1 and 2 weeks.

6. Will the chains be safe? Most manufacturers use Plastisol coating on the chains to make them safer and kinder for their hands

7. Do I need a Canopy tarp? Canopy Tarps are generally used to provide a level of comfort in the shade or wet conditions.

8. How long can the Swing set last? It will depend on the weather, maintenance work, wear and tear but you can expect them to last 10 to 15 years and in some cases longer than 15 years.

9. What do I do with the Swing set when my kids have grown out of it? Simply pull it apart but rather than disposing of it locally, try first to find out if you have close relations that may be interested in taking it from you or check out local charity groups to see if any they have any residential homes that can take it.

10. Is there a guarantee? The level of guarantee will vary from product to product , please drop me an email below if you have a specific query but generally you are looking at approximately 8 to 10 years for the wood and approximately 1 to 2 year for the accessories.


Wooden Swing Set FAQ's:Wood FAO

  1. What type of wood is used? It depends on the individual manufacturer, examples are Pine and Cedar.
  2. What type of wood treatment is used? Again each manufacturer will have their own wood treatment programmes, for example, kiln dried and you will find they are all 100% safe for children
  3. What level of weight can the Swing set withstand? All swing sets are designed to cater for multiple weights but as a guide, it would be 140 - 160 Ibs for individual sets and 120 - 130 Ibs per child where there is more than one child on a multi-set. Please refer to individual manufacturer guidelines
  4. How do I know where to drill the hole? You will find that the majority of the main beams are already predrilled to make it easier for Swing set assembly.
  5. What is a play deck? – A play deck is the area of play that is raised from the ground
  6. What does a Swing Module do? The swing module is the main frame from which the swings are attached

SWING SETS FAQ 's - Part 3

Swing Set Maintenance FAQ's:Swing Set Maintenance FAO

1.Should I inspect it daily? The nuts and bolts should be inspected one day after assembly, then 1 week after assembly to ensure it remains securely fastened and then once per month thereafter.

2. What level of maintenance is required?. If you have a Wooden Swing set, then you should plan to use one of the following products at the start of each year. In particular on the edges. This will protect the wood against the elements and extend the lifespan of your Swing set.

3. What should be done when natural cracks appear on the wood? These natural cracks are normal with treated wood products such as Cedar when exposed to different climate conditions over time. The durability of the wood will remain the same as they are resistant to rot/decay. Small knots/resin and cracks are normal characteristics as wood is a naturally produced product.

4. What environmental issues are there with wooden Swing sets? Depending on the actual manufacturer, you will find that some of the bigger players will be part of a Sustainable program for Forests so seeds are planted to replace the wood being used.

5. What is a wood check? A check is a long crack that starts on the outside of wood where it has shrunk due to the treatment process. Checks do not interfere with the overall strength of the wood as it is external feature.

6. How do I stop slight movements in the Swing set? It is possible that the unit is not firmly anchored to the ground, please recheck all fittings, rope hangers, rope locks, bolts and anchors and reset if required in a concrete base for added security.

7. How do I stop the metal parts squeaking? You simply need to add an oil based lubricant to the squeaking metal parts.

8. Can I paint the swing set? If you wish to make the unit more attractable to the eye, then use a Colour water based or Oil based Paint solution suitable for Exterior treated woods.


Swing Set base FAQ's:Base FAO

1.What type of base should be used? Once the Swing set is securely in place in Anchors  or Concrete beams, then a soft substance like Mulch or sand can be used around the base of the Swing set

2. What are the advantages of using Rubber mats as a base? These Rubber mats are water permeable, slip resistant and they interlock together to give a smooth finish. They do not need refill’s like Mulch or Sand and the keep the Children’s clothes and shoes a lot cleaner.

3. How big of an area is needed? As a guide you should be looking to cater for an area of approximately 6 ft around the Swing set to cater for the Safety zone. Please double check your available area against the size of the unit adding 6 ft either side.

If I haven’t covered all your queries here, please feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. Was wondering if you could address creaking of a wooden swing set. It’s brand new. When my grandchildren 2 and 4 swing on it it creaks mainly where the top bar of the set attaches to the tower. Bolts are all tight….maybe too tight? I worry that the wood sounds like it’s straining. Thank you for any suggestions.

    • Hi there, I had a squeaking problem also in the past which was resolved with the application of an oil lubricant. It could be that the support beam to the tower attachment needs to be adjusted slightly with a rub of oil – a simple WD40 or even vegetable oil should do the trick. Best of luck, Regards, Ryan

  2. Hello!
    I’m looking for a company to break down my set, transport it to my buddy’s place, re-assemble it then replace any missing hardware (none that I know of now). Is this something you do, or do you have a contact for this service in the Los Angeles/Orange County area?

  3. Hi. We also have a wooden playset which creaks terribly when the kids use the swings. As I am not particularly handy, could you possibly be super specific as to where to try lubrication? On the metal parts? Where they attach to the wood? Where the beam attaches to the tower? Any insight would be very much appreciated!

    • Yes on the metal parts but especially around where the ropes or chains are attached to the swing beams. After the Winter, the area where the ropes or chains are attached to the circular swing supports tend to creak a lot from my experiences anyway. Add a simple oil lubricant where the swing ropes or chains meets the beam should sort out many of the creaks – this worked for me! Hope that helps and best of luck!

  4. Hi I’ve just purchased a Plumb play baby/toddler swing. Can I ask is this a good make or should I get a different one??? Thanks in advance. Regards S Walker.

    • Hi, we would recommend the Wooden Plum Toddler swing way ahead of the metal version as the metal version tends to rust over time and is not as stable. I hope that helps you and best of luck!

  5. Very unique site. I never thought much about swingsets but you gave a lot of information to think about. I never heard of a static charge on a metal slide, that sounds scary, especially for a small child. Id never want to go on a swingset again lol. Id prefer a personal swingset, wish they made em for adults! or do they?

    • Hi Skylet – many thanks for visiting my site – don’t worry, its harmless. I get it all the time with shopping trollies! Any of the Swings to be used for Adults should really only be used at playgrounds / parks where they are designed to carry heavier weights!

      Regards – Ryan

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