Swing Set Anchors Installation Tips 2023


AnchorSwing Set Anchors – why they are needed?

The Swing set Anchors for your Swing set will be hugely important in ensuring a safe playing environment for your children and you will have secure of mind to know that the unit wont shake or topple over as the children get older or if it gets exposed to strong gusts of wind. The manufacturers will have met their Health and Safety requirements and there are numerous types of Swing set Anchors available for sale and a lot will depend on the size and model of the Swing set you are buying.

Most of the Swing sets will already have the Anchors included in the overall package but in the event that you need to set in stronger Swing set Anchors or upgrade them or if they don’t accompany the Swing set, then have a look at the menus provided above which include a wide range of accessories including Anchors. These can also be used for other items such as Trampolines and Playhouses:

Swing Set Anchors - types

A lot of the metal Swing set anchors will be treated with a Galvanised steel / zinc plated steel and will have various thickness  (eg  8mm) and depths (eg 500mm) and they can be used also for sheds and other items around the garden. They generally come in a set of 4 or more and they can include straps for trampolines.

There are 2 types of Swing set Anchors which are resistant to rust and won’t warp over time:

Swing set anchor types:

  1. Plate Swing set anchors and should be placed in concrete
  2. Twistable spiral Swing set anchors and these are twisted directly down into the soil and are suitable for tough hardened soil types or can also be placed in concrete if the soil base is too loose and weak.

For the lighter swing sets, the Twistable spiral in soil may suffice but as the kids get bigger I would recommend the Swing set anchors be placed in a concrete foundation as they are the most secure. Even the base tip of slide can be attached to a concrete foundation as it will prevent large gusts of winds from damaging it and blowing it away.

Swing set Anchors - InstallationSwing Set Anchor installation

As a guide to install these Swing set Anchors in concrete, see below a number of steps that can be followed but please also follow individual Swing set guidelines:

  1. Attach all the Anchors with a drill to the base of the Wooden Swing set with the screws and bolts provided with a minimum height of 1 inch from the ground. If you have a metal swing and there are no holes, please drill holes with a 10-12mm drill bit.
  2. Put the Swing set into your desired position and mark the 4 holes that you intend to dig.
  3. Then remove the Swing set for a while for easier access and prepare your foundation holes with a spade or a shovel approximately 50 to 60mm deep (or 20 to 25 inches) and 40 to 50 mm wide (or 16 to 20 inches)
  4. Then prepare concrete and pour in the holes until it reaches 0.5 to 1 inch to the top and then set the anchors in place ensuring that they are completely covered.
  5. Let it set then for approximately 24 hours. Please note that poor weather conditions may need an additional 12 hours otherwise check the surface to ensure it rock solid.
  6. Finally replace some Grass topsoil removed earlier on top of the Concrete surface to give it a cleaner and more natural look or use some sand or Mulch as an alternative.

Finally I would suggest using a large container 20 inches deep and 16 inches in diameter that can sit down into the soil and which can be filled more easily. It will also be easier to uplift down the road when the children have grown too old for the Swing set and it needs to be removed.

If you have any specific queries on your own set of Anchors - please feel free to leave a comment below.


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