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Hello once again and many thanks for taking the time to visit and here we have compiled a list for our top 5 picks for the best swing sets in the U.S. which will only take a few minutes of your time to read through.
It was an extremely difficult task to take on as there are so many different brands and models to choose from and I guess they are all fighting for the top spot themselves. After looking at over 50 Swing Sets in the US, we have narrowed our selection down to just 5 Swing sets which we feel where the best at the time of our review. Some may say that more should be included, or different brands should be included but these are the best swing sets which we believe are available to buy based on the features, accessories, build structure and quality that they have to offer.

Before you begin, please be aware also that guide prices can only be shown at the time of this top swing set picks review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Best Wooden Swing Sets USA – Top Picks

1, Backyard Discovery All Cedar Wood Swing Set Skyfort II

Main Features to Note:

  • First on this list which has received lots of positive reviews from the general public is the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Wooden Cedar Swing Set and is certainly one of our all-time favourites when it comes to wooden swing sets and it is supported with a 3D-guided interactive assembly app called BILT which certainly goes a long way in helping you assembly it a lot quicker.
  • This wooden swing set is packed with play activities to keep multiple children occupied at the same time such as the raised clubhouse, a rock-climbing wall, monkey bars and a long 10 foot sturdy slide to mention just a few.
  • There is also the picnic table, 2 belt swings, a glider along with various accessories such as the telescope and rock climbers. Instead of having a canvas cover, the kids get a covered upper deck and porch with bay windows, a sun deck and trimmed windows. On the lower level, there is also a sand box, the small snack table and there are metal handles to support access to the upper deck
  • Assembly is not all that easy so downloading the BILT app will go a long way in supporting the build project and the box delivery normally arrives in 4 separate boxes so you will need to lay out each part carefully before you even start.
  • This lumber is treated, pre-stained and comes from 100% cedar which is more resistant to rot and decay but please be aware that some pilot drilling may be required on your end. Overall, this is a feature driven swing set and it will certainly entertain and impress your children for years to come.

Price Guide: £1600 to £1800 @ Amazon

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2, Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Play Swing Set

Main Features to Note:

  • At number 2 we have the Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Play Swing Set from Swing N Slide established in 1985 in the USA which tends to cost a good deal less than the option outlined above at number 1 but will still set you back well over $1000 depending on where you buy so it is still a considerable investment all the same. There are several other models from Swing N Slide but this Grandview Twist is one of their best in our opinion and one thing they offer is an expert assembly service added in which will cost an additional $700+ if you have the extra money to spend. The glider here can support a combined weight of 150 pounds while the swing seats can support a weight of 115 pounds each.
  • Included in the package here are 2 slides, 2 swing belts, a glider, monkey bars and an upper deck area supported with a timber roof to provide protection both from the sun and poor weather conditions. This swing set has been tested and has surpassed the ASTM safety standards and includes a user-friendly patented bracket system for a faster and easier installation process. The approx. dimensions to note here for your yard are 20'11" long by 13'10" wide by 10'3" high and it has a max weight capacity of approx. 320 pounds.
  • Included are 2 slides which are made in the USA and they are backed with a lifetime warranty against any cracks or breaks which is one less thing to worry about. You also get the necessary instructional manual, all the parts and accessories and the anchors as well to make sure it is securely fixed to the ground.
  • There are 2 decks to enjoy – one at 4 feet and the second at 5 feet, there are eight colorful climbing rocks and overall it will provide hours of entertainment for your kids and in particular the tunnel turbo tube slide which is 8 foot long and is the big attraction for many families.

Price Guide: £1250 to £1500 @ Amazon

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3, Gorilla Playsets Malibu Treasure Trove II Swing Set

Main Features to Note:

  • At number 3, we have the much larger and much more expensive Gorilla Playsets Malibu Treasure Trove II Swing Set which will generally set you back well over $4k so be prepared in advance to dig a lot deeper into your pockets for this one.
  • The quality here resembles the quality you would see and get from commercial play swing sets and your yard will need to be extra-large to accommodate the larger footprint needed to cater for its vast size and dimensions. Age suitability here is 3 years plus but adult supervision would be needed at all times for the younger ones as it can be seen as quite overwhelming due to its extra-large build dimensions.
  • There are various different play stations to choose from and it can entertain and occupy multiple children at the same time to cater for play dates, birthday parties and so much more. Please be aware though that the level of demand here is quite high and it can take 4 weeks and in some cases more to get it delivered to your home.
  • Included here is the trapeze bar, belt swings, a tube turbo slide, wavy slides x 2, a rope ladder, rock climber and 2 upper deck areas to mention just a few. The swing chains also have been adjusted to include a plastic coating which helps to provide a cooler surface on hot days and prevents any potential finger pinching.
  • Assembly is not all that easy so be prepared in advance for a few days of hard work and make sure to get a few sets of additional hands to help you complete this project. Before you buy, you should ensure that you have a 30 foot by 30 foot land section to accommodate its size and you will need a full set of tools to put all this together including a ladder, drills, spades, a mitre saw and socket drivers.

Price Guide: £4500 to £5000 @ Amazon

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4, Congo Monkey Play-System #4 Swing Set

Main Features to Note:

  • Up next, we have another large framed Swing set and this time it’s the awesome Congo Monkey PlaySystem #4 Swing Set and yet again this would be one of our all-time favourites and it can certainly provide tons of fun and entertainment for hours on end which can last for several years to come.
  • You can choose to assemble this all by yourself or you can choose to get someone in and pay for it also which will cost an additional $900+ if you can afford it and want to avoid the hassle of assembling it yourself. If you use the expert service it will take 12 to 15 hours to complete however if you decide to take on the project yourself, then be prepared to spend a few days at it until it is finally finished. Even unpacking all the materials and laying them all out takes a lot longer than expected!
  • Included in this package are 2 swing belts, a trapeze bar, a turbo tunnel slide, a wavy slide, stepped decking areas and a sand pit can be accommodated on the lower ground level. There is also a firemans pole, a rockwall and it comes as a ready-to-assemble polymer coated wooden playset which is brilliant for lasting against adverse weather conditions.
  • As you are getting it from maintenance free plastic-coated lumber, there is very little needed on your end year in year out as the coating provides that extra level of protection to ensure that it looks better for longer when compared to other wooden swing set frames.
  • Another thing you and the kids will like is the fact that the polymer coating gives a nice smooth finish throughout so there is never any need to worry about splinter cuts that can happen with other cedar wooden swing sets. This coating also makes it resistant to peel, cracking, rotting or decay so you can be sure you are investing in a quality piece of equipment that will stand the test of time against harsh weather conditions.

Price Guide: £3800 to £4200 @ Amazon

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5, Swing-N-Slide Pioneer Peak Cedar Swing Set & Slide

Main Features to Note:

  • Our last swing set in our top 5 is another option from Swing-N-Slide and this time it’s the Swing-N-Slide Pioneer Peak Cedar Swing Set and Slide which can cater for over 10 children at the same time which again is perfect for those larger play dates or birthday party events.
  • This play swing set includes a large selection of play activities for the kids to choose from such as the trapeze ring bars, 2 swing seats, a picnic table, a rock climbing wall, a solid wavy slide and in addition with a swivel tire swing so there are endless hours of fun for them to enjoy year in year out. One of the big attractions here is the bridge and tower also along with the sandbox feature as well as the wooden roof to provide that extra protection against any adverse weather conditions and UV lights.
  • There are also a number of accessories thrown in that the kids will enjoy such as the rope climber, the rope ladder, a tic-tac-toe, a small picnic table for well-deserved treat and handles to support access to the higher deck levels and the bog attraction also is the clatter bridge and access to the higher tower.
    Assembly will take a considerable amount of time, so you are better off getting a second pair of hands to help you out (or more if possible) and the age suitability here ranges from 3 years up to 11 years old. The framing provided has a 4 by 6 swing beam and 4 by 4 framing and the swing chains have the plastic coating which again helps them to keep them cooler and prevents any finger pinching that may occur.
  • The total weight combined capacity for this swing set is 800 pounds and the height of the upper deck is 4 feet high. It also meets and/or exceeds the ASTM or the American Society of Testing Materials and the assembled dimensions to take note of are 23' wide by 11' high by 22'6" deep (allow also for a 6 foot safety perimeter around this). When the safety perimeter is added in, you should plan to have a land section of 34 ft wide by 36 feet deep to accommodate this particular swing set from Swing-N-Slide

Price Guide: £3500 to £4000 @ Amazon

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Even though our list is quite short (many other lists tend to have 10 or more), we hope our review for the best swing sets in the US has been helpful to you in some small way which is entirely based on our own experiences and tastes / feedback from the general public seen across the web. It certainly wasn’t an easy task to complete but we also hope the shorter list will cut down on your own research time, so you can have a clearer vision of what will suit you and your children the most.

Was our review helpful in any way? (or not?)

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