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Are you thinking about buying a Plum Gibbon Swing Set for your children? If so, then make sure to check out our Plum Gibbon Swing Set review which includes a video summary at the end, a series of frequently asked questions, assembly tips and also the main pros and cons which we came across when using this Swing set. These pros and cons are outlined in a separate section further down on this page, but we will also outline the main features that it has available along with dimensions, swing heights and the weights that you should be familiar with when using this Swing set.

This Plum Gibbon swing set is readily available across multiple suppliers in the UK and the 2 cheapest places we saw it on sale was with Argos UK and Amazon UK and their prices can be double checked below which could end up saving you money while you are here also.

5 Safety Tips Starting Off

  1. Swing set should be placed on a level surface – never on a slope
  2. The location should allow for a 2m safety perimeter zone free from any obstructions
  3. Do not install the swing set over concrete or other hard surfaces – soil only
  4. Anchors must be fitted properly in a concrete base to avoid legs lifting
  5. Complete annual checks for all bolts and fittings and lock tight where necessary

Plum Gibbon Swing Set Review Content:

  • Part 1: Quick Overview plus FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Features & Price Comparisons
  • Part 3: Pros and Cons – The Good and the not so Good
  • Part 4: Tools / Dimensions / Weights
  • Part 5: Conclusion & Video Summary

Before you begin, please be aware that we can only present guide prices at the time of this Plum Gibbon Swing set review so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Part 1: Quick Overview plus FAQ’s

Swing Set:Plum Gibbon Wooden Swing Set
Dimensions:2.2m High by 2.2m Wide by 3.3m Long
Timber:Treated FSC sourced timber Scots Pine
Swing Seats:2 blow moulded heavy duty swing seats
Cheap Place to Buy:Argos UK – View Today’s Low Price Here
Warranty:Varies from 1 to 5 years on the frame and 1 year on all other parts (seller dependant)

FAQ’s for the Plum Gibbon Swing Set:

Q. What type of timber is used for this swing set?
A. This swing set is made from FSC certified Scots Pine and is pressure treated
Q. Do the anchors need to be cemented into the ground?
A. Yes, for your children’s safety, the legs should be cemented in with the anchors supplied
Q. How long will it take to assemble it?
A. On average, it will take 2 adults 3 hours work to have it fully assembled
Q. What is the maximum weight allowed on the swing seats?
A. The maximum weight allowed per swing seat is 50kg
Q. How big is this swing set and what are its assembled dimensions?
A. The assembled dimensions are 2.2m high by 2.2m wide by 3.3m long
Q. What area around the frame is needed for safe swinging?
A. You should allow a 2m perimeter around the frame to be free of any obstructions as part of the safety zone perimeter
Q. What age of children is it suitable for?
A. It is recommended for children aged between 3 and 10 years old
Q. What height should the swing seat be up from ground level?
A. As a guide, the minimum distance between the swing seat and the ground is 350mm
Q. How do you get rid of the squeaky noise when swinging?
A. Just add a lubricant to the affected parts such as a spray of oil
Q. What warranty is provided for this swing set?
A. Generally, most suppliers for this swing set in the UK will offer a 5 year warranty on the wood frame and 1 year on all other parts. Some suppliers though only offer a 1 year warranty on the frame

Part 2: Plum Gibbon Swing Set Features

Plum Gibbon Swing Set

Main Features in Summary:

FSC sourced timber
Pressure treated timber
2 swing seats – heavy duty
Rope climber and rope ladder
Natural round pole timber
For children 3 to 10 years old
Cross braces for stability
Circular hanger attachments
All parts and manual included
Swings are height adjustable
Max weight 50kg per seat
Warranty 1 to 5 years
- (Seller dependant)

Main Features in Detail:

  • This Plum Gibbon Swing set in the UK is made from FSC certified round pole Scots Pine timber which means that the timber used is ethically and environmentally friendly sourced and reduces your carbon footprint and is only intended for domestic use (not commercial use)
  • Included in the swing set are 2 heavy duty blow moulded seats, a rope climber and a rope ladder either side and all the necessary parts and instructional manual required for the assembly. Assembly generally takes 2 adults 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on the level of experience you have and it is a good idea to have all the necessary tools ready to go before you start.
  • 2 swing seats are included but these are interchangeable with other accessories such as a trapeze bar or a toddler seat as long as the fittings are compatible. For stability, there are cross braces used which are easy to assemble with a second pair of hands and it also has the circular attachments on the top beam which means no drilling is required and the integrity of the wood is maintained.
  • The heights of the swing seats are easily adjustable using the plastic fittings on the ropes and these ropes have a soft feel touch which help to reduce any friction on your children’s hands.
  • Anchors are included in the pack and these will need to be placed in concrete bases to ensure they are attached securely to the round and prevent any leg lifting when older kids do high swinging in particular.
  • Fixings should always be checked annually and a wood stain or preservative can be added in year 2 to freshen it up especially after a harsh Winter. Swings seats and the rope attachments can also be easily removed during the Winter months so that they can last longer and hold their “new” appearance for longer.
  • The dimensions to note are 2.3m high by 2.2m wide by 3.3m long and you need to allow a 2m perimeter around this for safe swinging. The maximum user weight is 50kg per swing seat and a 1 to 5 year warranty generally applies on the wood frame from most suppliers in the UK.

Price Guide: £230 to £280 @ Argos UK

If interested, feel free to take a look at further images of the Plum Gibbon Swing set below (5 – scroll side to side)

  • Plum Gibbon Wooden Swing Set

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Part 3: Plum Gibbon Swing Set Pros and Cons

Pros for the Plum Gibbon Swing Set:

  • The swing seats can be changed around after a while with a trapeze bar to freshen things up a bit if they are getting bored after a while.
  • There is the option of adding a toddler seat if you wish but it will need to be bought separately – just make sure the fittings are compatible.
  • Some swing sets can take days to assemble while this swing can be assembled in only 2 to 4 hours by 2 adults.
  • The frame footprint is quite small which is ideal for people who only have small gardens or yards.
  • We found the assembly and instructional manual to be excellent, well laid out and very easy to follow
  • All parts be it wood, hardware, bolts and fittings were all included in the box with nothing missing – great to have everything in place instead of having to go to the local hardware store
  • The cross braces provide an easy way to assemble the legs to the top frame and give a great level of stability throughout
  • Ropes are of good quality and have the soft touch feel which are gentle on children’s hands
  • When applying the swings, you have the circular swing attachments instead which means you don’t have to worry about drilling into the top beam.

Cons for the Plum Gibbon Swing Set:

  • Longer warranties are seen available on other brands – the warranty can vary from 1 to 5 years depending where you buy so always double check this before you buy.
  • Limited play activities as there are no gliders, no sandbox, no decks and no slides available
  • The rope climber can be too difficult to use – another rope ladder would have been a better option in its place.
  • Further work of applying the anchors in concrete holes will be needed so you need to plan in advance where you will be placing it. Once in place, it is there to stay!
  • No monkey bars, trapeze bars or picnic tables are available either – again limited play activities
  • You will need tools such as a cordless drill, socket wrench and a mallet which may not be available in everyone’s homes.
  • Hairline splits in the wood can be an eyesore but that proves that the timber has actually been pressure treated and is quite common for treated wood
  • Age suitability can be confusing and misleading – some places state it is for 3 to 12 years where the manual clearly states it is for 3 to 10 year olds.

Part 4: Tools / Dimensions / Weights

Tools and Weights:

Cordless Drill
5mm drill bit
Socket Wrench 13/17mm
Max 50kg per seat
Unit weight is 75kg


Length is 3.3m long
Width is 2.2m wide
Height is 2.2m high
Safety perimeter 2m
Swing 350mm min to ground
Top Beam is 100mm wide
Leg Beams are 80mm wide

Part 5: Conclusion & Video Summary


Would I recommend this Swing Set from Plum? Certainly, yes after testing it for a few weeks as the frame is solid, it is stronger than it looks and the application of the anchors into the concrete bases of 1 foot deep worked a treat. Many other swing seats are cheap plastic but these swing seats are a higher grade premium quality and will certainly last a long time to come even in harsh weather conditions. The kids will also feel comfortable with the soft feel ropes and the instructional manual is excellent with each step load out clearly which makes it very easy to follow.

Overall, it is easy to install, the frame can support 2 kids swinging at the same time no problem (once anchored in) and it provides good value for the amount of money you need to spend. Plus, you can also add in and switch one of the swing seats for a toddler swing seat instead if needed.

Was our review helpful to you in any way? Do you or your children have personal previous experiences with this Plum Gibbon Swing Set in the past?

If possible – please share your own feedback or experiences in the comment box section provided below – So that others across the UK can learn also!


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