Plum Baby Swing Set Assembly Instructions


Do you know how to assemble the Plum Baby Swing Set? If you need some help or assistance, then follow these easy to follow Plum Baby Swing Set assembly instructions step by step to make sure you get the job done exactly as needed. The recommended age for this small baby toddler swing is 12 months to 3 years and it comes with ground anchors which will need to be concreted into the ground for stability and robustness.

The big attraction here is the secure baby seat and the solid timber frame which has the high back support and the necessary harness straps to keep them safe and secure while swinging.  All the wood parts, hardware and fasteners are included in the package and the timber is made using FSC certified wood. The seat has the T-bar on the front to keep babies and toddlers safe and the harness straps can be extended as your child grows older.

The assembled dimensions are L120cm by W103cm by H134cm which is nice and compact and it should only take 2 adults 1 hour to complete on average. In addition, you will also need to install the ground anchors into concrete bases so this will take another 1-2 hours work to complete.

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Plum Baby Swing Set Wood Parts

Plum Baby Swing Set Hardware List

Tools Required

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Plum Baby Swing Set Assembly Steps


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