Plum Orangutan Swing Set Assembly Instructions


Do you need help or tips with the assembly of the Plum Orangutan Swing Set? If so, then make sure to check out the assembly Instruction steps below which are laid our clearly from start to finish. These Plum Orangutan Swing Set assembly instructions include the wood list, the hardware list, the fastener list, the tools you will need plus all the necessary steps required to put it all together.

This swing set from Plum is one of the more popular sellers as it offers more than your standard swing seats. Included in the package are 2 swing seats, a 2 seater swing glider, a cargo rope ladder and a climbing rope which are excellent ways to build strength in your children’s arms and upper bodies. One good thing to know is that the timber used is FSC certified wood, so you are playing your part from an environmental point of view. The age recommendation for this swing set is 3 to 12 years and the maximum user weight guide per swing seat is 50kg

The Plum Orang-Utan wooden Swing set assembly takes adults on average 2 to 3 hours work but be aware that the installation of the anchor holes and concrete will take you a further 1 to 2 hours work. The assembled dimensions are L400cm by W220cm by H220cm and the metal swing attachments encircle the top beam, so no drilling is needed which in turn protects the integrity of the wood. In addition, you get the anchors for stability and also the heavy duty cross braces which speeds up the entire assembly process.

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Plum Orang-utan Swing Set Wood Parts

Plum Orang-utan Swing Set Hardware List

Plum Orang-utan Swing Set & Glider Fastener List

Tools Required

For the assembly you will need a stepladder, a power drill with 5mm drill bit, a mallet and a ratchet wrench socket with sockets (10mm, 13mm & 17mm)

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Plum Orang-utan Swing Set Assembly Steps


After going through all the steps, we hope you found these assembly instructions for the Plum Orang-utan Swing Set helpful in some way. How did the assembly go for you - any problems that we don’t know about? If possible, feel free to leave your feedback or opinions about the Plum Orang-utan Swing set in the comment box section provided below – many thanks and best of luck to you…


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