Plum Uakari Swing Set Assembly Instructions


If you need assistance in assembling the Plum Uakari Swing Set, then check out the assembly instructions below which are outlined in 26 separate steps. This Swing set requires 2 adults for the assembly and the assembly time can range from 3 hours to 4 hours depending on individual skill levels. The recommended age for children is 3 to 10 years old, the maximum user weight guide is 50kg per child and the swing seats should be approximately 350mm from the ground surface. The surface area should be level prior to assembly, and you should also plan to have a 2m perimeter free of any obstructions or structures for your child’s safety


Make sure you are not placing the Swing set on a hard surface such as concrete and make sure you plan to fit the stakes to the ground anchors to stop the frame from lifting with heavy swinging. You should also get into the habit of checking the frame and fittings and tighten up and repair them when necessary as time goes by.

Plum Uakari Swing Set Parts list

Tool Required

Plum Uakari Swing Set Assembly Steps 1-26


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