Sportspower Rosemead Swing Set Assembly Instructions


Do you need help with the assembly instructions for the Sportspower Rosemead Swing Set? If so, then check out the information below which will help you get the job done quickly and correctly. This popular Swing set from Sportspower can entertain 7 children at the same time and it offers 2 swing seats, a 2 seater roman glider, a flying saucer swing and a 6 foot blue slide so there is plenty of activities to go around to keep your children occupied and entertained for hours on end.

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The frame of this Swing set is made and crafted from 2 inch heavy-duty, weather-resistant steel tubes and hardware for durability and protection against the weather elements and it is suitable for children aged between 3 and 8 years old. The maximum user weight guide is 100lbs per child and the assembled dimensions come in at 177"L by 104"W by 72"H.

When you buy a Sportspower Rosemead Swing Set, you get a 1 year limited warranty – further warranty information can be viewed here. In addition, you can view the latest Sportspower Swing set stocks and low prices from Amazon here.

Fully Assembled Sportspower Rosemead Swing Set

Sportspower Rosemead Swing Set Assembly Instructions

To give you an introduction of the various frame / hardware parts and the assembly steps you need to follow, then check out the various images provided below. To view the full manual assembly instructions, then you can download the PDF file here to your device. If you have any problems or missing parts then you can contact them by email or by phone on 1-866-370-2131

Again, this is only an introduction to the various steps required in the assembly process – the full assembly instructions manual can be downloaded here

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