Sportspower Almansor Swing Set Assembly Instructions


If you are interested in buying the Sportspower Almansor Swing Set in the coming days, then make sure to check out our review which will outline everything you need to know before you make your final decision. Included in our review will be the key features, dimension information, some FAQ’s plus some of the main steps involved with the assembly of this Swing set.

We will outline all the main pros and cons that we came across so that you can be fully aware of all the positives and negatives associated with this particular Swing set. You can also download the assembly manual and the warranty PDF file should you decide to go ahead and purchase this swing set from the brand of Sportspower

Swing Set Review Overview:

  • Part 1: Key Features, video & FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Pros and Cons to note
  • Part 3: Comparisons versus other Swing Sets
  • Part 4: Assembly instructions
  • Part 5: Conclusion / Optional Feedback


Swing Set:Sportspower Almansor Swing Set MSC-3242-BM
Age Range: 3 to 8 years
Dimensions:154"L by 95"W by 73"H
Support: Sportspower Customer Service 1-866-370-2131
Warranty:View warranty PDF file here
Best place to buy:Amazon – View stock levels here

Part 1: Key Features & FAQ’s

Sportspower Almansor Swing Set

Key Features:

This small swing set offers 2 blow moulded hard wearing swing seats, a 2 seat glider, a 6 foot blue slide and a mini 42 inch trampoline so it allows 6 children aged 3 to 8 years to play at the same time. The frame is made using strong 2 inch heavy duty steel tubing and it is powder coated to protect it against the weather elements

The dimensions once assembled are 154"L by 95"W by 73"H and the maximum user weight guide is 100lbs (45kg) per child. With 6 children playing the total combined maximum weight capacity is 600lbs (272kg). Included in the box is the tool kit, all the hardware (except the anchors) and the assembly manual – a copy of the assembly manual can also be downloaded here.

Price Guide: Less than $400 @ Amazon

Video introduction to the Sportspower Almansor Swing Set

FAQ’s for the Sportspower Almansor Swing Set

Q1, Who can I contact if I have any problems with the swing set?

A, You can call Sportspower direct on 1-866-370-2131 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Eastern time.

Q2, Can it be placed on a hard surface like paving or concrete?

A, No, do not use this swing set on hard packed soil, concrete, or any kind of hard surface, it needs to be placed on a surface like grass

Q3, Do the anchors need to be installed in concrete?

A, It is highly recommended to install the anchors into concrete footings for 100% stability. If your soil is solid like clay, then a deep corkscrew anchor installed into the ground at an angle could work also.

Q4, How do you keep it maintained?

A, You should check all the bolts each month, oil all the metallic moving parts and sand rusted areas on metal tubing and repaint using a non-lead-based paint or ideally a metal rust prevention paint

Q5, What height should the swing seat be from ground level?

A, The recommended height of the swing seat from the ground surface should be minimum 8 inches

Part 2: Pros and Cons to note

Sportspower Almansor Swing Set Pros

You are buying from a trusted brand as this Sportspower product meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards

The manual not only includes the assembly, but also includes great suggestions on how to keep the swing set properly maintained which prolongs its shelf life

The tubing on the frame is strong, tough and hard wearing and comes powder coated protection against poor weather conditions

All the steel tubing is predrilled and the instructions are excellent, well laid out and easy to follow

The swing chains have the plastic coating to protect children’s hands from finger pinching

Your kids can enjoy jumping, gliding, sliding and swinging so there is plenty of ways to keep them entertained and occupied for hours on end

Sportspower Almansor Swing Set Cons

The anchors are not included in the package so you will need to buy these separately – another expense to plan for

Not all the tools for the assembly are included either, you get some tools but you will need a tape measure and additional wrenches also

Assembly requires 3-4 hours work, a lot of planning and attention to detail due to all the small hardware and fastener parts, be careful!

Concrete bases for the anchors are recommended so you will need to plan for a further 1-2 hours work completing this part of the installation

Some small hardware pieces can be missing from time to time which is extremely annoying

The assembly of the mini trampoline jump netting requires a good deal of arm strength and power to get into place

Part 3: Comparisons versus other Swing Sets

To see how the Almanor compares to other swing sets in the Sportspower range, then check out the comparison table provided below

FeatureAlmansorLive OakPower Play Time
Kids number683
Slide:Yes, 6 footYes, 78 InchesYes, 5 foot
Trapeze Swing:NoYesNo
Swing seats:222
Weight Capacity per child:100 Ibs100 Ibs100 Ibs
Max weight Capacity:600 Ibs800 Ibs300 Ibs
Age Suitability:3 to 8 years5 to 12 years5 to 12 years
Size Dimensions:154L by 95W by 73H Inches153.5 by 94.5 by 73.3 Inches65 by 89.5 by 74 Inches
Trampoline:Yes 42 inchesNoNo
See saw:NoYesNo
Warranty:1 year1 year1 year

Part 4: Introduction to Assembly instructions

To give you an overview of some of the steps required in the assembly process, then you should check out some of the images provided below. Tools included are the socket wrench tool, a big allen key wrench, a spring loading tool and a standard wrench. Other tools you will need to source are a tape measure, a hammer, a small allen key wrench and additional sized wrenches. If you wish to see the full assembly manual, then you can check it out here

Part 5: Conclusion / Optional Feedback

Would we recommend the Sportspower Almansor Swing Set? Taking everything into consideration including the price, yes we would highly recommend it as we believe it offers great value for money. It is limited to younger children and the assembly requires time and patience but it is still an impressive piece of kit all the same that can keep 6 children entertained at the same time once you have all the hard assembly work done

Feedback (optional)

Have you used the Sportspower Almansor Swing Set yourself in the recent past? Did you have any problems that we don’t know about? If possible, feel free to leave your feedback or thoughts about the Sportspower Almansor Swing Set in the comment box section provided below – so that other families across the community can learn also…

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